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Review and Keep a pair of Women's Classic Short II Ugg Boots
Would you like to review a pair of sheepskin boots that are famous worldwide? Testers Keepers is looking for one tester who will receive a pair of Women's classic short II Ugg Boots that retail at £165. Ugg was founded on the shores of Southern California by a young Australian surfer in 1978, the classic Ugg boots were originally worn by surfers to keep warm after early-morning sessions, and has since become iconic for its soft sheepskin and enduring design. The Classic II boot features two new updates, water resistance and a lightweight sole to increase cushioning, durability and traction. The boot has been pretreated to repel moisture. Sheepskin breathes and can be worn without socks, as they do not smell when worn constantly. The Classic II has an eight inch shaft height and there is seven colours available, amberlight, chestnut, antelope, chocolate, grey, port and black. Styling Ugg boots has never been easier, whether you choose to wear them with your trusty pair of jeans, the cosiest leggings, or even with a dress. Tuck your skinny jeans into the boots, or wear a pair of trousers over the boots. Pair with a long sleeved top, jacket or a comfortable sweater and a scarf. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th April 2019, one chosen reviewer will be contacted soon after the closing date.
Review your experience with a Fitnessform® Cross Trainer
Ever thought about trying fitness equipment and training in the comfort of your own home, whenever you felt like it? Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will get the opportunity to review and keep a Fitnessform® Z10 cross trainer. Who says you can only workout at the gym? A home workout is just as good and at times can be much more convenient. You can still get fit despite not having the time to go to the gym. You'll have the flexibility to use the equipment whenever you feel like it for a very similar cost to a gym membership. The Fitnessform® Z10 cross trainer has an RRP of £349.99. The Fitnessform® Z10 cross trainer that the reviewer will receive offers several features to maximise the workout. The LCD display shows distance, calories burned, elapsed time and speed. The dual-action arms provide an upper body workout. The horizontal and vertical seat adjustment feature will bring extra comfort and support. Enter now for a chance to review an experience with a Fitnessform® Cross Trainer. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st March 2019.
Review 12 Simply Cook boxes
Most of us have six or less dishes in our repertoire despite the nation's love of food, cooking shows and celebrity chefs. Simply Cook boxes make cooking simple and hassle free so you can eat healthy and enjoy a wide variety of dishes for less. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive a monthly Simply Cook recipe box for a whole year. Simply Cook is a subscription based recipe box service established in 2014. Customers receive a monthly box containing four recipes, and four nonperishable ingredient kits. Each recipe requires between four and six additional fresh food ingredients. Each dish is designed for max four people depending on portion size, resulting in a grand total cost of £3 to £6 per person, per dish. Customers can choose what goes into the box from a selection of Simply Cooks most popular dishes. You can pick from the normal menu, or choose Simply Cook light recipes which are healthy and each under 600 calories per portion, or choose vegetarian recipes that are nutritious, wholesome and tasty. With Simply Cook you can effortlessly step into the culinary world of Iranian vegetable stew, Chinese spiced duck salad or BBQ tandoori chicken with sweet potato wedges. Simply Cook wants you to spend less time cooking and hunting for ingredients. Enter now for a chance to review 12 Simply Cook boxes for Testers Keepers. This opportunity closes 31st March 2019.

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And if you like a bit of cloak and dagger you could be sent undercover as a mystery shopper at one of the leading supermarkets, clothing retailers or hardware stores.

Review the Protein World Slender Blend collection
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who would like to step up their game and lose weight. The chosen tester will receive a premium package that includes 14 servings of the Slender Blend weight loss shake, fat metabolisers, taster sachets, a shaker and a guide. The Protein World products are all pure, GMO free and designed to help everyone to reach their goals. The Slender Blend weight loss shake is designed to be effective as a meal replacement, but also as a post workout shake due to its high protein content. In addition to Whey protein, the shake consists of green tea, guarana extract, digestive enzymes and pre and probiotics to promote a healthy gut alongside 26 vitamins and minerals to support overall health. The fat metaboliser capsules are designed to shake the fat off by boosting your own metabolism. Vitamins B6 and B12 are added to reduce fatigue. The hunger buster capsules reduce cravings by using only natural ingredients. The revolutionary carb blocker formula provides double the strength of normal carb blockers. The Slender Blend collection also includes two pancake sachets for a nourishing breakfast option, as well as a 30 day challenge booklet that has full body workouts alongside a comprehensive meal planner. Enter now for a chance to review the premium weight loss package by Protein World. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st January 2019. One chosen reviewer will receive the Slender Blend collection.
Test and keep a FaceGym Pro face toner
The face has tens of thousands of small muscle fibres that over time become weak and lose their elasticity. If you have started to notice the difference in your appearance, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test a FaceGym Pro face toner which retails at £429. The FaceGym Pro device applies mild, yet forceful electric muscle stimulation to the face, strengthening the muscles to visibly lift, tone and tighten in as little as ten minutes. After just one treatment, even quite deep lines can be softened and evened out. Few sessions are required for longer lasting results. One charge will last 100 treatments when applying the machine five minutes on each side of the face. The FaceGym Pro will beep to indicate when it is time to move to the next area preventing overworking one particular part of the face. The FaceGym Pro comes with 30ml of collagen infusion serum which is needed in order for the face toner to work. Apply generously, the device will not activate unless it detects a sufficient amount of gel on the skin. Imagine never having to contour your face again, the FaceGym Pro will tone, lift and define with just ten minutes each day. Enter latest on 31st May 2019 for your chance to test and keep a FaceGym Pro face toner, Testers Keepers will contact the chosen reviewer soon after the closing date.
Beauty lover needed to test a Dyson Airwrap hair curler
Dyson keeps on re-engineering small electronics that make the everyday life easier. Since 2016 the company has focused on hair care products. Testers Keepers has a Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control hair curler up for testing. The Dyson Airwrap is the perfect product to tame unruly, frizz-prone hair. The Airwrap combines powerful airflow with controlled heat, to dry and style your hair from damp with no extreme heat. The intelligent heat control regulates the temperature ensuring it always stays below 150 Celsius. You can choose from four different heat and three speed settings to optimise the look you want to achieve. The Dyson Airwrap comes in a tan finish, cushioned with soft fabric, and secured by a magnetic clasp storage case that protects and neatly stores the system and its attachments. In addition to including the pre-styling dryer, the Dyson Airwrap comes with a 30mm barrel for creating and setting voluminous curls and waves, a 40mm barrel for loose curls and larger waves, and a firm smoothing brush to create a straighter style with less frizz and fewer flyaways. The storage case also neatly packs away a non-slip mat and a filter cleaning brush. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Dyson Airwrap hair curler which retails at £399.99. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Test and keep the new Amazon Echo Spot
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep the new Amazon Echo Spot, a stylish and compact smart speaker that can show you things. The Amazon Echo Spot features second generation far-field technology with four microphones, beam-forming technology and enhanced noise cancellation so it can hear you from across the room, even while music is playing. The Echo Spot is small and compact fitting easily into any room, ideal on a bedside table or desk as a smart alarm clock that can turn your lights on and off, show you commute time, get the weather or show your calendar. Echo Spot will also stream music from Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn or Apple Music straight from your phone or tablet. Or you can use the Echo Spot in the kitchen to easily set timers, call friends and family, view recipes and tutorial videos and so much more. The Echo Spot has a 2.5' display and comes in either black or white colour. You can make hands free voice calls to anyone who also has an Echo device or the Alexa app, or you can make video calls to those who have an Echo Spot, Show or the app. If you have more than one Echo device, Alexa responds from the Echo you are closest to as it has been equipped with Echo Spatial Perception (ESP). Enter before 30th April 2019 for your chance to test the skills of the Amazon Echo Spot, TestersKeepers will contact the chosen reviewer soon after the closing date.
Test and keep the new Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat palette
It might be freezing outside, but the new Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette is about to add some serious warmth into the beauty product world. TestersKeepers is looking for a tester to try and review the new palette that will be released in the UK on March 22nd.The ultra-compact packaging was made for travel and fits in the smallest purse, yet the palette contains full-size pans of the eyeshadows and a mirrorThis new palette is a spin-off set of curated, matte-only shades from the best-seller Naked Heat palette. The Naked Petite Heat features tones that are recognisable from the original.Notably absent are the jewel-toned metallics that Urban Decay palettes are known for. The Naked Petite palette contains flattering neutral tones, from scorched oranges and rich, fiery browns to soft nudes and taupes. Five of the shades are matte, and one is a demi-matte highlighting shade.The peachy, burgundy, red-based shadows look good on everyone because they resonate with the warmth that people want to bring out in their skin. The palette contains everything you need to create endless sizzling eye looks.Urban Decay has been producing cruelty-free, high pigmented quality make-ups since 1996. The original Naked palette has an average 4.9 out of 5 star-rating, and 99 per cent of users recommend it.This opportunity to test and keep the highly anticipated new Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette closes on 28th February 2019. The chosen reviewer will be contacted by TestersKeepers soon after the closing date.
Test and keep the new Philips Smart Wet / Dry Electric Shaver
Ever thought if there is something you could do better whilst shaving? Would you like up-to-date feedback which could lead to improved results and healthier skin? Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep the new Philips Smart Wet/Dry Electric Shaver which retails at £165. The SmartSensor technology tracks the shaving technique in real time and an accelerometer tracks the shaving moves communicating through Bluetooth in to an app that is free to download and compatible with a wide range of devices. The Philips Smart shaver has SkinGlide rings coated with thousands of tiny glass-like rounded spheres that reduce friction and surface resistance between the shaver and the skin. The easy glide results in smooth skin with less irritation. V-shape blades guide the skin away from the blades for a close, smooth shave, even when you have not shaven for few days. The shaver also give the option to choose between a dry shave, wet shave with gel or foam, or even under the shower due to the Aquatec wet and dry seals. The app also offers the opportunity to create a personal shave plan to tackle specific skin issues, like redness, burning, ingrown hairs or dry skin. As the skin improves, the plan will adapt too to give updated advice. The new Philips Smart Wet/Dry shaver also comes with a beard trimmer with five different length settings for styling and pre-trimming. As an added treat, the shaver has a cleansing brush which is designed for deep, gentle cleansing by removing dead skin cells for better results and less skin irritation when done before shaving. This testing opportunity closes on 30th April 2019; the lucky chosen reviewer will be contacted by Testers Keepers soon after the closing date.
Testers required to review Maybelline makeup
Would you like to review makeup that combines technologically advanced formulas with on-trend expertise to create accessible cosmetics with a cool, urban edge and a spirited style? Testers Keepers is looking for one person to review £100 of makeup from Maybelline, a company which produced the first ever came mascara back in 1917 and today offers more than 200 products. The chosen tester could pick any of these products, Burgundy bar palette, featuring 12 expertly curated shades for custom eye makeup looks. One palette, infinite burgundy nude looks. Superstay matte ink lipstick that offers an intense ink colour concentration, ultra-chic matte finish and flawless, 12 hour wear. Master camo correcting pen for targeted colour correction that cancels out the appearance of skin tone imperfections. It comes in four shades, green for redness, pink to brighten fair skin tones, red to conceal very dark circles and yellow to brighten deep skin tones. Colossal big shot mascara to give you fully loaded lash look with the biggest bristle brush yet. Dream cushion liquid foundation, for flawless, fresh faced perfection which comes in seven shades from ivory to caramel. And last but not least, the Lip contour palette for fully shaped, fuller-looking lips in four easy steps with this all-in-one kit. Choose from darker shades of crimson vixen, and lighter, more pink shades of blushed bombshell. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes on 31st January 2019, after which one tester will receive their chosen makeup products from Maybelline up to the value of £100.
Testers required to review Vichy makeup
Vichy is a premium brand of skincare, bodycare, makeup and anti-aging products, recommended by dermatologists and used by makeup artists. Here is your chance to become the latest reviewer for Testers Keepers and receive a £100 of Vichy makeup. Vichy is scientifically advanced skincare and makeup line with a focus on product efficacy and visible effects on the skin. Here are a few examples of the products our latest tester could choose from, Dermablend cover-matte compact powder foundation. This product gives full coverage that lasts up to 12 hours shine-free. Dermablend 3D correction foundation. Perfect product to improve the look of oily acne-prone skin. Dermablend colour correctors, green for cancelling out redness of the skin, purple for neutralising yellow skin tones, apricot for camouflaging brown spots and pigmentation and yellow to cover blue veins and dark under-eye circles. Dermablend SOS cover stick, extremely high-coverage concealer that works for up to 16 hours concealing even the more severe skin concerns. Combine your chosen products with the Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 calming Micellar cleansing solution, a product is a one-step toner, cleanser and makeup remover for all skin types, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. The cleansing solution removes dirt, excess oil and stubborn makeup without disturbing the natural balance of the skin. For your chance to review £100 of Vichy makeup for Testers Keepers, enter below before this opportunity closes on 31st March 2019.
Testers required to review Max Factor makeup
Max Factor has combined science and makeup artistry for over one hundred years to create market-leading, iconic products. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive a £100 Max Factor makeup bundle in return of honest feedback. Max Factor was first to launch products such as lip gloss, foundation, concealer stick and a wand mascara. The brands best sellers include such products as the Healthy skin harmony foundation, which is a multi-tasking product that helps you achieve a flawless and radiant healthy skin look in one application, the 2000 calorie mascara that promises up to 300 per cent more volume, and the Masterpiece nude palette, a perfectly combined eyeshadows from pale to deep neutral shades. The chosen tester could also choose from the newest products by Max Factor. These include such products as the Miracle glow duo pro illuminator, the dark magic mascara and the Miracle contouring palette. Another new release is the Facefinity compact which covers like a foundation whilst being light as a powder achieving a long-lasting matte finish. The Facefinity also has SPF20 to protect your skin. The brand has also released a Universal lip liner which is perfect for every skin and every shade of lipstick. The invisible formula is enriched with lip conditioners and moisturisers. Max Factor has such a selection to choose from making it a very hard decision for the chosen tester to pick their makeup bundle. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st March 2019.
Testers required to review Boots No.7 makeup
Boots No7 was launched in 1935 as a selection of eleven skincare products, and was expanded in 1937 with the first colour cosmetics. If you would like to review a bundle of Boots No7 makeup for Testers Keepers, this is your opportunity. Boots always has brilliant offers, for example, when you purchase any two or more selected No7 cosmetics or accessories, Boots will give you a No7 Nude to Night palette for free. The Boots No7 match made service features unique technology to help you find the perfect colours, shades and finishes for your base, blush and lips. This consultation takes approximately 20 minutes and you will also learn tips and techniques so you can create the finish you want and feel confident when you get home. No7 has 11 different kinds of foundations, ensuring you will find the perfect product for your skin. From Beautifully matte which delivers buildable coverage whilst blurring the appearance of fine lines and pores, to Airbrush Away, which helps you achieve the appearance of flawless matte skin with a velvety soft finish and no powdery flatness. Buying makeup in a collection is a sure way to save money, the No7 amazing eyes collection is worth £48.50 but will cost you only £25. The collection includes a trio eyeshadow palette, lash impact mascara, eye shadow primer, eye colour brush and a perfect eyes pencil in black. To become a reviewer for Testers Keepers and get a Boots No7 makeup bundle worth £100, all you need to do is enter below. This opportunity closes 31st March 2019.
Product tester needed for a Dyson V6 Fluffy
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to put the latest invention on the battery powered front to the test. Dyson claims the new V6 Fluffy is by far the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner on the market. The V6 Fluffy has a new digital motor that spins at an incredible 110,000 rpm. The Dyson V6 Fluffy was invented for hard floors, as the Fluffy Combi tool which is an additional, included soft brush attachment sucks up large debris and fine dust simultaneously. Handheld or floor-stick upright, the Dyson V6 Fluffy gives plenty of choices on how you want to use it. It converts to handheld vacuum cleaner in seconds which is perfect for spot leaning and vacuuming hard to reach places. Imagine how fast you could clean the upholstery and footwalls of your car without having to drag a conventional, corded vacuum cleaner behind you. Charging and storing the Dyson V6 Fluffy on the docking station means it is always ready to be used. With a charge you can get 20 minutes on normal power or 17 minutes when using one of the motor-powered Turbobrushes or the Fluffy attachment. This might not sound like much but you will be positively surprised how far you can get with cleaning in that time. The Dyson V6 Fluffy comes with a washable lifetime filter and the hygienic bin emptying happens with a push of a button. Enter now for your chance to try and keep a Dyson V6 Fluffy. This opportunity closes on 30th April 2019, Testers Keepers will contact the chosen lucky reviewer soon afterwards.
Review and keep a MAC Cosmetics bundle worth £200
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive a bundle of products worth £200 by the leading professional makeup authority in the world. Would you like to become the latest tester and receive a MAC cosmetics bundle? MAC is a company that celebrates diversity and individuality, a proud community of professional makeup artists working together to bring the company vision to life. Here is a few examples of products the chosen reviewer could pick from. Look in a Box kits showcase an array of looks for lips and eyes in a mix of bestselling MAC products, all in coordinated hues. Each kit retails at £49.50. Lip Duos are back, the new kits feature a lipstick and a matching lip pencil. There are several shades available for £30 per set. Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain, a captivating lip colour hybrid that is glossier, offers higher coverage and harder impact than ever before. Water-light formula that glides on creamy, is long-wearing and always offering a fresh, wet finish. Eight shades of red, £21 each. Mattes collection is for priming and fixing makeup. The Prep + Prime Fix Matte introduces a twist to the MAC favourite formula instantly mattifying and reducing the appearance of pores as it sets makeup. The new Prep + Prime Pore Refining Stick is ideal for creating instant flawlessness on the go by absorbing oil and blurring the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Products in this collection start from just £16.50. Enter for your chance to become a tester and receive a MAC Cosmetics bundle worth £200. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes on 31st March 2019.
Test and keep a 65” Samsung Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV
Would you like the opportunity to test and keep a stunning 65” Samsung Smart 4K TV? Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will receive a Samsung TV that retails at £939. The slim build Samsung Smart 4K TV looks stunning from every angle and offers an impressive Ultra HD certified picture quality. With more than one billion colours, this Samsung Smart TV delivers picture-perfect results every time with 64 times more vibrant colours than conventional UHD TVs. The HDR+ makes sure every scene is precisely optimised for colour, contrast and the finest details. The Samsung Smart 4K TV comes with a remote control which lets you control all compatible devices. The remote also has a microphone button. Ask it to change the channel, volume or even search YouTube for content with your voice. In additional to being a stunning TV,this Samsung has TV Plus function which offers the latest content and movies in amazing resolution so you can enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. The Smart Hub gives easy access to whatever you want to watch, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV catch up and much more. Samsung has crafted this 65” TV with the highest quality materials, the narrow bezel ensures there is no wasted space, and the grooves in the back keep all the cables organised. Enter latest on the closing date 30th September 2019 for your chance to become the latest reviewer for Testers Keepers. One chosen person will receive a 65” Samsung Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV.
Test and keep a NutriBullet 600 Series 8 Piece Set and Recipe Book Bundle
NutriBullet is said to be the easy way to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep a NutriBullet 600 Series 8 piece set and recipe book bundle. The NutriBullet 600 series has a special extractor blade that pulverises stems, seeds and skins where some of the usually neglected essential nutrition lies. It can also tackle nuts and ice effortlessly. The 8 piece set includes tall and short cups, one stay-fresh lid and a handled comfort lip ring. In addition to the NutriBullet 600 Series 8 piece set, the chosen tester will receive a recipe book. The ‘NutriBullet - The Official Natural Healing Recipe Book' is divided into chapters that address the major organ systems and the health issues that frequently affect them. The book provides straightforward information and the recipes are broken down based on foods that benefit specific health conditions. Drinks made with a NutriBullet are called NutriBlasts. As the NutriBlasts are virtually predigested, your body can effortlessly absorb and utilise all of the nutrition that food has to offer. NutriBullet foods are consumed in their most absorptive state, so that you get the nutrition without having to rely on proper chewing, effective stomach acids, digestive enzymes and the likes to break down the food. It is all done for you. Not just for healthy eating and drinking, the NutriBullet is your perfect companion when making delicious cocktails too. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a NutriBullet 600 Series 8 Piece Set and Recipe Book Bundle. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st March 2019.
Fitness lover needed to test and keep a Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch
Live a stronger, smarter life with a Galaxy Watch on your wrist. Testers Keepers is looking for an eager reviewer who is willing to test and keep a Samsung Galaxy smart watch that retails at £279. The Samsung Galaxy watch is a personal trainer on your wrist, it can track up to 40 different exercises, such as cycling, running, swimming and gym workouts, to mention a few. It tracks heart rate, follows routes using the built-in GPS, manages health stats, nutritional goals and calories burnt. On the less rigorous side of life, the smart watch tracks sleep quality, monitors stress levels and can provide intuitive guided breathing. Whilst wearing a Samsung Galaxy watch, you can run in the rain, take a shower and dip into a swimming pool. MIL-810G military standard durability allows you to be more active outdoors as the smart watch is designed to withstand tough conditions. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a whole lot more than just an activity tracker. You can use it to pay wirelessly, play your favourite Spotify playlists, display the weather, view and amend calendars, read and reply to texts, answer and make calls, or even post to social networking sites. It boasts up to four days battery life with a single charge whilst managing calls, music and tracking your fitness. And when the time to charge comes, the wireless charging dock makes the charging itself effortless. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st March 2019.
Reviewer needed for a Nescafé Dolce Gusto by De'Longhi Jovia EDG250B Coffee Machine
Would you like to be able to drink coffee shop quality drinks in the comfort of your own home, whenever you desire? This Testers Keepers opportunity gives one lucky tester a Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine by De'Longhi. The Jovia retails at £89.99. Make your favourite cup of coffee or tea quickly, easily and totally fuss-free. You can choose from over 40 drinks, frothy latte macchiatos, smooth americanos or even cold drinks such as iced cappuccinos and peach iced teas require just the press of a button. The drink pods are widely sold at supermarkets and online. The De'Longhi Jovia comes with a removable 0.8 litre water tank that can be easily filled from the kitchen tap. The coffee machine also has an adjustable drip tray that fits perfectly for short espresso cups to taller latte glasses. A manual hot and cold water switch delivers the right amount of water through the pod, and you can adjust the length of flow to your taste. The Jovia has a safety device inserted which means no water will be delivered if the pod holder is empty. On top of being convenient, easy to use and producing delicious drinks, the Jovia has a fun design and is available in three colours, which are black, white and red. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Nescafé Dolce Gusto by De'Longhi Jovia coffee machine. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 28th February 2019.
Test and keep a Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker
A slow cooker, despite its name, is such a time saving appliance. You can have delicious, healthy, homemade dinners ready the moment you come home in the evening. Testers Keepers has a Morphy Richards Sear and Stew slow cooker for one lucky reviewer to test and keep. A slow cooker is the new, greener way to cook. These little appliances consume less electricity than two 100W light bulbs and result in a ready-to-eat meal. The Morphy Richards Sear and Stew allows you to sear the meat in the same pan creating richer, fuller flavours and cutting down on the washing up. The cooking pot is designed for hob proof cooking bar induction hobs. Weighing just 1.9 kgs, the Sear and Stew is lighter than many of its competitors, yet the 3.5 litre capacity is enough to serve three to four people. The Morphy Richards Sear and Stew comes with a cooking guide and 25 recipes to get you started. Depending on the heat setting, it can take anything between three and eight hours for the dish to be ready. Delicious soups, casseroles, chilli con carne and even goulash are all just hours away from being served for dinner. All the recipes have an ingredients list and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. You will even get three dessert recipes to try, including pears in red wine, fruit compote and a lovely, rich rice pudding. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 28th February 2019.
Beauty enthusiasts needed to test and review a Clinique Go-To Glow Gift Set
Testers Keepers is looking for two eager beauty enthusiasts to test and review a Clinique Go-To Glow gift set which retails at £60. Products in this set bought individually are worth over £90. All Clinique products are paraben and phthalate free, allergy tested and formulated without fragrance. The Clinique Go-To Glow set includes the following eight products. Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser, this product gives skin a smooth finish. Clinique moisture surge 72 hour auto-replenishing hydrator gives skin the power to rehydrate itself with hyaluronic acid and activated aloe vera. Clinique fresh pressed daily booster with pure vitamin C, one weeks supply for naturally brighter, even and retextured skin. Clinique chubby stick sculpting highlight in Hefty Highlight, to bring your best features forward with light-reflecting optics. Clinique pop splash lip gloss + hydration in Caramel Pop, gives your lips colour and shine. Clinique dual-ended high impact mascara with lash building primer in black is a miracle mascara that primes and defines lashes. Clinique take the day off makeup remover easily removes all makeup gently. Clinique take the day off cleansing balm - apply on washed skin for a glow. Clinique was founded in 1968, and it was the first company to deliver effective, safe, fragrance-free and high quality products. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st January 2019. Enter now for a chance to become one of two chosen testers.
Product testers wanted to review Jo Malone perfumes
Jo Malone is known for elegantly simple scents, made with unexpected ingredients with a unique twist. Testers Keepers is looking for two product testers to review any two 30ml bottles of Jo Malone perfumes. Each Jo Malone fragrance is crafted from the highest quality ingredients by master perfumiers, tailor made, exquisitely simple, refined and always with a touch of the unexpected. Jo Malone fragrances are marketed as unisex unless specifically mentioned, including men's colognes such as the Huntsman collection which has four different scents in it, Whisky & Cedar wood, Amber & Patchouli, Birch & Black Pepper and Assam & Grapefruit. The chosen testers could pick from the Huntsman collection or from any of the other scents. Here is a few examples of the scents available. English Pear & Freesia, a luscious and golden scent that offers a sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias. Peony & Blush Suede, a luxurious and seductive scent of red apples, jasmine, rose and gillyflower meeting peonies in full bloom. Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, a calming and relaxing cologne that combines amber and black orchid with rare Kyara wood which is used in the Japanese incense appreciation ceremony called Kohdo. The scent is warm, aromatic and has a smoky note. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 28th February 2019. Two chosen product testers can choose any two 30ml scents from the Jo Malone range.
Beauty tester required for Elizabeth Arden makeup collection worth £292
The Elizabeth Arden Sparkle on Holiday Collection combines everything a beauty enthusiast needs to create endless party looks. The collection includes 11 full-size favourites, packed into a sleek, red makeup bag. Testers Keepers is looking for an eager beauty tester to review the whole collection worth £292. The Sparkle on Holiday Collection comes with the following products, all in the latest on-trend shades. Four lipsticks, including Red Door Red, Pale Petal, Smoky Plum and Wildberry. An eye pencil in Smoky Black. The Grand Entrance Mascara in Stunning Black. This mascara offers dramatic volume, extra length and lift. Two lip glosses in the shades Precious Petal and Iridescent Mauve. A blush compact with two cheek colours and one highlighter. Two eye shadow palettes including the Neutral Eye Colour Palette has seven flirty, pearly and rosy pink eye shadows, whereas the Glam Eye Colour Palette includes seven seductive, mysterious and bold colours. In the beauty world, there are a few brands whose very name is legendary in its own right, Elizabeth Arden is one of those brands. Established by its namesake founder in 1910, the company evolved from a modest beginning into one of the longest-running and most respected cosmetic empires in the industry. Enter now for your chance to test and keep an Elizabeth Arden Sparkle On Holiday Collection which retails at £292. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st January 2019.
Test and keep an Apple TV streaming media player
Would you like to have the ability to watch what you want, when you want? The Apple TV streaming media player lets you achieve just that, it is aimed to make your life easier and entertainment more accessible. Testers Keepers is looking for one reviewer. The Apple TV 4K streaming media player lets you watch films and programmes in amazing 4K HDR with immersive sound from Dolby Atmos, featuring a faster performance than ever with the A10X Fusion chip. The Apple TV 4K is compatible with HD and UHD TVs with HDMI 3. You can also utilise any Bluetooth keyboard. Stream your favourite channels live, watch programmes through catch up, enjoy iTunes, Apple Music and apps like the BBC iPlayer, Netflix and NOW TV. With an Apple TV 4K streaming media player you can access content from over 60 video services without having to switch apps. Use the Siri Remote to find what you want to watch, you can even give Siri voice commands. The remote also makes it easy to share photos and videos from your iPhone on the big screen. In addition to your TV, the Apple TV app is available on your iPad and iPhone so you can watch the same content on different devices at any time. This means you could carry on watching your favourite series when moving from the sofa into a relaxing bubble bath. The Apple TV 4K has a Watch NOW function that offers recommendations; it also lets you pick up shows where you left off. Step into the future of entertainment and apply to test and keep an Apple TV streaming media player. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st March 2019.
Product tester required to review SONOS One wireless speaker
The SONOS One delivers rich, room-filling sound which you can control with your voice. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will get one of these wireless speakers in return for honest feedback. The SONOS One streams music from services such as Spotify, Amazon Music and TuneIn, and with Apple AirPlay, you can stream directly from your Apple devices or even ask Siri to play your favourites from Apple Music. Built-in Amazon Alexa allows you to control the music with your voice, in addition to helping you with calendar appointments, managing smart devices and offering information about traffic, news and so much more. Touch controls on the top of the SONOS One allows you to tap to turn up the volume, swipe to skip tracks or even mute the microphone for privacy from Alexa. If you are not close to the speaker, you can also use the SONOS app to control all the functions. The app is compatible with iOS as well as with Android. All the SONOS smart speakers are said to improve over time as the company is continually updating them with new features, services and skills. The speaker will also get to know you and your taste in music, offering you more suitable voice options and music suggestions the more you use it. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st March 2019. One chosen tester will receive a SONOS One wireless speaker which retails at £199.
Product tester needed for Maxi-Cosi Nova 4-wheel Baby Stroller
Maxi-Cosi has decades of safety experience, the best technology and cutting-edge innovation of the industry. Here is a reviewing opportunity if you have a baby and would like to test and keep a Maxi-Cosi Nova 4-wheel stroller. The Maxi-Cosi Nova is the perfect stroller if you are looking for a smart, comfortable all-terrain 4-wheel stroller. It can handle all sorts of different surfaces; the shock absorbing wheels and puncture-proof tyres in addition to the large, ultra-padded seat lets your child observe the world around them in comfort. The Nova 4-wheel is a 3-in-1 modular system, which means it can be used from birth by converting to a pram or travel system with a compatible Maxi-Cosi carrycot or a car seat. The stroller comes with a seat suitable from six months of age, and can be used until the child is 15kg on average up until 3 1/2 years of age. The carrycot and compatible car seat can be purchased separately. The seat fully reclines both parent and forward facing and the head, as well as the leg rests can be adjusted independently. The large, extendable sun canopy has a peek-a-boo window, removable bumper bar, rain cover and a 5-point harness all included in the package. The Maxi-Cosi Nova is easy to steer and push, and the large shopping basket has enough space for everything you need for a day out. You will also enjoy the stress-free and unique hands-free folding system which works with the touch of a foot-operated button, the Nova will automatically fold leaving you free to hold your baby. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Maxi-Cosi Nova 4-wheel baby stroller which retails at £475. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th April 2019.
Test and keep the Fitbit Alta HR
Would you like a personal motivator that could get you to move and become more active? Testers Keepers has a new Fitbit Alta HR ready for reviewing. The biggest difference compared to the Fitbit Alta is the added heart rate sensor. The Fitbit Alta HR keeps track of the heart rate in five second intervals throughout the day and during the night it uses a combination of accelerometer data and variable heart rate to track when you are in light, deep or REM sleep giving you more accurate information of your sleep patterns. The Fitbit Alta HR comes in several different colour options, black, blue, gray, fuchsia and coral as standard and special edition bands are black with gunmetal and soft pink with 22k rose gold plated. Brown, indigo or lavender coloured leather and metal stainless steel straps are available to be purchased separately as accessory bands. Fitbit Alta HR automatically tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. The display will show you calls, texts and calendar notifications, and the SmartTrack auto-detects workouts like running, elliptical, biking and more. Battery life is up to seven days so you can worry less about your fitness tracker and focus more on your goals. The Fitbit Alta HR syncs wirelessly with over 200 iPhone, Android and Windows devices. Enter before or latest on the 28th February 2019 for your chance to review the new Fitbit Alta HR, Testers Keepers will contact the lucky winner soon after the closing date.
Test and keep the new GHD Saharan Gold Collection
Good Hair Day or GHD as more commonly known is the market leader for hair straightners. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will get a hair dryer and one of the new GHD stylers. The new GHD Air Saharan Gold hair dryer retails at £99. Salon quality results at the privacy of your own home. The professional strength motor and advanced ionic technology enables the hair dryer to give results twice as fast compared to a normal hair dryer. Leaves hair sleek, smooth and silky. The Air Saharan Gold comes with a concentrator nozzle that directs the air flow for precision styling; it can also be used to gain added volume by directing it to the roots, then fix in place with the cool shot button on the dryer. The GHD Gold Styler – Pure Gold retails at £139 and delivers the new gold standard of styling. Featuring the new dual-zone technology, two heat sensors instead of one, the styler can maintain a safer-for-hair heat of 185 celcius consistently and evenly from root to tip. Delivers quick, frizz free styling and enhanced shine, and in addition to working as straightners, the rounded barrel is perfect for creating curls and waves on all hair types. It takes 25 seconds for GHD Gold Styler to heat up and there is an automatic sleep mode which will activate after half an hour of non-use. This opportunity to review the new GHD Saharan Gold Collection is open until 28th February 2019, Testers Keepers will contact the lucky chosen tester soon after the closing date.
Test and keep the new Fitbit Versa Smartwatch
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep the latest Fitbit, the Versa Smartwatch, which comes in several colour options. Recommended retail price for black, peach/rose gold aluminium and grey/silver aluminium is £199.99 and the special editions sell for £219.99, these include charcoal woven/graphite aluminium and lavender woven/rose gold aluminium. Classic, leather and metal links bands can be bought separately. The Fitbit Versa tracks steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time. It is also water resistant and tracks laps, duration and calories burned during swim workouts. The battery life is over four days depending on usage. Call, text and calendar notifications are shown on the screen and you can choose which push notifications you want from your favourite apps. As the screen size is just under an inch, it makes it easy to see the notifications. The Versa can also store and play over 300 songs, and connect to wireless Bluetooth headphones. As a new feature the Fitbit Versa has something extra for tracking female health, log periods, record symptoms and compare your cycle against other health stats like sleep, activity and weight. You can opt-in for personalised reminders to stay active, get hydrated and many more. The Versa also enables contactless payments with the built-in NFC-chip which means you can stop at a shop straight after your run. Enter before 28th February 2019 for your chance to test and keep the new Fitbit Versa, Testers Keepers will contact the chosen reviewer soon after the closing date.
Product tester required to review Whiskas vs Felix Cat Food
Cats have been domesticated for thousands of years and today the stubborn, agile, loving and independent animals are the third most popular pet in the UK with around eight million being owned. The average lifespan of a typical indoor cat is between 13 and 17 years, with healthy habits, nutritious food and lots of love and care, it is not uncommon for cats to live until at least 20. If you have a cat, this Testers Keepers opportunity is perfect for you as one tester will receive Whiskas, as well as Felix cat foods for review. Whiskas has been making food for cats since 1958, and is committed to developing delicious products and is devoted to helping cats live healthy and happy lives. Whiskas is offering meals specifically formulated to give your cat the diet they need, whatever stage in life they are at. Their kitten range includes everything to help cats grow healthy and strong, in addition to food, you can get milk especially produced for cats too. Adult and senior ranges have wet, as well as dry foods, either in jelly, gravy or even soup form. The treat selection also has anti-hairball cat treats. Felix by Purina has decades of experience in feeding cats. Their black and white Felix cat is familiar to all. Their selection ranges from kittens to seniors. The Felix range has three labels, these are as Good as it Looks, Double Delicious and Sensations. In addition to the wet food, Felix has a large selection of treats for cats. Enter now for your chance to review £100 worth of Whiskas and Felix cat foods, this Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st January 2019.
Product tester required to review Pedigree Chum vs Winalot Dog Food
For centuries the dog has been considered the best friend of us humans, only a dog can dispel gloom, tension and stress with a single explosion of excitement every time you walk through the door. Dogs need a meal that will provide all the nourishment, vitamins and minerals to keep them fit, healthy and active. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to trial both, Pedigree Chum as well as Winalot dog foods. Pedigree has over 80 years of experience making pet foods, designed to meet all the nutritional needs of your dog from puppy stage to senior. The wet food comes in tins and pouches, in jelly or gravy and contains approximately four times less calories per gram than the average dry food. Pedigree also has a large selection of 100 per cent complete dry foods that are scientifically designed to support the oral health, skin and coat, digestion and immunity of your furry friend. Winalot has been helping dogs play an active role at the heart of family life since 1927. Winalot contains nine added essential vitamins and minerals. All the foods are 100 per cent complete and made with succulent meat, containing all the essentials to keep your dog healthy and happy. The Winalot product range include adult and senior foods in tins, either in jelly or gravy. In addition to the wet foods, Winalot also sells dry food. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st January 2019, one dog owner will receive Pedigree Chum and Winalot foods with a total worth of £100.
Product tester needed to review a Tommee Tippee Feeding kit
The Tommee Tippee Feeding kit is an award winning product that contains all you need to bottle feed your baby. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who can test this kit and give honest feedback. The Tommee Tippee Feeding kit was created to make life easier for new parents by putting all newborn feeding essentials into one set. Here is what Tommee Tippee includes in the kit. An electric steam steriliser that fits five bottles which kills 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria with a fast and efficient chemical free programme. The steriliser also includes teat tongs so you can be sure that the bottles stay sterilised until needed. An electric bottle warmer which works in about four minutes taking away the fear of getting the bottle too hot, it can also be used for heating up foods. In total, there are eight bottles - four are 150ml and four are larger 260ml bottles. The bottles come with slow flow teats, but the set also includes two medium flow teats. All the Closer to Nature teats allow little ones to latch on easily, and they help the transition between breast and bottle. In addition, the super sensitive Easi-vent anti-colic valve helps to prevent baby swallowing air which can lead to discomfort. In addition, the Tommee Tippee Feeding kit includes six milk powder dispensers, a soother suitable from birth to six months, a bottle brush and two insulated bottle bags for keeping the bottles perfect when out and about. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st January 2019, one tester will receive a Tommee Tippee Feeding Kit that retails at £159.99.
Testers required to review NOW TV Movies and NOW TV Entertainment
NOW TV provides subscription Internet television for consumers who do not want to be tied to a contract. Testers Keepers is looking for three reviewers, each will receive six months of Sky Cinema and Entertainment passes. Watch instantly on over 60 devices including iPad, smartphone, games consoles and selected Android devices. NOW TV is always just a few clicks away. You can register up to four devices, and even watch two at the same time, so the whole family can enjoy the entertainment selection. The Entertainment pass lets you enjoy over 300 box sets on demand, including addictive new shows and award-winning dramas. Movies can be found under the NOW TV Sky Cinema pass that gives you access to over a thousand movies on demand, from animation to action, horror to comedy. Your only problem will be deciding which movie to watch first. Other passes available are the Kids pass for £3.99 a month, containing thousands of awesome kids' TV shows, hayu pass for thousands of reality TV shows fresh from the USA which is also £3.99 per month, and sports passes which range from a £7.99 daily pass to £33.99 a month. For those who enjoy their sports through a smartphone, NOW TV offers a Sky sports mobile month pass for £5.99. NOW TV also offers broadband services with a no contract option available, three download speeds to choose from and no setup fee. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st January 2019, three chosen reviewers will each receive six months NOW TV Entertainment, as well as six months Sky Movies passes.
Product tester needed to review a Braun Beard Trimmer
Are you planning on growing a beard or already have one and would like to keep it neat and tidy? If your answer is yes, this is the perfect opportunity for you as Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep a Braun Beard Trimmer. The blades of the Braun BT5090 are engineered to last a lifetime providing the high performance precision needed to achieve the wanted style every day. The ultra-sharp stainless steel trimming elements cut through long or thick hair without pulling and tugging. Keeping the trimmer clean is easy as it is fully washable under running water. The Braun beard trimmer comes with two easy to adjust click and lock trimming combs for 25 precise settings with results that are even, exact, reliable and repeatable. The precision comb is for facial hairs between one and ten millimetres with 0.5mm steps, and the long beard comb is for up to 20mm length with 2mm steps. Dual battery system lets you use the Braun BT5090 as cordless or whilst it is plugged in. The powerful Ni-MH batteries fully charge in an hour for 50 minutes of cordless trimming and just five minutes quick charge gives enough power for one trim. The beard trimmer comes with a charging stand which makes charging convenient and keeps the trimmer always ready to perform. Enter now for your chance to review a Braun Beard Trimmer for Testers Keepers. This opportunity closes on 31st January 2019.
Tester needed to review Pampers nappies and keep a year's supply
Most new parents will notice relative fast how much good quality nappies cost and newborn babies can so very easily go through almost a dozen nappies in a day. Testers Keepers has the perfect opportunity for anyone who has a nappy aged child or children to test and keep Pampers nappies. This amazing opportunity also includes a year's supply of your chosen Pampers make. Pampers New Baby offers premium protection, and they are specifically designed for delicate skin. Originally designed for newborns for comfort and protection but now you can get the New Baby nappies all the way up to size 5. These nappies are the only brand currently on the market recommended by the British Skin Foundation. Pampers Active Fit are designed with the first and only Magic Pods, absorbing channels that help distribute wetness evenly. Active Fit nappies stay up to two times drier and do not sag like the next leading brand. From size 3 to size 6. Pampers Baby-Dry, a nappy with revolutionary technology that helps distribute wetness evenly into three absorbing channels and lock it away better. In fact they look so comfortable and dry, they have been recommended by 88% of UK parents. From size 3 to size 6. Pampers Baby-Dry Pants. These pull-ups make changing time easier and hassle free. Featuring an all-round stretchy waistband and flexible leg cuffs. The Baby-Dry Pants help keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours as Pampers unique micro pearls absorb up to 30 times their weight and lock wetness away from delicate skin. Which of the Pampers nappies would you like to put on test for Testers Keepers? Enter below before 31st January 2019 for your chance to become our latest tester.
Reviewer required to experience a Spa break
Treatwell is the largest hair and beauty booking website in Europe. Through the website you can book spa breaks all over the UK. Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who will be able to book a break for two people up to the value of £500. Choose from 190 venues and disappear into days of luxury. Treatwell has venues from country to coastal spas, city hotels as well as remote, rural hideaways, romantic spa breaks, two night breaks, even last minute breaks to choose from. The standard package will get you an overnight spa break for two, full use of spa facilities, full English breakfast and robe, slippers and towels provided. You can do a search based on location or treatments offered, from yoga and Pilates to fitness, massage, even to spa breaks with nail salons. Treatwell also has spas offering holistic treatments. The website has information about everything you need to know about the different spa treatments, insider tips, customer reviews and user ratings included. Treatwell offers gift cards which make a lovely present for anyone who deserves and enjoys a little indulgence. The gift card allows recipients to book online at thousands of salons and high-end spas in addition to the overnight spa breaks. Spa breaks should be the ultimate way to de-stress, here is your chance to review one for Testers Keepers. This opportunity closes 31st January 2019, do not delay, enter today.
Test & Keep a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5” Tablet - 64 GB
Multitask without boundaries courtesy of Testers Keepers, all you need to do is enter below and be lucky, it might be you who gets a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to test and keep. First time ever, Samsung DeX is available on a Samsung tablet enabling productivity of a PC with the mobility of a tablet. You can multitask via an HDMI adapter, and add a keyboard, mouse or even a monitor. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has a 10.5” screen, the improved 16:10 ratio sAMOLED display delivers a more immersive viewing experience, and the quad speakers tuned by AKG produce true-to-life 3D surround sound. The Tab S4 can record video in UHD 4K, viewing and showing the material stays high quality due to the upgrades. Octa-core processor brings enhanced performance, 64GB internal storage can be expanded up to 400GB with a MicroSD card, giving the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 plenty of space to store documents and videos. Battery life is up to 16 hours on video playback and a full charge can be obtained with just 200 minutes of fast charging. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 comes with the multifunctional S Pen that brings numerous productivity tools to the tablet, and the face recognition technology, which now includes iris scanning will keep all your files, documents and photos secure. Enter now for your chance to test and keep a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 28th February 2019.
Test and keep the Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung has just released the latest Note and it is a refinement of the previous model with incredibly powerful hardware, bigger screen and the battery is huge. To become a reviewer for Testers Keepers and keep a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, all you need to do is keep reading and enter below. The Galaxy Note 9 now has a 6.4” Super AMOLED Quad HD+ screen, a matte aluminium frame with chamfered edges, and it comes in ocean blue, lavender purple, midnight black and metallic copper. The colours vary by region. Inside the Note 9 there is a new water cooling system which is designed to ensure smooth, consistent performance during long gaming sessions. This might come handy as for the first time ever you can be playing Fortnite as it is being released to Samsung devices first. The rear fingerprint sensor has been moved to a more sensible spot and is now located below the camera. The S Pen now has added Bluetooth, this lets you use it as a remote shutter for the camera. It can also be your slide-clicker during presentations in addition to its use as a pen. The camera system is the same as on the Galaxy S9 Plus, the smartphone will still be waterproof and it supports wireless changing and you can add more space with a microSD card. This amazing Testers Keepers opportunity closes on 31st March 2019, when one lucky person will be chosen to test and keep the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Review and keep the Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 has had a lot of people buzzing for a while now as this smartphone is already looking like it might be not only the phone of 2019, but potentially the phone of the decade. Testers Keepers is looking for one tech enthusiast to review and keep this state-of-the-art gadget as soon as it is released. Samsung will use its next high-end processor for the Galaxy S10, which could potentially mean a significant boost in performance, and a much higher level of efficiency. The S10 is set to be twice as fast as the S9 in two key areas, memory and storage. The download speed will be faster than any of its competitors due to the use of Qualcomm chips, which have been shown to be much faster in independent benchmarks. Samsung has a pending patent with the US patent office for a display-embedded biometry, which basically means their ultrasonic fingerprint scanner-sensor can be moved to the side of the phone instead of having it under the cover glass. It currently looks like the Galaxy S10 will be one of the first phones to support the next generation of mobile connections, 5G. Samsung has yet to reveal a release date, but the industry experts are predicting the end of February, and on sale in mid-March. If you would like to be one of the first people to own a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone, do not forget to enter below. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st March 2019.
Review and keep a Samsung Fridge
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who gets to keep a brand new Samsung fridge with a water dispenser. This Samsung fridge retails at £799.99. The Samsung one-door fridge has a large, 375 litre capacity in a cabinet fit design that will go into an existing kitchen harmoniously. With an energy efficiency class of A+ the fridge will consume 146 kW/h amounting to around £22.50 a year. Its no-frost technology enhances the circulation of air to maintain a constant temperature in every corner of the fridge, which prevents the build up of frost and ice. The all-around cooling system continually monitors any temperature fluctuation and cools the fridge evenly. This Samsung fridge has adjustable door bins that make it easy to organise and flexibly store more different sized items. Adjust the bins to accommodate all sizes of bottles, cartons and other items and ensure they stay in place. The fridge also comes with a wine rack, egg tray and a door alarm so you will never have to worry about the door left ajar. This Samsung fridge is equipped with ultra bright stage lighting in the top and sides of the fridge that illuminates every corner. The stage lighting is more energy efficient and slimmer than conventional lighting, saving money and creating extra space for food. The lighting also generates a softer light that is more comfortable on the eyes. To review and keep a Samsung fridge for Testers Keepers, all you need to do is enter your details before this opportunity closes on 31st March 2019.
Test and keep an LG 55” 4K SUPER UHD TV
How would you like to review a state-of-the-art LG TV that will inevitably change the way you watch television? TestersKeepers is looking for a reviewer to test and keep an LG 55” 4K SUPER UHD TV.The elegant design meets superb function in this television. The distinctive metallic body flaunts clean lines and sleek curves unlike any other of its predecessors. Inside, the television is packed with technology that will bring the future into your living room.This LG TV features Freeview Play. Combining catch-up TV, on-demand services and live television, you can watch what you want, whenever you want, free from subscription and compatible with existing broadband services. BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5 are all available without having to open specific applications.Feel safe in the modern world with the help of the security manager in webOS3.5 that provides a smart TV experience you can trust. It prevents the installation of unauthorised applications, hacking and leaks of privacy.The Nano Cell technology offers the optimal viewing experience from any angle, which means everyone in the room can enjoy entertainment, movies and sports with rich, deep colours. The Nano Cell display also enhances off-centre colour consistency and reduces colour distortion due to viewing angle.Not only is the viewing experience stunning but with powerful sound co-designed by the expert of harman/kardon, the audio is powerful and clean.Enter before 28th February 2019 for your chance to test and keep an LG 55” 4K SUPER UHD TV for TestersKeepers.
Review a family holiday to Disneyland Paris
Here is a magical reviewing opportunity, a family holiday to Disneyland Paris where fairytales come true. This holiday is for up to five people, children included and is valued at £2,000. Disneyland Paris is the most visited theme park in Europe containing two separate parks, seven resort hotels, seven associated hotels, a golf course, railway station, and a large outlet centre as well as a shopping centre. Disneyland Paris is dedicated to fairytales and Disney characters, with 49 attractions from the Main Street which has arcades, Disneyland railroad and horse-drawn carriages leading to the Sleeping Beauty castle, to Adventureland which is themed to recreate the feel of exotic places that will remind you of Indiana Jones, Aladdin and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Check in to a Disney hotel and enjoy extra magic each day of your stay. Gain exclusive access to parts of the park long before anyone else, and meet up with Mickey, Minnie and friends. By choosing a Disneyland Paris package that combines accommodation, park tickets, extra time in the parks and other surprises, you will have more time for fun with your family. Free shuttle to the parks from your hotel, fast pass tickets and meet and greet with Disney characters included. Enter now for your chance to review a magical family holiday to Disneyland Paris. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes on 28th February 2019.
Test and keep the new Samsung Galaxy S9
Testers Keepers has the ultimate technology testing opportunity. How does holding, using and keeping the new Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone sound like? In return all the chosen reviewer is asked for is to provide honest feedback on the product. The Galaxy S9 is expected to have a 5.77-inch edge to edge display. The S9+ model will be slightly larger, possibly at 6.22-inch. Currently the technology circles believe the Galaxy S9 is going to be an upgrade rather than a total redesign. This means better fingerprint sensor placement for example, Galaxy S8 users often smudge the camera lens when using this function. Another anticipated change is to the camera, Samsung has said, if a picture is worth a thousand words, the latest member of the Galaxy family has a lot to say, hinting it will incorporate Isocell camera sensors into the Galaxy S9. Isocell supports fast autofocus abilities that help to hone in on fast moving objects, even in dim light. This upgrade enables the Galaxy S9 to have DSLR-like photo experiences. The battery life is said to push beyond the 20 hour mark. This will be a huge advantage compared to the S8 which give 16 hours of usage time. The Galaxy S9 will also have fast charging ability, with just 15 minutes of charging, the phone will have 50% battery power. Details of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will be released soon, but whatever the smartphone holds inside is bound to be something very special. Enter before 31st January 2019 for your chance to test and keep this year's most anticipated technology release for Testers Keepers.
Test and keep a Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Testers Keepers is looking for someone to put a Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner to a test and give honest feedback on the performance. Would you like to try out the latest Dyson innovation worth £799.99 that promises to clean for you? You can schedule cleaning and monitor the robot with the Dyson Link app, imagine coming to a cleaned house after a long day at work. The Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner calculates a systematic cleaning pattern, so it knows where it has been and where it is yet to clean. It also automatically takes the most direct path back to the slim-profile charging dock when battery runs low. The charge time is 2.45 hours and with one charge you get approximately 45 minutes of vacuuming. You do not need to worry about thick rugs as this nifty domestic helper is also the only robot with tank tracks to help maintain speed and direction as it moves across different surfaces. From the Dyson Link App you can choose from two suction power modes designed for different tasks, maximum suction mode for deep cleaning with up to 40 minutes run time and quiet mode, powerful suction for everyday cleaning. The quiet mode is up to 70% quieter to reduce disturbances with up to 75 minutes run time. Dyson promises the 360 Eye robot will detect and avoid obstacles and drops so it will not come tumbling down stairs. If you would like to test the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner, enter below before 28th February 2019.