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Product tester required to review a pair of Hunter boots
Testers Keepers is looking for a product tester to review a pair of timeless Hunter Wellington Boots – these boots will never go out of fashion and have been at the heart of the brand since its introduction in 1956. The original tall gloss boots are fully waterproof, handcrafted from 28 parts and have a rubber outsole with the Hunter Original tread pattern. Please note that Hunter recommends all boots are worn with socks to protect the skin from contact with rubber. Retailing at £100 a pair, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss! Enter now for a chance to review a pair of Hunter boots. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 16th June 2019. Review checklist: Receive a pair of Hunter original tall gloss boots Honest review of around 300 words Free product reviewing opportunity What's in it for me? We will send you a pair of Hunter boots in your chosen colour and size and all we expect in return is some words about your thoughts on the product. No other strings attached, just a free pair of boots!
Tester needed to review Pampers nappies and keep a year's supply
Most new parents will notice relative fast how much good quality nappies cost and newborn babies can so very easily go through almost a dozen nappies in a day. Testers Keepers has the perfect opportunity for anyone who has a nappy aged child or children to test and keep Pampers nappies. This amazing opportunity also includes a year's supply of your chosen Pampers make. Pampers New Baby offers premium protection, and they are specifically designed for delicate skin. Originally designed for newborns for comfort and protection but now you can get the New Baby nappies all the way up to size 5. These nappies are the only brand currently on the market recommended by the British Skin Foundation. Pampers Active Fit are designed with the first and only Magic Pods, absorbing channels that help distribute wetness evenly. Active Fit nappies stay up to two times drier and do not sag like the next leading brand. From size 3 to size 6. Pampers Baby-Dry, a nappy with revolutionary technology that helps distribute wetness evenly into three absorbing channels and lock it away better. In fact they look so comfortable and dry, they have been recommended by 88% of UK parents. From size 3 to size 6. Pampers Baby-Dry Pants. These pull-ups make changing time easier and hassle free. Featuring an all-round stretchy waistband and flexible leg cuffs. The Baby-Dry Pants help keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours as Pampers unique micro pearls absorb up to 30 times their weight and lock wetness away from delicate skin. Which of the Pampers nappies would you like to put on test for Testers Keepers? Enter below before 31st August 2019 for your chance to become our latest tester.
Test and Keep a Samsung 8K Ultra HD Smart 65” HDR QLED TV with 8K AI Upscaling
Samsung has released a smart television so advanced that it will leave you breathless with its gorgeous minimalistic design, exceptional contrast and an outstanding picture quality. Testers Keepers has one of these Samsung QE65Q900 televisions waiting for a reviewer. The Samsung 65” 8K TV intelligently upscales all your entertainment resulting in an image, not pixels. Colours, textures and skin tones are all enriched. The TV is supported by a dedicated quantum processor, this results in the up scaling engine having the power to rapidly compare images from a special image bank, analyse each frame and to recreate all the details at a much higher resolution for incredible depth and clarity. With the Samsung Ambient Mode, your TV is no longer the focal point of the room when switched off. You can choose from decorative content, your own photos, or even let the TV mimic the texture of the wall behind it. The Samsung TV can also play light background music if you like. The Samsung Smart Hub has all your favourite streaming services, such as Netflix, Prime Video, NOW TV, along with catch-up services from all the main channels. The Samsung 65” 8K TV comes with a premium One remote control which allows you to multitask with simplicity. Change channels on your set-top box, play the latest blockbuster on your Blu-Ray player, ramp up the volume on your Sound bar, or simply surf the Internet on the big screen. The remote control also includes voice assistant. Enter now for a chance to review a Samsung 65” 8K TV which retails at £3,799. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st October 2020.

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And if you like a bit of cloak and dagger you could be sent undercover as a mystery shopper at one of the leading supermarkets, clothing retailers or hardware stores.

Test and keep the brand new Huawei P30 smartphone
Each new Huawei smartphone release impress the market more than the previous, and the new P30 with all the latest technology is no different. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who in return for honest feedback, gets to keep the brand new Android smartphone that retails at just under £700. The new Huawei P30 has 128GB of memory which can be expanded with a memory card, the RAM is an impressive 6GB, and the Leica Triple camera system stops the need of ever having to carry a separate camera with you. The camera system comes with a 40MP super sensing camera, a 16MP ultra wide angle lens, and a 8MP telephoto lens giving you the freedom to capture the beauty of the world, even in extreme dark situations. The front camera is an impressive 32MP and it can intelligently recognise you to produce expert selfies by contouring your face with accurate brightness and sharpness. The camera system also includes long exposure shot, backlight challenger and a broader perspective for stunning landscape shots. Huawei P30 has a 6.1” OLED Huawei Dewdrop display, which was precisely designed to provide a broader and better viewing experience with vibrant colours shining in every way. Albeit the screen is large, the smartphone can be held comfortably with one hand. Comes with SuperCharge functionality that lets you charge during breakfast or a coffee break, in just half an hour the Huawei P30 will gain 70% of its battery power. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a brand new Huawei P30 smartphone. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st December 2019.
Review a fresh BBQ meat pack from the Great British Meat Co.
Summer is all about enjoying the beautiful weather and getting together with friends and family. Testers Keepers is looking for an eager party host to review this ultimate selection of meat, meat and more meat. The Great British Meat Co. is your personal butcher operating online. The company sources the best meat available in the UK, assuring the strictest quality standards in the industry, resulting in delivering quality meat at an affordable price. The fresh BBQ meat pack is designed for between 12 and 15 people and retails at £66.50, making it a very cost effective party planning. All this is crammed into the BBQ meat pack: 1kg of chicken thighs, approximately ten pieces 10 pork loin steaks, each 113g/4oz 20 beef burgers, each 113g/4oz 24 Cumberland sausages 2kg of chicken drumsticks, approximately 16 1kg of pork ribs All produce sold by the Great British Meat Co. have a Red Tractor label. By purchasing Red Tractor labelled products, you are supporting British farmers and food producers, whilst choosing a world leading food safety standards for you and your family. Crank up the BBQ and serve the best meat products to your friends and family by reviewing a fresh BBQ meat pack from the Great British Meat Co. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Receive £250 to review a summer wardrobe of your choice of women's clothes
Imagine having £250 to splash out on a whole new summer wardrobe, mix and match your favourite trends with the hottest looks of this summer. This Testers Keepers opportunity lets the chosen reviewer to choose which brand they would like to receive a gift card for. Summer 2019 trends have something for everyone, you can focus on one particular trend, or go pick bits from several different trends. For those who like to keep their colours toned down, lavender has returned for the subtle yet exciting style. Maybe mix the trend with another one, such as puff shoulders. The minimal trend is over and this season is all about bold ruffles, oversized silhouettes and puff sleeves. Loud leopard prints have stormed into the scene with various garments, pants, coats, dresses, tops, whole suits and even beachwear. Perfect for those wanting to let their animal instincts take over this summer. Another animal themed trend is feathery accessories, from ostrich to peacock, feathers are the new fur and this summer they are in earrings, head pieces, bag detailing and even on shoes. Summer of 2019 is also heavily influenced by the 90s, bold, bright shades, pastels clashing with paint-stroke prints. Hi-top trainers, oversized shirts and jackets, even acid and light-wash denim has come back. Whatever the style, the chosen reviewer and pick a brand and review a summer wardrobe with a £250 gift card. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Review a Neato Robotics automatic vacuum cleaner
With the busy lifestyle we all lead today, technology offers help with many household chores, leaving us a little bit more time to do what we love. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep a Neato Robotics automatic vacuum cleaner, a handy appliance that will do the vacuuming for you. The Neato Botvac D5 incorporates an exclusive D-shape CornerClever technology, this enables the robot vacuum to clean better than those with a round shape, in the corners and along the walls. It is also great for homes with pets and allergies, SpinFlow technology combines potent suction and precision brushes to leave all floor types immaculately clean. The Neato mobile app lets you see a cleaning summary with information about the last 20 cleaning runs. The coverage map shows exactly where the vacuum has cleaned. The Botvac D5 uses advanced laser floor plan mapping and navigation, but if it encounters obstacles, it can not proceed to clean in that area, the cleaning summary will help you determine if your home has areas the vacuum cleaner is unable to access. The Neato Botvac runs up to 120 minutes on a single charge, once the vacuum cleaner detects the need for more power, it returns to the charging base, then carries on where it left the cleaning once fully charged again. Enter now for a chance release yourself from the burden of vacuuming. One lucky tester will be chosen to review a Neato Robotics automatic vacuum cleaner that retails at £599.99. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th September 2019.
Test and keep a Tefal electric pressure cooker
Tefal has created an electric pressure cooker so versatile that you could quite easily stop using other kitchen appliances meant for cooking. Testers Keepers has a Tefal CY505E40 all-in-one electric pressure and multi cooker looking for a reviewer. The Tefal all-in-one has 25 one-touch programs for tasty, time saving meals. It includes pressure cooking, slow cooking and steaming functions. The Tefal CY505E40 is so easy to use, put ingredients inside the pot, add liquid, close the lid and select your preferred cooking programme. Using pressurised steam, the all-in-one cooks foods faster, while locking in the natural flavours and goodness of the ingredients, resulting in meals that are both delicious and nutritious. The pressure cooking has three settings to choose from, slow cooking settings up to nine hours, browning on seven levels, simmering on three levels and a baking function, all in one appliance. You can also delay the start of the cooking process by up to 24 hours. Comes with a recipe booklet comprising 30 unique recipes for your culinary inspiration, everything from beef bolognese or chilli con carne, to braised lamb and steamed fish parcels. To achieve all the new ways of cooking, the Tefal all-in-one comes with a steam basket, trivet, a measuring cup and a spatula, all which are dishwasher safe. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Tefal electric pressure cooker. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Test and review a Nespresso Essenza mini coffee machine
With Essenza mini, Nespresso have delivered its most compact machine yet without compromising on taste. If you would like to test and review the mini coffee machine, Testers Keepers is looking for a coffee lover for this opportunity. The Essenza mini features a sleek design with smooth lines and a small footprint so it fits into any space effortlessly. The coffee machine is intuitive, easy to use and it creates the perfect barista-style cup every time with the 19 bar high-pressure pump. The fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in under half a minute, meaning you no longer have to wait to start making your chosen hot drink. The brewing process extracts the delicate flavours and premium aromas of each capsule, whilst also creating an incomparable dense and sumptuous cream. The Nespresso Essenza mini includes an eco-mode for low energy consumption after three minutes, and an automatic energy-saving function that switches the machine off after nine minutes of inactivity. Essenza mini comes with a welcome pack containing 14 Nespresso Grand Crus capsules to get you started. Nespresso follows a highly rigorous standards in selecting coffee, the capsules are made of aluminium and hermetically sealed to lock in freshness and provide exceptional taste. Enter now for a chance to review a Nespresso Essenza mini coffee machine that retails at £89.99. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Review a YO Sushi! cookery class for two
Would you like to uncover all the secrets of making various sushi dishes, and then take home a taste of Japan at the end of the experience? Testers Keepers is looking for an eager person to review a YO Sushi! cookery class for two. Originally the art of sushi was used to preserve fish from spoiling, today it is considered as one of the freshest forms of dining. This Red Letter Days experience is available all across the nation and the cookery class lasts around two to three hours. Sushi is not just for fish lovers, plenty of dishes are vegetarian and they are just as flavourful, in short, vegetarians are most welcome to join in. The YO Sushi! cookery classes are fun and interactive. You will discover the art of making magnificent Japanese classics, including inside-out rolls, maki, temaki and nigiri. The expert chef will demonstrate all the skills needed to transform fresh ingredients into stylish and delicious sushi. After the cookery class you will be able to dive into the masterpieces or save them for later. All participants will also receive a certificate, the rolling mat they used during the cookery class, as well as a sushi booklet for future inspiration. Enter now for a chance to review a YO Sushi! cookery class for two and learn to master the art of Japanese cuisine. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Review a Hot Air Balloon experience for two
See everything the way birds see and feel the freedom of being up in the air without a care in the world. Testers Keepers has a Hot Air Balloon experience for two up for grabs, this means the chosen reviewer can pick their own accompany for the ride. Anyone who is at least seven years of age and four foot six inches in height can fly, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The hot air balloon experience costs £164 per person and the national seven day anytime flight voucher allows you to fly from any of the over 100 launch sites across England, Scotland and Wales. The experience includes greeting, registration and pilot briefing, followed by an invitation to help with the inflation and deflation of the balloon. Each of the Virgin balloons fit between ten and 16 passengers. You will be treated to a traditional champagne toast after landing and retrieval service back to the original launch site is provided. You will also receive a certificate signed by your pilot and endorsed by Sir Richard Branson to commemorate the experience. These days hot air balloons are mainly used for recreation but they have been seen in the skies since 1783. They have even been used for military purposes, mainly for observation as they were a very quiet way of moving about. Enter now for a chance to review a hot air balloon experience for two which costs £328. One lucky reviewer will be chosen to participate with their chosen travel accompany. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st August 2019.
Review a dancing experience Tango class for two
As a dance Tango is the perfect outlet for emotion, so much so that it has stamped its place in history as one of the most passioned and sophisticated dancing styles. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer for a dancing experience Tango class for two. As the experience is for two, the chosen reviewer can choose a companion to take with them for the Tango class. The seductive Tango has roots in African and Spanish culture, before it began to grow in popularity in the underground social scene in Argentina. IntoTheBlue has been making memories since 1996, for the Tango class all participants must be 18 or over, but participants need not be a couple, you can attend with a friend or even a relative. Locations for the Tango experience can be found all over the United Kingdom, with 46 in greater London area. During the Tango class, professional dancers will teach you the exotic moved that have become the most popular export of Argentina. Each fiery 45 minute lesson is perfect exercise; calories will be burning away as you learn to swing your hips with a dramatic flair. The lessons are packed with fun, and there are easy to learn, step by step ways for each pair to master the evocative dance. This is definitely an experience you will remember forever. Enter now for a chance to review a dancing experience Tango class for two. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Review and keep the Nokia body cardio smart Wi-Fi scale
Keep an eye on your health with one of the most advanced smart scales. If you would like more detailed data of your body and health, apply today to become the latest reviewer for Testers Keepers, one person will receive a Nokia body cardio smart Wi-Fi scale. Nokia Withings body cardio tracks weight, BMI, standing heart rate and body composition which includes body fat, water percentage and muscle as well as bone mass. All data syncs to the Withings Health Mate app where you can view trends, set goals and find extra motivation. You can set a weight goal in the app, then sit back and follow your progress as the scale data automatically syncs to the app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app can be added to Alexa skills so that you can ask Alexa to check on your progress. While people focus on weight, full body composition help you to know what goes into that number so you can pinpoint your efforts, for example the muscle mass assists in choosing between losing fat or strength building exercises and the water percentage tells you your water retention and if you need to up your intake. The Nokia smart scale also includes pregnancy tracker and baby mode. The pregnancy tracker offers support during pregnancy with obstetrician-reviewed wellness advice and personal weight tracking. The baby mode gives accurate weight even for the smallest member of the family. Enter now for a chance to review and keep the Nokia body cardio smart Wi-Fi scale which retails at £135. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Pet owner needed to test and review the Wagz smart dog feeder
The Wagz Serve smart dog feeder is the only automated feeder that can deliver the right nutrition based on the activity of your dog. Keep reading if you have a pet dog you would love to review this product with. Wagz is a company committed to building a family of products that work together to cover the most pressing needs of a pet owner. Their smart feeders, pet doors, collars and more allow you to give your dog newfound freedom, better nutrition, long-lasting health and more attention. With the Wagz Serve you can set a unique feeding schedule, dispense recommended portions, alert your dog of feeding time through custom sounds, and view footage through the built-in HD video camera, all from your smartphone. A smart pendant can be purchased separately for unique identification, these are very useful if you have more than one dog. When the feeder is synced with Wagz Explore smart collar, the feeder recommends and dispenses the right amount of food based on the dogs size and activity levels. The system alerts when food is running low and even gives an option to automatically order more from Amazon. The feeder can be used with any dry kibble 7mm in diameter or larger. Due to size restrictions, the Wagz Serve does not work with cat dry food as too small kibble would result in the feeding system to jam. Enter now for a chance to test and review the Wagz smart dog feeder with your pet. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Product testers needed to review the Braun series 9 electric shaver
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to trial one of the most efficient electric shavers in the world. The Braun Series 9242s was designed for a flawless shave and features an advanced procession chip that intelligently responds to the unique contours of the face. The Braun Series 9 electric shaver was designed, engineered and made in Germany. It can be used for dry shaving, or use water, foam or gel for even better gliding and smoother skin feeling. The shaver is waterproof so cleaning is easy with running water. Braun uses sonic technology which delivers 10,000 micro vibrations per second to reduce friction. The vibrations also lift and cut flat lying hairs. The 10-D flex head of the shaver moves with your features to get to the trickiest parts of your face, whilst also finding and cutting hairs that grow in different directions. Charging stand minimises the space needed in the bathroom and guarantees the shaver is always fully charged. The high-performing Li-Ion battery allows you to shave cordlessly for 50 minutes on just one hour charge time. If the shaver is out of charge, five minutes on charge results in one normal shave. The Braun Series 9242s comes with a foil and cutter replacement reminder. Enter now for a chance to test and keep the Braun Series 9 electric shaver that retails at £299.99. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st August 2019.
Review an inflatable outdoor Mickey Mouse movie screen
Be the envy of your neighbourhood and host movie nights in the privacy of your own garden with an inflatable outdoor Mickey Mouse movie screen. Testers Keepers has one of the movie screens looking for a reviewer. This Disney licensed movie screen self inflates, the setup takes two minutes, and everything you need is included such as the pump, stakes, tethers and a storage bag. The two built-in fans are so quiet that you can move the movie screen indoors, as long as you have big enough room for it. You will need a projector; this is not included with the movie screen. Once inflated the product stands at 175cm x 460cm x 410cm with a screen size of 128 inches and the total weight is 9kg. The inflatable outdoor Mickey Mouse movie screen brings an exciting addition to parties and sleepovers, and children of all ages will love the whimsical Disney themed design complete with Mickey Mouse ears. Let the fun begin! Choose a movie, get the popcorn popping and listen to the children giggle whilst they watch a movie from a large screen in the comfort of home. With an inflatable movie screen you can kiss goodbye to expensive movie tickets and overpriced cinema snacks. Once the movie is over, it only takes a moment to pack up the screen into the provided storage bag, and put it away to wait for the next movie night. Enter now for a chance to review an inflatable outdoor Mickey Mouse movie screen. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st August 2019.
Test and keep the new Facebook Portal video calling system
A new age has arrived for making video calls to friends and family, the Facebook Portal video calling system offers several exiting functions and retails at just under £150. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep one of these new, hands-free video calling systems. Connecting through Portal feels like being in the same room, even when you are far apart, and with a 10.1 inch display you can see better details than on a smaller smartphone screen. You can move about whilst having a video call too as the camera is a 12MP and field of view a nice, broad 140 degrees. There is no monthly fees or set-up charges, all you need to stay connected is Wi-Fi and a power socket. The Facebook Portal was created with privacy, safety and security in mind. Your conversations stay private, Facebook does not listen to, view or keep the contents of Portal video calls. For added security, the smart camera uses AI technology that runs locally on Portal instead on Facebook servers. Portal has Alexa built-in so you can ask questions, set a timer, add items to your shopping list, control your smart home, enjoy music, videos and games and much, much more. The Portal also comes with unique experiences, like Story Time, which lets you read along to well-loved fairytales with fun animations and augmented reality effects to keep the little ones intrigued and mesmerised. You can make calls from Facebook Portal to smartphones, tablets and computers and stay in touch even if your family or friends do not have Portal. Enter now for a chance to test and keep the new Facebook Portal video calling system. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Review a pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo trainers
The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo trainers offer major upgrades to speed, if going fast is your aim as a runner, this is the perfect review opportunity. Testers Keepers has a pair of these Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo trainers which have been engineered to the exact specifications of world-class runners up for review. The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo trainers have a feather-light upper that looks as fast as it feels, while the revolutionary Nike ZoomX foam brings record-breaking speed and responsiveness to your daily training runs. The Nike ZoomX foam was previously only used in the fastest marathon shoe by Nike. This ultra-light and super-reactive midsole material delivers the greatest energy-return yet. The foam absorbs impact and then expels it back out for a bounce-like effect. It also reduces the use of muscle power, diminishing fatigue and enhancing performance. The Pegasus Turbo trainers are manufactured for both men as well as women, and there are several colours to choose from. Men have seven different colour combinations from white to indigo force and red orbit, whereas women can pick from four, including black with hyper jade and a delightful, multicoloured sole sporting pair that you can flash whilst you run. Enter now for a chance to review a pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo trainers retailing at £159.95. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Review a CD Audiobook experience with £100
May is audiobook month, listening to audiobooks enables you to go through more books as it frees your hands and eyes to do different things. Testers Keepers is looking for a book lover who would like to review an audiobook experience with £100 to spend at Waterstones. Waterstones has nearly 3,000 CD audiobooks in their selection ranging from books for children to autobiographies, in addition to history, fiction and all kinds of hobby books. The books start from under £5, bestselling James Patterson to 50 favourite nursery rhymes which is a classic BBC compilation of rhymes with light-hearted commentary from two BBC presenters. This unique collection brings to life traditional nursery rhymes with music and sound effects to thrill a new generation. For £30 you can get all 20 Miss Marple short stories by Agatha Christie. This collection includes ten CDs, and will keep you going for hours and hours. Waterstones also has an extensive collection of language courses, including Easy Learning series for just £18.99. Each of the best selling language learning audio series in the UK packs contain a 96-page booklet and six CDs with over six hours of audio. You can learn a new language whilst driving, travelling, exercising, doing housework, cooking or even gardening. Enter now for a chance to review a CD Audiobook experience with £100. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Cooking Review: Food lover needed to test a recipe from Mary Berry 'Quick Cooking'
With trusted advice and recipes by the home cooking queen of the nation, Mary Berry, you will discover how easy and fantastic fast cooking can be. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive the new Quick Cooking book, from which they will choose a recipe, cook it and then write a review. The Quick Cooking is a tie-in to the major BBC Two series. Mary Berry shows how being in a rush will never be a problem again. The book is full of 20 and 30 minute meals to tempt tastebuds. Dive into the world of quick home cooked meals without compromising on quality or freshness. 120 new recipes, including all the recipes from the series, plus no-nonsense tips and techniques for getting ahead in the kitchen. Week-night dishes that are ready to serve up in under half an hour, recipes that can be made up ahead of time and then cooked or assembled when you are ready, quick roasts and satisfying stews that can be on the table much faster than traditional options but without any loss of flavour, and easy-to-prepare meals that cook while you do something else. Mary says researching and putting together the dishes has been a great pleasure. She hopes you, the reader, will enjoy making them and that you discover in the process that no one is ever too busy to knock up a nourishing and delicious meal, such as a rack of lamb with bulgur wheat salad and spiced yoghurt sauce, all in half an hour. Enter now for your chance to review the new Mary Berry book, Quick Cooking. This Testers Keepers opportunity for a food lover closes 31st May 2019.
Test and keep the new Philips Smart Wet / Dry Electric Shaver
Ever thought if there is something you could do better whilst shaving? Would you like up-to-date feedback which could lead to improved results and healthier skin? Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep the new Philips Smart Wet/Dry Electric Shaver which retails at £165. The SmartSensor technology tracks the shaving technique in real time and an accelerometer tracks the shaving moves communicating through Bluetooth in to an app that is free to download and compatible with a wide range of devices. The Philips Smart shaver has SkinGlide rings coated with thousands of tiny glass-like rounded spheres that reduce friction and surface resistance between the shaver and the skin. The easy glide results in smooth skin with less irritation. V-shape blades guide the skin away from the blades for a close, smooth shave, even when you have not shaven for few days. The shaver also give the option to choose between a dry shave, wet shave with gel or foam, or even under the shower due to the Aquatec wet and dry seals. The app also offers the opportunity to create a personal shave plan to tackle specific skin issues, like redness, burning, ingrown hairs or dry skin. As the skin improves, the plan will adapt too to give updated advice. The new Philips Smart Wet/Dry shaver also comes with a beard trimmer with five different length settings for styling and pre-trimming. As an added treat, the shaver has a cleansing brush which is designed for deep, gentle cleansing by removing dead skin cells for better results and less skin irritation when done before shaving. This testing opportunity closes on 31st July 2019; the lucky chosen reviewer will be contacted by Testers Keepers soon after the closing date.
Product tester needed for a Dyson V11 cordless vacuum
The Dyson V11 is the reason why Dyson no longer manufacture corded vacuums. Testers Keepers is looking for an eager product tester who gets to keep one of these state of the art powerful, compact and easily reconfigurable cordless vacuums. The Dyson V11 Absolute cordless vacuum is an ideal cleaning tool for taking on various tasks at home, and to keep each room clean and fresh. It also comes with a convenient LCD screen for runtime monitoring, real-time performance tracking, and displaying the current power mode. There are three integrated power modes, including Auto, Boost and Eco. This cordless vacuum can be quickly reconfigured to suit any requirements. Auto mode intelligently adapts suction power between hard floors and carpet, Boost offers twice the suction of any corded vacuum to intensive cleaning of ground-in dirt, and the Eco mode offers maximum run time for longer cleaning tasks. The Dyson V11 is equipped with a 7-cell capacity lithium-ion battery that offers a run time up to 60 minutes. Once the vacuum needs charging, drop it into the wall-mounted dock, which also stores all the tools tidily. In addition to the new torque drive motor head, the V11 comes with a soft roller cleaner head, mini motorised tool, combination tool, a crevice tool and two kinds of quick-release brushes, a mini soft dusting brush and a stubborn dirt brush. For added convenience, the V11 can be transformed into a handheld vacuum in just one click, perfect for cleaning hard to reach places. Enter now for your chance to test and keep a Dyson V11 cordless vacuum. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th September 2019.
Mystery shoppers required for Topshop
Topshop is a British fashion retailer of clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories. In addition to around 300 stores in the UK, Topshop also has 200 abroad, and the chain also operates online sales. TestersKeepers is looking for two mystery shoppers who get to go to Topshop with £100 in their pocket and spend it on whatever they would like to buy. Topshop stocks over 60 brands and their own collections. Famous for their UK chain, stores work with high-fashion brands on special capsule collections. The collections include designs by likes of Kate Moss and Beyoncé, and usually such ranges sell out very quickly. With Christmas fast approaching, Topshop has released their own gift guide and are selling stocking fillers for under £15 as well as affordable gifts all under £35. If you struggle to find just the right present, you can also purchase both, electronic as well as physical gift cards starting from just £10. If you cannot get to a store, Topshop online give free deliveries on orders worth over £50, free returns and students get 10% discount. Topshop also does a lot of good by supporting several charities. For example Topshop has created an exclusive collection each year, which is sold both online and in stores. 30% of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer NOW. If you would like to become a TestersKeepers mystery shopper and get £100 to spend at Topshop this is your chance. This fashionistas dream opportunity closes on 31st July 2019.
Test and keep GHD's new Hot Brush worth £125
GHD are back and stepping up their game with the first professional glide hot brush made to tame and smooth dry hair quickly and effortlessly. Testers Keepers is giving one lucky product reviewer the chance to test and keep this most-wanted new product, currently available on the market for £125. Featuring ceramic technology with ioniser to heat up the brush consistently, you're guaranteed healthier looking hair. The brush reaches up to 185°C styling temperature, which is perfect for styling gorgeous second day hair. Featuring a combination of high density shorter and longer bristles, it allows you to style larger sections of hair, leaving you with salon straight movement. And if you forget to turn it off before leaving the house, the hot brush comes with an automatic sleep mode which switches off after 60 minutes of non-use for extra peace of mind. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a limited edition GHD Hot Brush. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st August 2019.
Tester needed to review Huggies® Baby Wipes and receive a year's supply
Huggies has decades of experience manufacturing nappies and wipes, you can rest assured that the products you buy are free of any harmful chemicals, offering the best care for your baby. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive a year's supply of Huggies baby wipes, the supply of wipes include three different Huggies wipes. All the Huggies wipes have a British Skin Foundation stamp recognising Huggies research into healthy skin. Huggies Pure Extra Care wipes are made with even more skin loving natural fibres that clean gently and protect the delicate skin with 99% pure water. These wipes have no fragrance; they are hypoallergenic and clinically tested. The Pure Extra Care wipes are thicker and stronger than before. Huggies Natural Care – Extra Care wipes have Aloe Vera which helps prevent the causes of nappy rash, making sure your little one is always comfortable. Mildly scented, hypoallergenic and clinically tested and made with skin loving natural fibres. Huggies Pure wipes are made with 99% pure water and they have no fragrance. The purity of water and a touch of Huggies provide gentle and natural care for your baby. The Huggies Pure wipes are also safe to be used from day one. All Huggies wipes have a one wipe at a time opening so you will never pull out more wipes than is needed. Enter now for a chance to test and review a year's supply of Huggies baby wipes. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st August 2019.
Testers required to review Boots No.7 makeup
Boots No7 was launched in 1935 as a selection of eleven skincare products, and was expanded in 1937 with the first colour cosmetics. If you would like to review a bundle of Boots No7 makeup for Testers Keepers, this is your opportunity. Boots always has brilliant offers, for example, when you purchase any two or more selected No7 cosmetics or accessories, Boots will give you a No7 Nude to Night palette for free. The Boots No7 match made service features unique technology to help you find the perfect colours, shades and finishes for your base, blush and lips. This consultation takes approximately 20 minutes and you will also learn tips and techniques so you can create the finish you want and feel confident when you get home. No7 has 11 different kinds of foundations, ensuring you will find the perfect product for your skin. From Beautifully matte which delivers buildable coverage whilst blurring the appearance of fine lines and pores, to Airbrush Away, which helps you achieve the appearance of flawless matte skin with a velvety soft finish and no powdery flatness. Buying makeup in a collection is a sure way to save money, the No7 amazing eyes collection is worth £48.50 but will cost you only £25. The collection includes a trio eyeshadow palette, lash impact mascara, eye shadow primer, eye colour brush and a perfect eyes pencil in black. To become a reviewer for Testers Keepers and get a Boots No7 makeup bundle worth £100, all you need to do is enter below. This opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Review and keep a MAC Cosmetics bundle worth £200
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive a bundle of products worth £200 by the leading professional makeup authority in the world. Would you like to become the latest tester and receive a MAC cosmetics bundle? MAC is a company that celebrates diversity and individuality, a proud community of professional makeup artists working together to bring the company vision to life. Here is a few examples of products the chosen reviewer could pick from. Look in a Box kits showcase an array of looks for lips and eyes in a mix of bestselling MAC products, all in coordinated hues. Each kit retails at £49.50. Lip Duos are back, the new kits feature a lipstick and a matching lip pencil. There are several shades available for £30 per set. Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain, a captivating lip colour hybrid that is glossier, offers higher coverage and harder impact than ever before. Water-light formula that glides on creamy, is long-wearing and always offering a fresh, wet finish. Eight shades of red, £21 each. Mattes collection is for priming and fixing makeup. The Prep + Prime Fix Matte introduces a twist to the MAC favourite formula instantly mattifying and reducing the appearance of pores as it sets makeup. The new Prep + Prime Pore Refining Stick is ideal for creating instant flawlessness on the go by absorbing oil and blurring the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Products in this collection start from just £16.50. Enter for your chance to become a tester and receive a MAC Cosmetics bundle worth £200. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes on 30th June 2019.
Test and keep the iPhone XS Max
Since the first generation iPhone was released in June 2007, over 1.2 billion have been sold. The new iPhone XS Max is what Apple has always promised the iPhone could be. Testers Keepers is giving one lucky tester their very own brand new iPhone XS Max 64GB which retails at £1,099. The new iPhone XS Max has the largest display ever on an iPhone, a 6.5 inch Super Retina and a custom OLED screen with the best colour accuracy of the industry offering remarkable brightness and contrast. Although the screen is large, the iPhone XS Max has a new level of water resistance, up to two metres for half an hour. The smartphone also resists spills of coffee, tea, juice and most importantly, fingerprints. The new iPhone XS Max is equipped with a dual-camera that captures incredible photos. There is more low-light detail, sharp action photos, advanced red-eye correction and face detection, to mention just a few of its functions. There's also 4K video recording with continuous autofocus where you can even take 8MP still photos whilst recording. Battery life on the new iPhone XS Max is longer than its predecessors, talk time up to 25 hours with single charge, up to 13 hours continuous internet use and 15 hours of wireless video playback. Fast-charge enables up to 50 per cent charge in half an hour. Wireless charging is supported. This ultimate smartphone competition closes 28/02/2020 where one lucky tester will review and keep a brand new iPhone XS Max courtesy of Testers Keepers. Prize Draw closes 28/02/2020.
Test and keep the MacBook Pro with touchbar
Meet the new MacBook Pro, the unbelievably thin portable laptop that will make your life so much easier. This brand new model, which features a 13-inch Retina display and Apple's latest operating system, the OS X El Capitan, could soon be yours to review and keep courtesy of Testers Keepers! All you have to do is enter this competition before the closing date and you could be a tester sooner than you thought! Regarded as the world's most powerful portable computer, the new MacBook incorporates a vast array of smart and efficient features to make your work –and pleasure - so much easier. Whether you're a designer, a photographer or a businessman working on a new project, or you simply want to keep in touch with your family through video calls, this laptop will help you achieve so much more with little to no effort. The new MacBook features sixth-generation Intel Core m3, m5 and m7 processors and a dedicated flash memory to ensure an outstanding performance. The battery life is another plus, as a single charge will give you up to 10 hours of work, rest or play. Whatever you get up to, you can rest assured that you will not run out of battery in the middle of an important project. So what are you waiting for? To make yourself the lucky tester of this brand new MacBook, enter our competition below before the closing date. Prize Draw closes 28/02/2020.
Review a pamper spa weekend with mum
Testers Keepers is looking for an eager tester to review a pamper spa weekend. The chosen seeker of relaxation will receive £400 to put towards accommodation, treatments and travel for two. For the whole weekend, you and your mum can take full advantage of the spa facilities, enjoy preferred treatments, and savour a sumptuous sleep in the comfort of an opulent room. Here are a few examples of spa packages the chosen reviewer could book: A deluxe spa escape with 65 minute treatment and dinner for two at Bannatyne Charlton House in Somerset. The revitalising treatments are designed to help you feel rested and refreshed. Enjoy access to a massaging hydrotherapy pool, a crystal steam room and a state of the art gym in addition to your very own deluxe room and breakfast. A spa break at Tylney Hall for two in Hook, Hampshire. The stunning mansion is grade two listed and surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens, tennis courts, swimming pools and a health spa where you can enjoy one fantastic treatment each. Breakfast and a three course d-hote dinner for two from selected dishes are also included in the price. One night spa escape for two at Rowhill Grange in Dartford, Kent, located just half an hour out of London. The four star hotel and Utopia spa with superb facilities has received multiple awards. The price includes a 25 minute back, neck and shoulder massage, £35 each towards dinner in the hotel restaurant and a full English breakfast after a restful night in a comfortable King room. Enter now for your chance to review a pamper spa weekend with mum. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Review the Lupilu product range at Lidl
Would you like to be able to review the Lupilu product range at Lidl, the leading discount retailer in the UK? Testers Keepers is looking for four reviewers who will receive £100 each to test out the range. Lidl has a simple vision, high quality at low prices, and only working together with producers who meet their standards and match their values. And this ethos applies to their Lupilu range of products for baby. Lupilu is Lidl's award-winning baby range of essentials to follow you and your little one through their early years, including nappies in a range of sizes and nutritious meals, snacks and purées for each stage of the weaning process. Enter now for your chance to become one of four reviewers who will get to test and keep Lupilu products at Lidl, this MyOffers competition closes on 30th June 2019.
Review Amazon's best selling Russell Hobbs digital solo microwave
Ever since the microwave ovens became affordable to residential use in the late 1970's, the invention has been popular; today it is hard to find a kitchen that lacks this brilliant appliance. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer for a Russell Hobbs digital solo microwave. The RHM1714CC in cream colour, with an attractive mirror door finish, is a best seller at Amazon at £73.99. The Russell Hobbs Solo has a stylish and compact design with 17 litre capacity, size wise the microwave comfortably fits a standard sized dinner plate onto the glass turn-table. The removable turn-table is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Features include a handy digital clock and a count-down timer, child safety lock, as well as several pre-programmed auto cook menus such as pizza reheat, cooking fish and making popcorn, allowing you to cook your favourite foods at the push of a button. The microwave also has automatic defrosting settings; all you need to do is input the weight of the food and the appliance selects the ideal defrost time, saving you time and effort. Microwave ovens are brilliant little helpers in the kitchen, you can make mug cakes, fuss-free poached eggs, and cook steamed salmon, potatoes and asparagus, or even the handy macaroni and cheese dish when you need a quick snack. Enter below for a chance to review Amazon's best selling Russell Hobbs digital solo microwave. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Product tester needed to review the Philips 3000 Wet & Dry Electric shaver
The Philips 3000 Wet & Dry follow a long line of electronic shavers by the Dutch company. Philips has nearly 130 years experience manufacturing electronics and the brand achieved success in 1951 when a two-headed model was introduced. Testers Keepers is looking for a product tester who will get to keep their very own Philips 3000 shaver in return of honest feedback. Philips 3000 has four-directional DynamicFlex heads that follow the contours of your face with independently rotating shaving heads. The Philips ComfortCut blade system glides smoothly across the skin while protecting it from nicks and cuts, and the Aquatec technology makes the 3000 100% waterproof for dry shave, shave wet with gel or foam, or use it in the shower. The Philips 3000 Wet & Dry includes a pop-up trimmer, which is ideal for shaping sideburns and moustache. The Philips 3000 has a powerful, energy efficient and long-lasting lithium-ion battery that offers 50 minutes of cordless shaving time from just one hour charging time. 50 minutes equals to around 17 individual shaves. If you forgot to charge the shaver, just five minutes of charging time will produce one full shave. Fully washable, simply open the shaver heads and rinse under the tap to keep the shaver heads fresh, clean and hygienic. The shaver that retails at £110 also comes with a protective cap to ensure the shaver stays safe whilst not being used, and works with both, 110 and 220 voltage making it most versatile whilst traveling. Enter for a chance to test and keep a Philips 3000 Wet & Dry Electric shaver. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Test and keep a Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker
Marshall is an English company that has been designing and manufacturing amplifiers, speaker cabinets, headphones and other musical instruments and accessories since 1962. The Marshall Acton is an impressive and compact active stereo speaker that packs some serious power into its tiny frame. Enter below for a chance to test and keep one of these power boxes for Testers Keepers. The Marshall Acton features well-balanced audio that produces powerful output throughout the sound frequency. The clear midrange, extended highs and deep bass almost seem to defy the laws of nature for a speaker this small. The frequency range is also impressive 50 to 20,000Hz. When it comes to looks, the Acton has inherited the Marshall family traits, it has a classic, durable vintage design and the iconic script logo with gold piping. The speaker connects to an electric socket and does not run on batteries, weighing at 6.6 lb. it is not meant to be portable but rather a stationary speaker in your home or at work. The Acton connects to smartphones, tablets and computers via Bluetooth, and there are three custom control analogue knobs on the speaker, for volume, bass and treble, most speakers do not offer a dial for adjusting treble but to Marshall it is a must. If reviewing a Marshall Acton, a classic analogue speaker with digital functionality, retailing at £119 appeals to you, apply to become the latest member of testers below. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st August 2019.
Review a mini home theatre projector
Upgrade your home movie nights or even console gaming experience to a whole new level by reviewing a DR.Q mini home theatre projector. Testers Keepers is looking for a keen technology fan to put the projector through a day to day routine of movies, TV series and gaming. The home theatre projector has been specifically upgraded to cater to the demands of the 2019 market, from fan quality to enhanced colours. 20% more brightness with a new colour contrast ratio result in vivid video image, the enhanced eye protection technique results in upgraded lamp life making the projector great value for money, now the lamp is said to last up to 40,000 hours. The new cooling system also makes the projector much quieter compared to other models. The DR.Q LCD projector connects to most devices, smartphones, tablets and macs, external TV sticks such as Chrome Cast, gaming consoles, PCs and laptops. You can also insert SD cards, USB storage devices or external speakers to the projector. Speakers are not needed unless you absolutely require surround sound; the projector has two built-in speakers offering a better viewing experience. The DR.Q features a watch size from 32 to 176 inches whilst keeping the image quality impeccable. Imagine watching your favourite movie in such a large format whilst sitting comfortably on your own sofa. Enter now for a chance to review a mini home theatre projector which retails at £50. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Test and keep the all new Kindle Paperwhite 8GB Wi-Fi
Reading books is a brilliant, relaxing way to spend commuting times, whilst laying on a sun bed or just to pass time after a hectic day. Carrying books is not practical these days, but luckily electronic readers have become a popular replacement. Testers Keepers has an all new Kindle Paperwhite 8GB Wi-Fi looking for a reviewer. The new Kindle Paperwhite is the thinnest, lightest Paperwhite yet, with a sleek, modern design. The six inch glare-free display provides printed-quality text and five LED lights illuminate the screen when used in a darker environment. The text size and fonts can be adjusted for maximum readability. A single battery charge lasts for weeks, not hours and it only takes approximately three hours to fully charge the new Kindle Paperwhite. The electronic reader is now also waterproof and can be immersed in two metres of freshwater for up to an hour, giving you peace of mind when reading in a bath or next to a swimming pool. The Kindle Paperwhite Whispersync lets you switch seamlessly between reading and listening to audio books from Audible. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled speaker or headphones. The Kindle Paperwhite now comes with twice the storage, and Amazon cloud storage keeps all of their own content safe and sound for you to access at any time. Step into the world up reading and enjoy low prices and a massive selection of over 5.5 million books, including latest bestsellers, Kindle exclusives and more. Enter now for a chance to test and keep the all new Kindle Paperwhite 8GB Wi-Fi. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Review a Lmani Arctic Air Space Cooler for summer
Not much irritates a person and disturbs a good nights sleep than hot weather, albeit the summer can be short and unpredictable at best of times, most Brits do not take to heat very kindly. Testers Keepers has a Lmani Arctic Air Space Cooler up for testing, would you like to see if the little machine helps when the weather gets scorching hot? This 3-in-1 USB portable cube is mini air conditioner, humidifier as well as a purifier. The desktop cooler can also be used as a soothing night light, and due to its compact size, it fits on any bedside table. The Lmani Arctic Air Space Cooler guides the air flow through a cooling filter to boost the purification process, while reducing the temperature, and then delivering refreshingly cold air. The wind speed can be adjusted from low to medium and high. The Arctic Air uses just water and evaporative air cooler technology to turn hot, dry air into a cooling, moist breeze of air that will keep you comfortable all day, or night long. The built-in tank lasts up to eight hours. This nifty little cube also reduces air pollution, dust and smoke, but it is not intended to be used in place of an air purifier. The built-in soft-glow LED light helps to relax at night, it can be set either to any of the seven colour options, to colour-cycle mode, or turned off with a touch of a button whilst still working as air conditioner. Enter now for your chance to review a Lmani Arctic Air Space Cooler this summer and say goodbye to restless nights and sweaty skin. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Review £100 worth of NYX Professional makeup
NYX Professional makeup products were initially sold only to beauty professionals before they were released to the mass market. The high quality, 100% cruelty-free cosmetics has been a success ever since the launch in 1999. Testers Keepers is now looking for a reviewer who will receive £100 worth of NYX Professional makeup products. The chosen reviewer can pick which products they would like to test. NYX Professional makeup is known for its high-quality, professional cosmetic products at accessible prices. The brand is defined by exceptional quality products with rich pigments and high payoff. Featuring a range of classic, seasonal, and on-trend cosmetics, NYX is a must-have amongst beauty lovers as well as professional makeup artists. Fan favourites include the highlight and contour pro palette which consists of eight customisable shades (£19), micro brow pencil which is so precise that it coats even the finest hairs with colour for a natural looking finish (£9), and the ultimate shadow palette, a pro level selection of 16 high-performance eyeshadows in a rainbow of tone-inspired shades. This palette is available in six striking colour combinations (£16 per palette). NYX Professional makeup also offers over 100 vegan formula products that contain no animal derived ingredients or by-products. The selection includes vibrant and irresistible butter lipsticks, vinyl liquid liners and skin perfecting primers. Enter now for a chance to review £100 worth of NYX Professional makeup. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Product tester needed for a Karcher pressure washer
Whether it is dirty bicycles, a muddy car, all winter round stored tools or soiled garden furniture, the Karcher K2 Basic is an ideal pressure washer for small cleaning tasks around the home. Enter below if you would like to test and keep a brand new Karcher K2 Basic 1400W for Testers Keepers. Powered by electricity and working with maximum water temperature of 40 Celsius, the Karcher K2 is ideal to clean all resilient surfaces. The pressure washer includes a spray gun, 3 metre pressure hose, a single spray lance and a water filter to protect the pump against any small dirt particles. Light at just 4.4kg, and including a ergonomic carrying handle, the Karcher K2 Basic is easy and convenient to carry around, and the generous cable hooks allow tidy storage when the pressure washer is not being used. All its accessories are stored directly on the pressure washer, so you never have to hunt for the elusive nozzle needed to blast dirt off your stone walls, brick paving or treated patio. The plastic casing is impact-resistant and durable, with all components and fixings designed to the highest quality standards. With a Karcher K2 Basic there is no need to delay those pesky cleaning jobs that require more than a wipe over or a sponge scrub. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Karcher K2 Basic pressure washer that retails at £69. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Review a chocolate making workshop for two
How tempting does a fun, delicious as well as an educational session into all things chocolate sound like? Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who, with a chocolate loving friend gets to attend a Virgin Experience chocolate making workshop in London, Brighton or Manchester. Upon arrival you will be met by your guide for the day, are given an apron and start working with chocolate, learning all steps involved from bean to bar. The workshop includes sampling cocoa in its natural state and trying a selection of different quality and exotically flavoured chocolates. Whilst sampling chocolate, your guide for the day will walk you through the history of chocolate, you will learn decorating skills, how to use ganache, truffles, fudge and of course, chocolate. Then it is time to move to melting and cooling chocolate to create a giant chocolate button, and decorate it with techniques learned from the chocolatier present. After which you will set about decorating gooey fudge with toppings such as chocolate flakes, marshmallows and strawberry curls. All utensils, chocolate, fudge and toppings are provided. Once the session is over, you will leave with plenty of your own creations and shall receive a personalised voucher as well as a message card. The cost of travel is not included; the chosen reviewer will have to pay for their own travel expenses. Enter now for a chance to review a chocolate making workshop for two, this Virgin Experience day retails at £65. Testers Keepers will contact the chosen reviewer soon after the closing date of 31st July 2019.
Review a Google Wi-Fi Home System (Pack of two)
If having strong Wi-Fi in every corner of your home is something you desire, here is the perfect reviewing opportunity. Testers Keepers is looking for a person to test and keep a Google Wi-Fi Home System which retails at £229. Unlike traditional routers and range extenders, Google Wi-Fi can give you both, great speed and complete coverage of your home. This home Wi-Fi solution works with already existing modem and internet provider so you can stream, download and share at home without missing a beat. The Google Wi-Fi Home System uses mesh technology, once you setup your network, the Wi-Fi points create a high-powered connection to work together and to make sure your devices stay on the clearest channel with the fastest bandwidth. The result is a fast Wi-Fi everywhere in your home, not just right next to the router. The setup process is easy and fast, everything is achieved through an app which means there is no need to have a large, access point in your home. All communication between devices on your network is encrypted and updated automatically. The app provides parental controls to block unwanted websites, can and even pause Wi-Fi access; for example, during bedtime. Appearance wise the Google Wi-Fi points are puck shaped and matte white. A LED light strip embedded in the middle pulses in different colours depending on the status. Enter for a chance to review a Google Wi-Fi Home System. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th September 2019.
Review beard grooming products from the London Beard Company
Facial hairs, especially beards have now become a mainstream feature worm with pride. The London Beard Company caters for all types of beard growers, from stubbly geeks, to the full flowing beardsmen. Their aim is to help the fellow man take pride in his appearance using the best products and services available. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test beard grooming products that are made from 100% natural ingredients, containing no chemicals, artificial fragrances or preservatives. The chosen reviewer will receive the following products: Citrus Blend Beard Oil, an intricate combination of lemon and grapefruit with notes of tea tree, these together produce an invigorating and pleasant aroma. The base ingredients, olive and argan are some of the best natural oils for hair and skin care, designed to give the beard oil a lightweight and easily absorbable texture, resulting in a soft, less frizzy beard that will look healthier. Zero Edition Beard Balm is a pure and fragrance free product with the essential ingredients for a healthy, well-groomed beard. A mixture of nourishing olive oil, beeswax, grape seed oil and black seed oil helps to moisture and condition both the beard and skin. Kent Moustache & Beard Comb. A high quality 73mm fine toothed comb which is perfect for grooming, maintaining and trimming the facial hair. Handmade in Kent, at one of the oldest established companies in the United Kingdom, and makers of luxury combs. Enter now for a chance to review beard grooming products from the London Beard Company. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Review £150 of Fabletics sportswear
Look stylish and feel comfortable whilst exercising! Fabletics by Kate Hudson offers affordable, high quality and fashionable clothes for women and men. Enter below for a chance to review Fabletics sportswear for Testers Keepers. The Fabletics outfits are divided into different sub categories for yoga, running and gym. All trousers and bottoms cover a wide range of activities, giving you an option to choose between leggings, capris, joggers, shorts and skirts. Fabletics also has a plus shop which celebrates bodies in sizes 26 to 30. By taking a brief quiz you help Fabletics to create personalised outfit recommendations to fit your lifestyle. Then go on to choose from thousands of styles, curated just for you and checkout as a guest or as a VIP member. As part of the paid Fabletics VIP programme you will save up to 50% of regular pricing and earn points towards free loyalty items. To begin with, you will receive two pairs of the best leggings ever, for £24. Every month VIP members will receive a personalised outfit for £44. Members can skip the month by the 5th to not get charged for that particular month. Accumulated points can be redeemed as credit reward towards an order, or towards a reward item. Other products sold by Fabletics include bags, hats and hair accessories, scarves and gloves, socks and underwear, as well as exercise equipment such as water bottles. Enter now for a chance to review £150 of Fabletics sportswear. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Test and review a Nest cam outdoor security camera
There is always that little nagging feeling when you go on a holiday or stay away from home, what if something happens? With the help of a Nest Cam outdoor security camera you can rest assured knowing there is nothing that can happen without a notification coming your way. Testers Keepers has a twin pack looking for a reviewer, if securing your home is a top priority for you, keep reading. The Nest Cam outdoor security cameras are weatherproof and come with everything you need to get started. They are simple to install, you can even stick them to a steel rain gutter using the unique magnetic mount. The Nest Cam looks for motion and if something does not seem quite right, the system sends an activity alert to your phone, and even an email with a snapshot of what happened. All recorded video is safely stored in the cloud storage, which can be accessed anytime. With the ability to get a 130 degree wide-angle view, zoom in and enhance, you will be able to see every detail. The cameras have a high quality glass lens, image sensors and an 8x digital zoom. For better visibility, the system is equipped with night vision LED sensors so your home is well looked after any time of day or night. The twin pack also enables you to secure the front and the back of your home with ease. The Nest Cam does not need a hub, just a Wi-Fi connection and mobile or tablet with iOS 8 or later, or an Android 4.1 or later. The system is also certified to work with Alexa, so you can control all aspects with voice commands. Enter now for a chance to test and review a Nest Cam outdoor security camera twin pack retailing at £329. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st November 2019.
Test and review the new Garnier Ultimate Blends hair masks
Garnier Ultimate Blends hair care products have been sourced from nature and blended with love since 1982. Testers Keepers is looking for an eager reviewer who will receive four hair masks, all made from renewable sources, good for hair and the world we live in. The chosen reviewer will receive the following four Garnier Ultimate Blends hair masks: Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Oil Shiny Hair, a mask treatment for dry, dull hair, offering up to 48 hours of glowing shine and incredible suppleness. Argan oil from Morocco has been used in beauty rituals for centuries, while Japanese camellia oil is known for its conditioning properties, after treatment hair feels intensely nourished for the injection of omega 6 fatty acids, omega 9 and vitamin E. Garnier Ultimate Blends Olive Oil Dry Hair, this treatment smooths and nourishes dried out, brittle hair making it easy to detangle. Virgin olive oil and safflower seed oil are packed with vitamin E, free-radical fighting antioxidants and fatty acids. Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Oil Frizzy Hair, the mask not only leaves hair smelling divine, but also super sleek and smooth. The treatment offers frizz control in damp weather and tames flyaways. Enriched with coconut oil and cocoa butter from the Ivory Coast. Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Strengthening Hair Mask is for fragile hair, offering up to six times stronger hair and up to 84% less breakage. Hair feels healthier and more resilient from the first wash. Honey offers deep nourishment without weighing hair down. This hair mask leaves the hair with a powerful protective barrier whilst enriching the hair with vitamin B. Enter now for a chance to test and review the new Garnier Ultimate Blends hair masks that are all paraben-free. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Product tester needed to review must have hair perfumes
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive three different kinds of hair perfumes in return of honest feedback. Hair perfumes, or hair mists are designed specifically to liven up and freshen up the hair. The products are often enriched with vitamins and other beneficial properties to help strengthen and protect in addition to offering a pleasant scent. The chosen product tester will receive the following hair perfumes: Gucci Bloom, available exclusively on the Gucci website, the Gucci Bloom is a lightweight hair mist that encompasses the signature fragrance which was designed to celebrate the authenticity, vitality and diversity of women. The Gucci Bloom scent consists of tuberose, jasmine bud extract and ragoon creeper, a flower also known as Chinese honeysuckle. The hair mist comes in a 30ml bottle and retails at £38. A Walk in the Rain, Shine & Fragrance mist by Percy & Reed, a bright, delicate fragrance that evokes the scent of garden flowers after a short spell of rain. The hair perfume revives, refreshes, glosses dull and tired looking hair whilst delivering instant shine and neutralising unwanted odours. The Percy & Reed hair perfume is a limited edition mist and is sold for £15. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist scents the hair with fresh and modern notes of the namesake fragrance which draws its inspiration from the fascinating personality of Gabrielle Chanel. Exudes vibrant notes of orange, has the transparency of rose and the elegance of patchouli. Recommended retail price is £44. Enter below for a chance to review three must have hair perfumes. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Review a Husky Rubiks cube mini fridge
Here is a chance to review a mini fridge that looks just like the iconic puzzle, Rubiks Cube. Testers Keepers has one of these stylish mini fridges up for review. The HUS-HU 231-M Rubiks Cube mini fridge has a 43 litre capacity, making it the perfect size for any home, home office, teenager's bedroom or a man cave. The inside of the fridge includes a removable wire shelf and added storage in the door for bottles. The 43 litre capacity is capable of holding 40 cans of drink. The compact design allows easy fit on a kitchen or utility worktop, on the floor or under a counter; it also features a reversible door that gives you freedom to locate the mini fridge where it is most convenient. The Husky mini fridge is so quiet that it can comfortably be placed in a bedroom, perfect for university students living in shared accommodations. The Husky Rubiks Cube mini fridge has an adjustable thermostat to keep food and drinks ready on demand, whilst achieving an A+ energy rating. On average, the mini fridge consumes 96kWh per year. The Husky Rubiks Cube mini fridge is one puzzle you do not need to solve, just open the door to access the content. Enter now for a chance to review this fridge. Testers Keepers will contact the chosen reviewer soon after the closing date, 31st August 2019.
Test and keep a Philips OneBlade Pro
Testers Keepers is looking for someone eager to test and review the new Philips OneBlade Pro which is designed to trim, edge and shave any length of facial hair. The Philips OneBlade Pro is a revolutionary new electric grooming technology designed for men who wear facial hair styles, stubble and who grow beards. This new system does not shave too close, so the skin stays unharmed, according to Philips the OneBlade Pro was designed to cut hair not skin. 14 locked length settings enable you to choose from anything of a 5 o'clock shadow to a tight trim and all the way to longer beard styles and there is options as to how you want to use the OneBlade Pro, wet or dry trim, with or without foam, even in the shower. Philips designed the grooming tool to glide along the skin with the help of a special coating. The new Philips OneBlade Pro comes with a replacement blade, one blade lasts up to four months based on 2 full shaves per week. One hour charging time gives a 90 minute run time and it equals to a full charge. A digital display on the Philips OneBlade Pro alerts you during use if your battery is low and it indicates charging process when plugged in. Enter below for your chance to review the new Philips OneBlade Pro and Testers Keepers will contact the chosen tester soon after 30th June 2019 when this opportunity closes.
Test and keep the new GHD Saharan Gold Collection
Good Hair Day or GHD as more commonly known is the market leader for hair straightners. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will get a hair dryer and one of the new GHD stylers. The new GHD Air Saharan Gold hair dryer retails at £99. Salon quality results at the privacy of your own home. The professional strength motor and advanced ionic technology enables the hair dryer to give results twice as fast compared to a normal hair dryer. Leaves hair sleek, smooth and silky. The Air Saharan Gold comes with a concentrator nozzle that directs the air flow for precision styling; it can also be used to gain added volume by directing it to the roots, then fix in place with the cool shot button on the dryer. The GHD Gold Styler – Pure Gold retails at £139 and delivers the new gold standard of styling. Featuring the new dual-zone technology, two heat sensors instead of one, the styler can maintain a safer-for-hair heat of 185 celcius consistently and evenly from root to tip. Delivers quick, frizz free styling and enhanced shine, and in addition to working as straightners, the rounded barrel is perfect for creating curls and waves on all hair types. It takes 25 seconds for GHD Gold Styler to heat up and there is an automatic sleep mode which will activate after half an hour of non-use. This opportunity to review the new GHD Saharan Gold Collection is open until 31st May 2019, Testers Keepers will contact the lucky chosen tester soon after the closing date.
Review a brand new Samsung S10+ smartphone
Would you like to review the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone? Testers Keepers is looking for one tech enthusiast to review and keep this state-of-the-art gadget. The Galaxy S10+ is now available on the market and is shaping up to be the phone that disrupts the sameness of the last few generations of Samsung handsets. The S10+ features a 93.1% screen-to-body ratio, stretching from the speaker all the way down to the bottom. It has a triple lens camera with a small camera bump and has the ability to take ultra-wide photos with the intention to help you capture more of what's in front of you. You can use the new Wireless PowerShare feature to top up other wireless charging devices. The Samsung Galaxy range has been a huge success, particularly the mega-popular S8 and S9 models. Key features from the S9 included a fingerprint sensor and was 30 per cent faster than the previous model. It also had an 8MP front camera and rear dual 12MP cameras. If you would like to be one of the first people to own a Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone, do not forget to enter below. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th September 2019.
Test and keep the new Fitbit Versa Smartwatch
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep the latest Fitbit, the Versa Smartwatch, which comes in several colour options. Recommended retail price for black, peach/rose gold aluminium and grey/silver aluminium is £199.99 and the special editions sell for £219.99, these include charcoal woven/graphite aluminium and lavender woven/rose gold aluminium. Classic, leather and metal links bands can be bought separately. The Fitbit Versa tracks steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time. It is also water resistant and tracks laps, duration and calories burned during swim workouts. The battery life is over four days depending on usage. Call, text and calendar notifications are shown on the screen and you can choose which push notifications you want from your favourite apps. As the screen size is just under an inch, it makes it easy to see the notifications. The Versa can also store and play over 300 songs, and connect to wireless Bluetooth headphones. As a new feature the Fitbit Versa has something extra for tracking female health, log periods, record symptoms and compare your cycle against other health stats like sleep, activity and weight. You can opt-in for personalised reminders to stay active, get hydrated and many more. The Versa also enables contactless payments with the built-in NFC-chip which means you can stop at a shop straight after your run. Enter before 31st May 2019 for your chance to test and keep the new Fitbit Versa, Testers Keepers will contact the chosen reviewer soon after the closing date.
Review £150 of Lululemon sportswear
Lululemon is a yoga inspired athletic apparel retailer from Canada founded in 1998. The brand is known for its stylish and high-quality items for both men and women. Testers Keepers is looking for an eager reviewer who will receive £150 to spend on the brand. Lululemon stocks performance shirts, shorts and pants, as well as lifestyle apparel and accessories such as headbands, towels, gym mats and socks. The outfits are born from a love of daily sweat, the desire to innovate technical athletic gear, and the appetite to build a community where Lululemon can live their best life. Lululemon trademarked its original fabric Luon, which included a higher than average amount of nylon Microfibre in 2005. Since then the company has produced several different types of fabrics, including compression and moisture-wicking designs such as the lightweight, butterly-soft Nulu which not only wicks sweat but is a four-way stretch fabric. Nulu is designed to minimise distractions and maximise comfort. Yoga, exercise and running leggings made from Nulu are high rise to cover your core, protect your muscles, and they lie smooth under tops without digging in. The Lululemon outerwear designers are rain-savvy and well equipped with firsthand knowledge to create truly intentional and functional gear to help everyone stay warm and dry. The majority of products in this category are made from water-repellent Italian fabric. Products start from under £10 for accessories and on an average £50 for clothing. Enter now for a chance to review Lululemon sportswear. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019 and the chosen reviewer will receive £150 to spend on the brand.
Try out the ultimate Bosch Rotak 34 R lawnmower
Maintaining the garden and mowing the lawn can become a daunting, reoccurring task if the tools are not correct for the job. Bosch has been engineering and manufacturing electronics since 1886 giving them the experience and expertise to produce some of the best equipment for DIY work and garden maintenance. Testers Keepers has a Bosch Rotak 34 R lawnmower up for review. The Rotak 34 R lawnmower is easy to handle and to transport as it weighs only 11.1kg. The double folding Ergoflex handles and stackable grass box have been designed for compact storage, ensuring the lawnmower will not take much space in the shed. The 1300W power drive motor ensures a reliable cut even in long or wet grass. The innovative grass combs cut the lawn perfectly right up to the edge, and the integrated rear roller also gives the lawn a lovely striped effect. The Bosch Rotak 34 R also has a height lever to adjust from 20 to 70mm to suit different lawn conditions. The grass box fits an impressive 40 litres, which provides greater capacity and reduces interruptions needed for emptying. The handle has been ergonomically designed to improve your posture during operation. Bosch designed the Rotak 34 R with a 34cm cutting diameter which is ideal for small to medium lawns up to the size of a tennis court. Enter now for a chance to test and keep the ultimate Bosch Rotak 34 R lawnmower. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Test and review a Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic eyeshadow palette
Testers Keepers is looking for a total of three eager reviewers for a Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic eyeshadow palette which retails at £39. The long-wearing palette features seven shades, including four fashion finishes, velvet, satin, silk and lamé to dress your eyes. Each of the curated Eye-Conic Glambition palette has a large mirror and includes a covetable mix of neutral, wearable shades, and provocative colours in a new super-plush shadow formulation to cover eyelids in lasting, velvety-rich pigment. The Marc Jacobs Beauty palettes are free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates for the utmost comfort for the eyes and skin. For the best result, always use a primer before eyeshadow. For a metallic finish, layer the lamé shades on top of the other textures. Alternatively, apply the pop shades as a base to add vibrancy to neutrals. The velvet is perfect for highlighting the brow bone, and the silk for blending in the crease. The signature of Marc Jacobs is rule-breaking creativity that drives his irresistible makeup vision. The brand is inspired to push boundaries and to enable the consumers to truly create their own style. After 30 years, Marc Jacobs still continues to shape the American fashion, and to explore the beauty in the unexpected. Enter now for a chance to become one of three testers and receive a Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic eyeshadow palette. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Test and review a gentlemen's shaving kit
Would you like to discover how to shave with a proper, traditional safety razor and get better results than with conventional razors? Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep a gentleman's shaving kit which includes everything you need to start wet shaving. The Personal Barber delivers the finest quality traditional wet shaving products to sophisticated gentlemen. The brand offers products which you can use from the comfort of your own bathroom. The shaving kit retails at £44.95 and includes the following products: A well balanced double-edge razor with a forgiving blade gap. The blades are made from stainless steel and last between three and seven shaves each depending on the thickness of the facial hair. Two packs of five replacement blades lasting you over a month even with daily shaving. A luxurious, cruelty-free synthetic hair shaving brush and an artisanal handcrafted shaving cream in a refreshing spearmint scent. A post-shave balm with chamomile extract for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties and zinc PCA that help with the healing process. A beautifully scented solid cologne that is both musky and warm with a blend of vetiver and spicy top notes. And last but not least, a step-by-step guide on how to wet shave the correct way. Enter now for a chance to test and review a gentleman's shaving kit. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Experience a supercar driving day out
Here is the ultimate opportunity for thrill seekers! Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who can bring their friend to experience a supercar driving day in one of the available 49 locations, including the home of Top Gear, Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey. This particular track was designed by Lotus Cars as a testing facility, with many of its Formula One cars tested there. The chosen reviewer gets to drive two supercars of their choice for six miles in each. Full introduction and safety briefing are included, in addition to a high speed passenger ride with a qualified instructor to wrap up this high octane day out. Cars available vary by location and can include Aston Martin, Nissan Skyline, Mustang, Porche 911, Dodge Charger and Ford GT40 just to mention a few. This supercar driving day enables you to put the pedal to the metal after fastening the seatbelt tightly in your chosen cars, and to truly show off your driving skills. This fantastic experience for a driving enthusiast is available Monday to Friday, but for an additional supplement charge for weekend bookings at some locations. Gear up for a driving experience you will never forget. All you need to do is enter below for your name to be in the hat. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Review a luxury golfing break in Wales
Ever dreamed of playing golf on a championship course? Here is a chance to do exactly that, not only on one but three separate courses. The Montgomerie, Roman Road and Twenty Ten are all headlined by the world-famous Ryder Cup layout that saw Europe win an epic victory in 2010. Testers Keepers has a luxury golfing break in Wales up for review, this opportunity includes travel and accommodation for two people. The five star resort hotel Celtic Manor is easily accessed by car from most of the United Kingdom. The hotel has 300 immaculately designed rooms and complimentary guest shuttles are available to all areas of the resort providing easy access to the golf courses, clubhouses and the six different restaurants. Guests also enjoy free Wi-Fi and complimentary use of the Forum health club leisure facilities. The Forum health club and spa is an extremely exclusive facility which offers superb changing rooms, each including their own steam room, jacuzzi, sauna and a plunge pool, while the gym has 54 workstations, a dance studio, a 20 metre infinity pool and a specialised club just for children. The award-winning spa offers the latest treatments in health and beauty therapy, including Rasul mud ritual and hot stone massage. In addition to great food, championship golf and spa facilities, the hotel has a Celtic Mall in the lobby with a fantastic range of designer brands, gorgeous gifts and local Welsh products such as whisky, candles and chocolate. Enter now for a chance to review a luxury golfing break in Wales. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th September 2019.
Test and keep a Kärcher steam cleaner SC2
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to put a Kärcher steam cleaner SC2 through the everyday challenges. This is the perfect opportunity for an environmentally conscious person as the SC2 removes 99.99% of all common household bacteria from hard surfaces without the need for any chemicals. The Kärcher steam cleaner offers high quality results, from cleaning tiles, hobs, and exhaust hoods, to even the smallest of gaps which are hygienically cleaned. The SC2 is ideal for the simple household vacuuming to deep-cleaning hard floors. Choose the most suitable option from the two-stage steam regulation based on the surface and level of dirt. The EasyFix floor nozzle with flexible joint guarantees excellent ergonomics and the technology ensures perfect cleaning results. A hook-and-loop system allows the Microfibre cloth to be easily attached to the nozzle and removed again without having to come into contact with dirt. A full water tank cleans approximately 75 square metres, and the steam cleaner is equipped with a convenient accessory storage which means you will always have the right attachment close by. Additional accessories can be purchased separately to make this steam cleaner even more versatile. The Kärcher SC2 provides a locking system that offers a reliable protection against children using and playing with the steam gun. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Kärcher steam cleaner EasyFix SC2 which retails at £98. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Test and keep a Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Testers Keepers is looking for someone to put a Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner to a test and give honest feedback on the performance. Would you like to try out the latest Dyson innovation worth £799.99 that promises to clean for you? You can schedule cleaning and monitor the robot with the Dyson Link app, imagine coming to a cleaned house after a long day at work. The Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner calculates a systematic cleaning pattern, so it knows where it has been and where it is yet to clean. It also automatically takes the most direct path back to the slim-profile charging dock when battery runs low. The charge time is 2.45 hours and with one charge you get approximately 45 minutes of vacuuming. You do not need to worry about thick rugs as this nifty domestic helper is also the only robot with tank tracks to help maintain speed and direction as it moves across different surfaces. From the Dyson Link App you can choose from two suction power modes designed for different tasks, maximum suction mode for deep cleaning with up to 40 minutes run time and quiet mode, powerful suction for everyday cleaning. The quiet mode is up to 70% quieter to reduce disturbances with up to 75 minutes run time. Dyson promises the 360 Eye robot will detect and avoid obstacles and drops so it will not come tumbling down stairs. If you would like to test the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner, enter below before 30th November 2019.
Test and keep the new Dyson Cyclone V10 Total Clean
Are you tired of dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner around with you and having to constantly tug and pull the cord as it gets stuck on table legs and corners? If you said yes, here is the perfect opportunity for you as TestersKeepers is looking for a reviewer for the new Dyson Cyclone V10 Total Clean.The Dyson Cyclone quickly transforms to a handheld vacuum cleaner and back again, in just one click. As a handheld the Dyson is perfect for cleaning the car or quick spot cleaning under the dining table.The Drop-in docking is the wall mounted docking station that not only recharge the Total Clean but also stores all the tools. A 3.5h charge time gives an hour run time which is enough to clean an average sized home at least twice.The Dyson Cyclone V10 Total Clean comes with two cleaner heads and six extra tools suitable for all your vacuuming needs, there is even an extension hose for easier cleaning for hard to reach areas such as behind the radiators.The Total Clean has a Point and Shoot mechanism that hygienically ejects dust and debris from the 0.76 litre bin in one action so there is no need to touch the dirt. It is also not just dust and debris the vacuum cleaner collects as the fully-sealed filtration system traps 99.97 per cent of particles such as pollen and bacteria and expels cleaner air.Enter for your chance to test and keep the new Dyson Cyclone V10 Total Clean which retails at £499.99. This TestersKeepers opportunity closes on 31st July 2019.
Test and keep a Coca-Cola Mini Fridge filled with your favourite soft drinks
TestersKeepers is looking for an eager reviewer to put this Husky Coca-Cola Mini Fridge to the test! This is the perfect opportunity to try out this great product and have a say about it without having to spend a single penny! If this sounds like something you would love to do, read on to find out more.This is exactly what you need to throw an unforgettable summer party that will get everyone talking. Even if you simply want to enjoy your favourite chilled drink on a quiet night in, this mini fridge will easily get that sorted for you.You won't have to worry about using your limited space in the fridge for your drinks, as this Coca-Cola mini fridge has a very large capacity. It can hold up to forty cans of your favourite drinks, and features an adjustable thermostat to keep everything perfectly chilled. It has also been given an A+ energy rating, which means your energy bills will not go up when you start using it.To be considered for testing out this Coca-Cola Mini Fridge for us, all you need to do is enter your details in the link below and if you are chosen, TestersKeepers will be in touch to send you the product to test and review. Good luck!
Test and keep the new Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Foundation
A good foundation both conceals redness and blemishes, yet somehow manages to appear radiant as if it is not there at all. Estée Lauder has developed a new foundation that promises to deliver with 24 hour staying power. TestersKeepers is looking for a reviewer to test the Estée Lauder a double Wear Nude Water foundation.Water light, fluid, long-wear foundation makes you feel like you have nothing on. It moves comfortably with your skin and makes it look fresh, natural, healthy and even-toned. The Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water foundation includes SPF 30 and anti-oxidants, which are your invisible Defense against environmental damage from UV rays and pollution. The foundation hydrates instantly and continuously with a moisture complex of red fruit extracts, including watermelon, lychee seed and apple.Laminaria Saccharina helps control shine so the skin does not look greasy or powdery and hyaluronic acid blend delivers optimal skin smoothing and hydration benefits.Estée Lauder manufactures the new Double Wear Nude Water foundation in 33 shades from outdoor bone to deep Amber, with so many shades to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect match. As all Estée Lauder products, the Double Wear Nude Water foundation has not been tested on animals.Enter for your chance to test and keep the new Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water foundation which retails at £32.50. This opportunity will close on 31st May 2019 and TestersKeepers will contact the chosen reviewer soon after.
Product testers wanted to review Jo Malone perfumes
Jo Malone is known for elegantly simple scents, made with unexpected ingredients with a unique twist. Testers Keepers is looking for two product testers to review any two 30ml bottles of Jo Malone perfumes. Each Jo Malone fragrance is crafted from the highest quality ingredients by master perfumiers, tailor made, exquisitely simple, refined and always with a touch of the unexpected. Jo Malone fragrances are marketed as unisex unless specifically mentioned, including men's colognes such as the Huntsman collection which has four different scents in it, Whisky & Cedar wood, Amber & Patchouli, Birch & Black Pepper and Assam & Grapefruit. The chosen testers could pick from the Huntsman collection or from any of the other scents. Here is a few examples of the scents available. English Pear & Freesia, a luscious and golden scent that offers a sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias. Peony & Blush Suede, a luxurious and seductive scent of red apples, jasmine, rose and gillyflower meeting peonies in full bloom. Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, a calming and relaxing cologne that combines amber and black orchid with rare Kyara wood which is used in the Japanese incense appreciation ceremony called Kohdo. The scent is warm, aromatic and has a smoky note. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019. Two chosen product testers can choose any two 30ml scents from the Jo Malone range.
Test and keep the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
Would you like to review the product everyone is talking about, state of the art hair dryer by Dyson? Here is your chance to get your hands on a product that retails at £299.99.Over 4 years, 103 Dyson engineers, 1010 miles of real hair studied, examined and tested leading to the inventing of the latest invention, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.On an average the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is six times faster than other hair dryer motors, yet third the weight. The hairdryer utilises air multiplier technology, and with the motor in the handle, there is space in the head for new technology. This draws in air and amplifies it three times producing a controlled, high-pressure , high-velocity jet of air travelling at 105mph.A thermal sensor measures exit flow temperature 20 times per second and transmits data to the microprocessor which controls the heating element. This is how the temperature is kept under control to help prevent extreme heat damage. Exposure to extreme temperature, and pores can begin to form within strands. Light hits these pores in the hair and scatters in all directions decreasing shine.Dyson digital motor V9 spins at up to 110,000 times a minute, with one inaudible frequency and a rubber mount helps to prevent the motor from vibrating against the inside of the handle reducing the transfer of noise between the motor and the case.TestersKeepers has this amazing testing opportunity open for applications until 31st May 2019.
Test and keep a Dyson V6 Animal vacuum cleaner
Would you like to test and keep a Dyson V6 Animal vacuum cleaner which has the overall cleaning performance that beats most full-size corded vacuums? Here is a chance, courtesy of Testers Keepers to review a vacuum cleaner engineered for home with pets. The Dyson V6 has powerful fade-free suction offering up to 20 minutes run time with one charge. Charging takes 3.5 hours and happens automatically when the vacuum cleaner is attached to its docking station which also conveniently stores all the accessories. The wand quickly detaches for handheld cleaning. All Dyson tools fit directly to the machine and make cleaning small places such as cars easier. Getting rid of grid, dirt and glitter in the footwells has never been easier. With a Dyson V6 Animal it is easy to clean up pet hairs as the direct-drive cleaner head provides 75% more power on carpets than the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner. The V6 Animal is bagless, emptying the bin occurs with just a push of a button, and there is no need to replace the washable lifetime filter. There are several attachments in the Dyson V6 Animal box, a motorhead which is perfect for carpets as well as hardwood floors, a mini motorised tool to tackle hair and ground-in dirt in tight spaces, a crevice tool for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps and a combination tool for simple switching between surfaces. Reviewing a Dyson V6 Animal vacuum cleaner is an opportunity not to be missed. Enter latest on 30th June for a chance to become the latest tester for Testers Keepers.
Test and keep the new GHD Platinum+ Glacial Blue Styler
GHD leads the market for hair straightening irons; their products are sold in over 50,000 salons worldwide offering shinier and stronger hair. Testers Keepers has the new GHD Platinum+ Glacial Blue Styler up for review in this latest test and keep opportunity. GHD has developed the latest breakthrough in heat styling that guarantees homogenous heat across the whole plate allowing consistent beautiful results in one stroke. You can create endless hairstyles including straight, curls and waves with the help of this new smart styler that predicts your hair needs. The styler adapts the power to deliver ultimate results, recognising the thickness of your hair and the speed you are styling. A wishbone hinge offers the perfect plate alignment giving more control to create any style. The gorgeous frosty design and sparkling blue plates also reduce breakage resulting in 70% stronger hair and 20% more shine compared to a styler working at 230 Celsius. The heat resistant protective guard and coordinated roll mat means you can safely put the styler down without burning anything. Automatic sleep mode also switches the styler off after 30 minutes of non-use for peace of mind. The GHD uses universal voltage delivering the same outstanding performance wherever in the world you are. Enter now for a chance to test and keep the new GHD Platinum+ Glacial Blue styler that retails at £175. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Review a Guerlain makeup bundle worth £150
Guerlain is a French perfume, cosmetics and skincare house founded in 1828, famous for high quality products. Testers Keepers is looking for a beauty enthusiast to review a Guerlain makeup bundle worth £150. The chosen reviewer will receive a bundle including these products: Maxi lash mascara: an innovative formula for maximum volume which provides instantly stylish, long-lasting magic with a smooth, supple texture that is easy to work with. Comes in blue, black and brown and retails at £26. Terracotta bronzing powder: eight shades that naturally reproduces varying shades of the sun resulting as instant natural glow. Enriched with moisturising active ingredients to not dry out the skin. This Guerlain bronzer retails at £37. KissKiss lipstick: 20 delicious shades enriched with plumping hyaluronic acid spheres for fullness, and commiphora for softness. Each shade is sold for £28. L'or radiance concentrate with pure gold: an embellishing make-up base which is sprinkled with pure 24-carat gold flakes. Complexion will glow with divine and unfailing radiance; skin is smoother, more supple and satiny, ready for perfect, enhanced and long-lasting makeup. The L'or radiance retails at £47.50. Rouge G de Guerlain the double mirror cap: customisable lipstick with a double mirror that comes in multiple styles from the most timeless to the trendiest. Choose your case and the shade. The Rouge G lipstick is a primer, plumper, liner and colour in one. Each customisable Rouge G has a retail price of £12.89. Enter for your chance to review a Guerlain makeup bundle worth £150. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Review a family break at Butlin's
Butlin's is a chain of seaside resorts popular with families since 1936. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive a family break up to the value of £400 at their chosen resort. A Butlin's holiday is the perfect opportunity to give you and your family a glorious break from the daily routine, and help you make the most of your time together. Resorts are filled with fun activities and entertainment, many which are included in the price of the holiday. Butlin's has three locations, Bognor Regis in West Sussex, Minehead in Somerset and Skegness in Lincolnshire. Skegness is where it all started. Each resort features a large indoor water park known as Splash Waterworld, several water slides, spas, a wave pool and a lazy river. Some have additional pools and water activities. Skegness resort recently opened new features, and Bognor Regis is opening a new Splash Waterworld this spring. There are a number of attractions and facilities at each resort and are designed especially for younger children, including playgrounds, a supervised arts and crafts room, a miniature funfair, small go-karts and a nursery which can care for children and keep them entertained whilst parents enjoy other activities in the resort. Choose from Butlin's breaks suitable for every occasion throughout the year, term time weekend and midweek breaks, February, May and October half term breaks, summer and Christmas breaks, and specific breaks with Diversity, Justin Fletcher and many more options. Enter now for a chance to review a family break at Butlin's. Testers Keepers will contact the chosen reviewer soon after the closing date, 31st October 2019.
Review Lookfantastic with £150 to spend
Lookfantastic is the number one online premium beauty retailer in Europe. The website has over 22,000 products by over 600 brands with new names added daily. In addition to makeup, fragrances and hair products, you can find beauty electronics on Lookfantastic as well. Testers Keepers requires a beauty enthusiastic to review Lookfantastic with £150 to spend. Lookfantastic has bold and beautiful lipsticks from Illamasqua, Lord & Berry and Elizabeth Arden, gorgeous eye shadows from Lancôme, Estée Lauder and Urban Decay, foundations, concealers and powders from EX1 Cosmetics, Benefit, bareMinerals and Stila, as well as new formulas in the BB cream and CC cream collections. The Lookfantastic Beauty Box subscription is a great way to learn about different brands and beauty products. Each monthly box includes six premium products delivered straight to your door. One month is £15, if you take a 12 month subscription, each monthly box will cost only £13. Lookfantastic has hundreds of products with up to 40% savings in the outlet section, and for the best beauty deals, take a look at the latest voucher codes on the website and see if you can get a special discount today or perhaps extra gifts with purchase. The website also lists multi-buy offers. Enter now for a chance to bag £150 to spend at Lookfantastic and review the whole shopping experience. This TestersKeepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Review and keep a Smarter Coffee machine (2nd Generation)
Imagine a world where you have freshly brewed coffee waiting for you the moment you get out of bed. No longer a science fiction but reality thanks to Smarter, a lifestyle technology brand that creates innovative products for the home. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep a gadget lover's dream product, a 2nd generation Smarter Coffee Machine. You can remotely control the coffee machine by using the Smarter app, set your coffee to be ready with your wake up alarm, or set the coffee machine to start brewing your fresh coffee the moment you step through the front door after a long day at work. You can personalise your coffee by using the app, adjust the grind strength, number of cups and choose between freshly ground or filtered. The coffee machine has a 1.5 litre capacity enabling several cups worth of coffee brewed at any given time. The Smarter Coffee Machine can also be controlled manually via the 3.5” LCD control panel. The Smarter Coffee machine can even connect to other smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, after which you do not need to access the app but can control the coffee machine with your voice. Enter now for your chance to step up your mornings and wake up to fresh, home brewed coffee by reviewing a Smarter Coffee Machine. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Test and keep a Huawei Matebook X Pro laptop
Testers Keepers is looking for reviewer to give their honest opinion on the first notebook by Huawei with FullView design. This master at multitasking retails at just under £1,300. The Huawei Matebook X Pro sports a 91% screen-to-body ratio which creates a near borderless display. The 10-point touch screen is made of ultra-thin Corning Gorilla glass and has an anti-fingerprint coating. The 13.9” 3K display navigates accurately, freely and intuitively with the touch of a finger. You can also use the spill-proof keyboard which has a large track pad. The keyboard hides a camera; it will pop up only when you want to use it. The power button has a built-in fingerprint scanner for Windows Hello, no more having to insert long and complicated passwords as you can access the system with a single touch. The system has a 256GB SDD memory, 8GB RAM and is powered with 8th generation Intel processors and VR-ready graphics. Operating system is Windows 10. Dolby Atmos sound system minimises distortion and captures details to create an immersive 3D sound experience. Quad microphones accurately pick up sound from four meters away. This ultra-slim and light laptop is a joy to carry around, and the battery is guaranteed to last you all day. When the Huawei Matebook X Pro is fully charged, the battery gives up to 12 hours of video playback. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Huawei Matebook X Pro laptop, this Testers Keepers opportunity closes 28th February 2019.
Product tester needed for Ricoh Theta V 360 Degree Spherical camera
Capture and share your adventures in a whole new way by reviewing a Ricoh Theta V 360 degree spherical camera for Testers Keepers. This compact action camera can even accompany you to underwater adventures. The Ricoh Theta V 360 brings a whole new perspective to your photographs and videos as you can capture everything around you. With 360 degree technology, the content captured allows you to relive the moments later on. The recorded video is 4K and the camera includes 360 degree spatial audio for a more realistic virtual reality experience. It is equipped with a 4-channel microphone which all record sound independently from four different directions when shooting a video. You can achieve wireless 4K 360 degree streaming, upload to a cloud, use an automatic face blur, self timer and dozens of other functions that are available through Android plug-ins. You can also use free Theta apps for a wealth of effects leaving your followers wondering how you did it. The internal memory of a Ricoh Theta V 360 is 19GB, which is approximately 4,800 still images or 40 minutes of 4K or 130 minutes of 2K video. The Ricoh Theta is a warm weather action camera; the usage temperature range is between zero and 40 degrees Celsius. Enter now for your chance to test and keep a Ricoh Theta V 360 degree spherical camera which retails at £349. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st July 2019.
Test and keep a FaceGym Pro face toner
The face has tens of thousands of small muscle fibres that over time become weak and lose their elasticity. If you have started to notice the difference in your appearance, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test a FaceGym Pro face toner which retails at £429. The FaceGym Pro device applies mild, yet forceful electric muscle stimulation to the face, strengthening the muscles to visibly lift, tone and tighten in as little as ten minutes. After just one treatment, even quite deep lines can be softened and evened out. Few sessions are required for longer lasting results. One charge will last 100 treatments when applying the machine five minutes on each side of the face. The FaceGym Pro will beep to indicate when it is time to move to the next area preventing overworking one particular part of the face. The FaceGym Pro comes with 30ml of collagen infusion serum which is needed in order for the face toner to work. Apply generously, the device will not activate unless it detects a sufficient amount of gel on the skin. Imagine never having to contour your face again, the FaceGym Pro will tone, lift and define with just ten minutes each day. Enter latest on 31st May 2019 for your chance to test and keep a FaceGym Pro face toner, Testers Keepers will contact the chosen reviewer soon after the closing date.
Beauty lover needed to test a Dyson Airwrap hair curler
Dyson keeps on re-engineering small electronics that make the everyday life easier. Since 2016 the company has focused on hair care products. Testers Keepers has a Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control hair curler up for testing. The Dyson Airwrap is the perfect product to tame unruly, frizz-prone hair. The Airwrap combines powerful airflow with controlled heat, to dry and style your hair from damp with no extreme heat. The intelligent heat control regulates the temperature ensuring it always stays below 150 Celsius. You can choose from four different heat and three speed settings to optimise the look you want to achieve. The Dyson Airwrap comes in a tan finish, cushioned with soft fabric, and secured by a magnetic clasp storage case that protects and neatly stores the system and its attachments. In addition to including the pre-styling dryer, the Dyson Airwrap comes with a 30mm barrel for creating and setting voluminous curls and waves, a 40mm barrel for loose curls and larger waves, and a firm smoothing brush to create a straighter style with less frizz and fewer flyaways. The storage case also neatly packs away a non-slip mat and a filter cleaning brush. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Dyson Airwrap hair curler which retails at £399.99. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Test and keep a 65” Samsung Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV
Would you like the opportunity to test and keep a stunning 65” Samsung Smart 4K TV? Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive a Samsung TV that retails at £939. The slim build Samsung Smart 4K TV looks stunning from every angle and offers an impressive Ultra HD certified picture quality. With more than one billion colours, this Samsung Smart TV delivers picture-perfect results every time with 64 times more vibrant colours than conventional UHD TVs. The HDR+ makes sure every scene is precisely optimised for colour, contrast and the finest details. The Samsung Smart 4K TV comes with a remote control which lets you control all compatible devices. The remote also has a microphone button. Ask it to change the channel, volume or even search YouTube for content with your voice. In additional to being a stunning TV,this Samsung has TV Plus function which offers the latest content and movies in amazing resolution so you can enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. The Smart Hub gives easy access to whatever you want to watch, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV catch up and much more. Samsung has crafted this 65” TV with the highest quality materials, the narrow bezel ensures there is no wasted space, and the grooves in the back keep all the cables organised. Enter latest on the closing date 30th September 2019 for your chance to become the latest reviewer for Testers Keepers. One chosen person will receive a 65” Samsung Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV.