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Secret Diners - Eat at Restaurants for Free

Apply today to become a Secret Diner at the restaurants and food outlets below – a slap-up meal in return for a review at a great eatery.

Become a secret diner at Frankie & Benny's
Frankie & Benny's is a chain restaurant serving Italian and American comfort food classics in a family-friendly atmosphere. Would you like to be able to walk in as a Testers Keepers secret diner with a £150 in your pocket and have a feast? If you said yes, this is your opportunity. Frankie & Benny's is open from breakfast all the way to dinner and cocktails. They also have a kids' menu and gluten free options. Breakfast starts from £3.95. Fruit and yoghurt, eggs benedict, breakfast bruschetta or traditional with coffee, tea, variety of juices or even a Bloody Mary can be found on the menu to kickstart the day. The kids' breakfast consists of sausage, bacon, egg and baked beans with a orange or apple juice. Lunch is being served Monday-Friday until 5pm. Full packed menu has over 20 main courses, each £6.95 and you can add a starter or dessert for just £3. For regular main you will get two courses for £9.95, available from 5pm Monday-Friday, and you can top up to three courses for an extra £3. How delicious does cheesy garlic mushrooms, BBQ steal wrap and either coffee and cake or brownies and ice cream sound like? All that for £12.95. Frankie & Benny's kids' meal bundle is a main, two sides, dessert and a drink, available for children up to the age of 11. Smaller order is £4.45 and larger £7.45. Complimentary balloons and super kids pack which is full of exciting activities are available to keep the younger customers busy and happy. This delicious Testers Keepers secret diner opportunity closes on 31st May 2019, don't forget to enter for your chance to win.
Become a secret diner at your local Nicholson's pub
The Nicholson's brothers opened their first pub in 1873, offering warm and inviting hospitality. Today, Nicholson's proudly delivers quality food and drink, delivering a typical British pub atmosphere. Testers Keepers is looking for two secret diners to review their local Nicholson's pub. The chosen reviewers will receive £100 in return for honest feedback. Nicholson's pubs are scattered across several regions, including East and West Midlands, East of England, Greater London, North West, South West and Yorkshire and Humber. The menus at Nicholson's pubs offer a wonderful variety of food. For a starter, you could choose from the seasonal soup of the day, served with artisan sourdough bread and butter, smoked Scottish salmon or lightly dusted calamari with preserved lemon aioli. Alternatively treat yourself to a classic Nicholson's dish of fish and chips for your main, or a slow-cooked steak, amber ale and mushroom pie. The pub also offers a range of burgers including classic chicken or beef, served with fries. You can opt for a healthy light main instead, with delicious salads on the menu too. You could even head down to your local pub on a Sunday for a traditional roast followed by a selection of desserts. Enter now for a chance to become a secret diner for your local Nicholson's pub. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Become a mystery diner and review a Gregg's store
Since 1951 Greggs has been specialising in bakery products, today there is almost 1,800 outlets with many town and city centres having more than one store. Testers Keepers is looking for two mystery diners who will each receive £100 to review a Greggs store. The best selling product by Greggs is the sausage roll which sells more than two million units weekly. Earlier in the year, Greggs launched a vegan sausage roll made with Quorn; these have proven to be very popular as well. Greggs stands for great tasting, freshly prepared food that the customers can trust, at affordable prices. Greggs has a rather extensive breakfast menu served until 11am. Kick start your day with a porridge pot, croissant, breakfast roll or baguette, a fruit medley or a choice of granola yoghurt. For lunch Greggs offers pasties, bakes, salads, soups and wraps. All day long you can purchase snacks, doughnuts, cakes, pastries, whole bread loaves, hot dog rolls and seasonal treats in addition to hot and cold drinks. Albeit Greggs stores are often quite small, you can find a seating area if you prefer to dive in straight away, or as most customers, eat your Greggs purchase on the go. Enter now for a chance to become a mystery diner and review a Greggs store. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.

If you’re a food lover then becoming a secret diner may be just right for you. Get paid to visit and review the food and services of big brand eateries and restaurants around the country!

Fancy a night out at a luxury restaurant or a popular chain of diners? Then apply today!

Become a secret diner at your local EAT
EAT is a chain of sandwich shops with 95 branches in the United Kingdom, including 75 in London. Testers Keepers is looking for a secret diner who will receive £150 to spend at their local branch. The EAT menu is constantly changing, as the chain uses produce that is in season to keep the food tasting great. EAT starts from scratch every single day and all unsold food items are donated to charities and hostels at the end of the day. For breakfast, EAT offers hot rolls and toast, porridge and yoghurt, baguettes, pastries, and their speciality breakfast pots such as the BBQ beans, poached egg, avocado and feta pot. Outside breakfast times, EAT serves fusion bowls, two of the big, bold bowls filled with simmering broth are suitable for vegans, other options include chicken pho ga, chicken katsu and hoisin duck gyoza. The fusion bowls are all made fresh from ingredients such as sugar snap peas, spring onions, free range egg noodles and sesame seeds. You can also order handmade pies, salads, protein and graze pots, soups, sandwiches and tasty toasties to keep your hunger away. The wide selection of hot and cold drinks, snacks, puddings and fruit are also great for when you are on the go. For get-togethers and working lunches EAT does platters. Choose from a baguette, bloomer or meat variety, or go straight for the fruit, doughnut, Belgian chocolate brownie, freshly baked pastry or cake platter. These platters can be either delivered to you or collected from EAT. This Testers Keepers secret diner opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Secret diners required for Pizza Hut
In this life who gives a knife and fork about cutlery? Pizza Hut does not. They want you to leave your worries at the door and to bring your appetite. Grab your taste buddies and indulge as a secret diner courtesy of Testers Keepers. This opportunity gives two lucky reviewers £125 to spend at the franchise. Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain founded in 1958, known for its Italian-American cuisine menu including pizza and pasta, as well as side dishes and desserts. Due to its popularity, Pizza Hut has grown to having almost 14,000 locations worldwide. There is several different Pizza Hut restaurant formats, some full-size locations have a lunch buffet with all you can eat pizza, salad, bread sticks and a pasta bar. Some only offer storefront delivery and carry-out options. Pizza Hut also offers Bistro locations which have expanded menu and slightly more upscale options such as chicken pomodoro and toasted sandwiches. A delicious pick from the current menu is the Great Big Sharer, costs £27.95 and includes a sharing pizza, two sides, two salads and dessert to share. You can even choose the pizza as half and half if you so wish. The dessert options include chocolate chip cookie dough, ice cream factory for two, two slices of choc chunk cheesecake or any two hot drinks. Kids meals start at just £5.49 and include unlimited salad, unlimited squash and of course unlimited amounts of the famous ice cream factory. Enter now for your chance to become a secret diner at Pizza Hut. Testers Keepers will contact the chosen reviewers after 31st July 2019 closing date.
Secret diner required to review a restaurant of their choice
Testers Keepers is looking for a secret diner who will receive a £100 Restaurant Choice gift card which can be spent at any of the participating restaurants. On the website you can search for restaurants by name, or enter your location to discover what is available nearby. You can also filter to search your favourite cuisine. Go for Zizzi and enjoy Italian dishes from pizza and pasta to creamy risotto. Or if you fancy authentic Japanese cuisine and sushi in a fun and lively atmosphere, YO! is the place to visit. The Real Greek serves Mediterranean dishes that are rich and healthy, paired with delicious Greek delicacies. Other Restaurant Choice partners include the following chains of restaurants: Jamie's Italian: the menu consists of dishes you would find people eating all over Italy. Nando's: the nation's favourite grilled chicken dishes with a touch of Portuguese and South African flavours. Pizza Express which serves authentic Italian pizzas. Byron Burger: simple but delicious hamburgers that are made fresh from properly sourced British beef. Pizza Hut: a restaurant chain that is passionate about all things pizza and offers them with several different base options and toppings. Café Rouge: a French-style bistro serving authentic French cuisine. Ask Italian: the menu includes a large selection of Italian foods and drinks. Enter now to receive £100 loaded into the number one dining gift card in the United Kingdom and review a restaurant of choice. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st May 2019.
Mystery diners required at their local Giraffe restaurant
Testers Keepers is looking for two mystery diners to review their local Giraffe restaurant. The restaurant chain has 44 outlets across the United Kingdom, including 12 in the Greater London area. There is a whole world of food out there just waiting to be explored, for Giraffe there is nothing more exciting than discovering these tastes. These flavours you might have tasted before, it can be a meal you have always wanted to try, or something you have never even heard of. All these are sitting together in a carefully chosen menu, handpicked from across the map. Breakfast at Giraffe is served until midday, the menu is packed with dozens of delicious dishes to kickstart your day. The breakfast meal deal includes a meal and a regular hot drink, soda or a breakfast juice for £5.95. Smoothies are plenty, blended with your choice of cloudy apple juice or coconut water. Try the brekkie smoothie, gluten free rolled oats, flax seeds, blueberry, raspberry and banana. The main menu includes a range of great tasting vegan dishes, cheeky sides, super salads, extremely feel-good favourites, big and beautiful burgers, bowls for the soul and appetisers. The kids meal deal is available all day, every day and for £6.50 the little explorers will get a main, drink and a dessert. Try the Giraffe burgers, served in a soft bun with a scattering of mixed leaves, a cheeky tomato slice and skin-on fries. If you ask, Giraffe is happy to swap the bun and fries for a super-healthy salad. Enter now for a chance to become a mystery diner and receive £100 to review your local Giraffe restaurant. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th June 2019.
Secret diners required for Five Guys
Testers Keepers is looking for secret diners to eat at Five Guys, a fast-food chain with made-to-order burgers, fries and hotdogs. Customers also get free peanuts whilst they wait for their order. Five Guys never uses freezers, can openers or timers. Everything is cooked from scratch, fresh. Potatoes are hand-cut daily and all the beef comes from Ireland. The beef patties are always served juicy and well done. With burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches and multiple toppings, you have more than 250,000 possible combinations to choose from, not to forget the thousands mix-in milkshake combinations. According to Five Guys, if you were to eat at their restaurant once a day, it would take 684 years to try all the different burger and topping combinations. But it is not just the food that can be customised, each restaurant also has its own Coca Cola freestyle machine, giving you over 125 choices from Orange Coke to Raspberry Sprite. First timers and fans alike love the Five Guys ‘All the way' burger. Mayo, lettuce, pickle, tomato, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup and mustard. The bun is baked with a secret recipe using only free range eggs, and warmed on a dedicated grill to get the perfect toast. There is also vegetarian options, the burgers allow you to choose up to 15 toppings in a bun. All the fun of the burger, just without the beef patty. Enter before 31st May 2019 for your chance to become one of the two selected secret diners for Testers Keepers and get £100 to spend at Five Guys. What a mouthwatering opportunity.
Mystery diners required for your local Miller & Carter Steakhouse
Beef is a labour of love at Miller & Carter Steakhouses. If you would like to become one of two mystery diners for Testers Keepers and receive £150 to spend on a dining experience, here is your chance. Miller & Carter Steakhouse puts everything into pursuing the perfect steak, from field to the grill resulting in only the finest and most flavoursome cuts that make it to the plate. All beef is sourced from carefully selected cattle reared on sustainable British farms, matured for at least 30 days, hand-prepared by a master butcher and expertly cooked by chefs. Miller & Carter Steakhouses are often found in unique locations, from historic coaching inns, beautifully restored barns and even boats. Currently the chain has just over 100 restaurants with new locations opening regularly. Albeit the chain specialises in beef, Miller & Carter Steakhouse does offer fish, salad and vegetarian options such as oven stuffed roasted aubergine, hand battered tempura haddock and fennel, quinoa & pepper burger. Order a minimum of 50 days matured prime steak, served with parsley butter, seasoned fries, beef tomato, your steak sauce of choice and a slice of the famous Miller & Carter onion loaf. Or enjoy the lunch menu, explore the tempting range of steak burgers and freshly chargrilled options. Enter now for a chance to become a mystery diner for your local Miller & Carter Steakhouse. Testers Keepers will contact the two chosen reviewers soon after the 30th April 2019 closing date.
Secret diners wanted for local JD Wetherspoons
Testers Keepers is looking for two secret diners for their local JD Wetherspoons pub. Both chosen reviewers will receive £100 in return of honest feedback. Many of the pubs in the chain are restored from interesting and, in several cases, unique buildings such as a former cinema, an old bank and even the old opera house in Tunbridge Wells. Your local Wetherspoons pub is the perfect place to enjoy Sundays, with friends and family, or as a couple. The menu offers a great range of meals to suit all tastes. Try the all-day brunch, Linconshire sausages, bacon, fried free-range eggs, baked beans and chips offers a great combination to satisfy even the largest of hungers. Every Thursday night the pubs turn into one of the biggest curry houses in the nation, all meals are served with pilau rice, plain naan bread and poppadoms. Choose from a wide variety of dishes including chicken korma, lamb rogan josh and beef madras. As family dining is extremely popular at the Wetherspoons pubs, children have their very own menu full of dishes that are healthy, with an emphasis on quality, sustainability and provenance. Wetherspoons also offers breakfast options since autumn 2018, from lighter bites and vegetarian choices to a fully loaded all-American dream dish. Wetherspoons has a large selection of real ales from micro-breweries, several cocktails to choose from and the pubs even serve a marshmallow unicorn gin. Enter now for a chance to become a secret diner for your local JD Wetherspoons. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st March 2019.