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Apply to taste test a case 48 different beers

Prize closes on 31/03/2025

Sit back and experience a variety of exciting craft beers. Testers Keepers is looking for three taste testers to try a BrewDog Variety case of 48 cans?

This exciting selection includes delights such as Punk IPA, a flavourful golden 5.4% IPA with hints of caramel and pineapple with a bitter finish. For lovers of Pale Ale, you can indulge in Planet Pale Ale a well-balanced light refreshing beverage. Or enjoy Dead Pony Club with citrus aromas featuring zesty lime and lemon grass accompanying a toasted malt base.

For a unique grapefruit hit try the BrewDog Elvis Juice, a 6.5% exciting citrus and pine recipe. Try the Hazy Jane Guava for another exotic taste sensation housing notes of tropical mango and pineapple and left unfiltered to truly experience the fruity suggestions of this 5% IPA.

This is the perfect selection to enjoy while socialising with family and friends, relaxing in the garden or watching your favourite movie or sport event. The wide variety of flavours caters to many individuals’ tastes. However you would choose to experience each craft beer, enter today for your chance to review it for yourself.

Review Checklist
•  3 x Brewdog Variety cases of 48 different beers
•  Write an honest review of approximately 300 words
•  Free taste test opportunity

What’s in it for me?
The taste tester will receive 1 of 3 Brewdog Variety cases of 48 different beers worth £60 each. All we expect in return is an honest review of the product including quality, taste and whether or not you would buy the product yourself.

Prize Draw value £180
Prize Draw closes 31/03/2025

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