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The Most Overrated Attractions from Around the World

With Father’s Day approaching we decided to craft an Infographic exhibiting the super dads of Marvel along with their children. Aside from revealing which fathers have the most offspring we’ve highlighted the powers that they and their children have in common with one another. Read on to get the full piece!

The Most Overrated Attractions from Around the World

There are hundreds of attractions around the world, but it can be hard to decide where to start. Sites like Trip Advisor contain reviews from users who have visited the attractions, giving their opinion and rating on what they thought of them. We wanted to delve into this wealth of data for some of the top attractions from around the world to find out which were the most overrated, potentially saving tourists a lot of time, hassle, and money.

Pork & Apple Pie

Here’s something new from MyOffers; a recipe for a fantastic Pork & Apple Pie and a chance to win £2,000 to spend in a supermarket of your choice.

Easter Traditions of the World

Easter is a time for celebration, but while the non-religious population enjoys a bank holiday and happily stuffs themselves full of chocolate, Christians around the world celebrate the life of Jesus. Different cultures celebrate Easter differently. Finnish children for example, dress up as Easter witches with colourful clothes and painted faces and walk from door to door offering decorated willow twigs to help ward off evil spirits in return for chocolate eggs.

The Origins of Place Names

The origins of place names range from historical events, stories, or pure mishap in some cases. Just take a look at Pakistan, whose name supposedly originates from a student activist Choudry Ali, who had created an acronym for the regions that wanted autonomy from the British Raj. Collectively their initials where combined, spelling out Pakistan.

Extreme New Years Resolutions 2018

The start of the new year will see thousands of people starting their new year's resolutions, but people often choose the same old and boring new year’s resolutions and typically stop after only a couple of months. So why not try something a little different!

The Most Viewed Christmas Shows of All Time

In 2016, Christmas TV viewings set records, however, not quite the records broadcasters were looking for. Although the BBC’s Call The Midwife was the most watched TV Shows, only 9.2 million people tuned in. However, With Christmas approaching we thought it was time look back on some of our favourite Christmas TV shows over the years. The statistics are quite staggering, considering that 24.35 million people viewed the Only Fools and Horses 1996-episode Time on Our Hands.

Check out our infographic for more statistics.

Britain has a diverse and varying history full of mythological creatures that many of us might not be aware of. From the more generic “Black dog” apparitions across Britain, to creepier tales of the Alp-luachra, otherwise known as the joint-eater or the Dearg-due, the one and only Irish vampire-like creature.

MyOffers Stereotypical Neighbours From Hell

You come across neighbours of all shapes and sizes, and while you often hear about the stereotypical neighbour from hell, it’s much more usual to come across less nightmarish stereotypes: the type of neighbours that don’t mean any harm, yet simply don’t think about their actions. Unfortunately, it’s still enough to grind our gears!

MyOffers Infuriating Office Behaviours

With millions of offices, tens of millions of office workers and really high levels of stress, it’s just a matter of time before you encounter a work colleague with annoying office habits. From a colleague that’s always late, to a colleague that decides to heat up tuna in the office microwave – we’ve listed a selection of the most irritating office habits!

MyOffers Stay Safe Abroad

With the number of British citizens involved in holiday injuries or arrests growing over the last few years, it’s important to stay safe and be mindful of the local culture. From being aware that you look like a tourist, to avoiding Ice in drinks, we’ve prepared some helpful tips to keep you safe on holiday.

MyOffers Tourist Complaints

We’ve all had our fair share of holiday nightmares, from losing baggage at the airport, to being given nonsensical directions to a hotel, but what about the complaints which aren’t quite as justified? We’ve found some of the most ridiculous complaints ever made by tourists on holiday, and you can read them here!

MyOffers What Is PPI

If you had a mortgage, loan, or credit card between 1990 and 2009, then you could have been miss-sold Payment Protection Insurance. The FSA has recently announced the deadline for remaining PPI claim to be made is the 29th of August 2019. Take the opportunity to find out if you can claim back miss-sold PPI.

MyOffers UK EU Exports

With the UK preparing to leave the EU and losing access to the single market, how will the UK’s trade and economics be affected? We’ve taken data from HMRC to show the UKs top exports and how that data can be broken down. Did you know the United Kingdom’s GDP amounted to 2.770 trillion as of November 2016?

MyOffers Ale Lager Guide

How well do you think you know beer? We take a look at how beer is made, how beer types are separated & organised and what each family of ale and lager typically tastes and looks like.

MyOffers Halloween Tales

Supermarkets use a wide variety of secret selling tactics to make the average shopper spend more, from the not-so-special-deals, to the buy-three-for-two deals that leave you scratching your head, wondering if you got a good deal, just take a look!

MyOffers Halloween Tales

Pictures of plated food appear just about everywhere these days, but with the popularity of food trends rising, so are the heights would-be chiefs go to be noticed. However, chiefs today still have a way to go before they beat some of the oddest cultural delicacies that have been around for years, just take a look!

MyOffers Halloween Tales

Halloween is a season for giving you a fright - ghoulish pranks, spooky events and horror stories are all a part of the holiday. Countless tales and stories exist through the ages to scare children and adults alike, but the most frightening stories are real, unexplained and shrouded in mystery.

MyOffers Controversial Films

For a film to be viewable at the cinema or legally supplied and sold in the UK it must pass an age classification. This age classification is given by the British board of film classification and films require this to be published throughout the country. While most films don’t tend to have a problem, we take a look at 10 films that where rejected for a classification and in most cases, for good measure!

MyOffers Cushiest Jobs

Unless you live in a very secluded society, it's unfortunately the way of the world to get a job. Once you have a job, you can start earning money, which is fairly essential in life. If you, like many other people, wish you could change your job, why not take a look at the list we’ve compiled of the 20 cushiest jobs?

MyOffers Banned Celebrities

We’ve all heard about some of Justin Bieber’s antics, but he’s not the only celebrity to go wild and get himself banned from an establishment. In our infographic we take a look at the exploits of several likely suspects and some rather surprising entries.

MyOffers 30 Myths

There are some myths that are still very popular around the world, but they often represent a false belief we’ve been taught when were children. Join us as we take a look at 30 of the most popular world myths and find out if you still believe any of them.

MyOffers Festival Guide

The UK summer festival season has arrived and festivals are popping up across the country. Are you worried that you might be missing out on an up-and-coming festival? Take a look at our Ultimate 2016 UK Festival Guide which lists festival dates, ticket prices, locations and headliners.

MyOffers Movie Recasts

Your favourite movies would have been very different if the iconic characters were played by different actors and actresses. While some actors can be extremely versatile with their characters and movie lines, can you imagine John Travolta saying “Life is like a box of chocolates”? Join us as we take a look at how different some our favourite films could have been!

Why won’t 85% of the UK Population switch their gas and electricity supply to utilities that could save them £350 - £450* per year? MyOffers Research has identified approximately how many people in each energy region haven’t yet changed suppliers and the current best tariff available to them.
The great energy switching mystery infographic

MyOffers Pizza Encyclopedia

Pizza is as internationally known as it is varied. And it’s easy for any of us to throw random ingredients from the fridge onto a pizza base and create our own ‘house special’. But just how quirky or experimental are we when it comes to our favourite toppings? Join us as we take a look at the UK’s top 10 flavour combinations as well as the most popular toppings from around the world.

Trying to avoid liquid-restrictions when bringing back a harmless 40 year old bottle of Scotch can be difficult, but how about the story of one family who tried transporting a recently deceased family member through customs, or another passenger who tried smuggling a tiger cub through customs by packing it with stuffed animal toys?

December has almost wrapped up and once again, we are getting ready for the most magical time of the year: Christmas! By now you have surely put up your Christmas tree, got all your special presents wrapped up and you're looking forward to a season of joy and festivities with your loved ones. If you need something to keep you busy while you're secretly waiting for Santa but you're tired of re-watching Snowman, The Great Escape or The Sound of Music, why not head to MyOffers and check out our festive giveaways?

With the release of The Force Awakens the 7th release in the Star Wars Saga, MyOffers wanted to illustrate the incredible skills of Force Sensitives, Jedi Master’s and Sith Lords that populate the Star Wars universe. To do just that, we’ve categorised each power into their respective power alignments of Core, Light or Dark powers.
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With the release of Spectre, the 24th film in the James Bond franchise, MyOffers wanted to illustrate the evolution of James Bond’s gadgets, weapons and cars etc. featured in the films since Dr No in 1962. We are delighted to present to you an interactive journey through the James Bond Saga.
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Game Worlds VS Real World

The video game industry was worth a staggering £59.3 billion in 2015, an incredible amount of the world’s population play games in one form or another. Here at MyOffers we offer gamers or soon-to-be gamers the chance to win the consoles and games they’ve been dreaming of playing.

This month MyOffers is introducing a daily treat for our members... Each and every day we are giving away a £10 voucher to spend at some of the UK’s favourite stores! Take a look at some of the incredible vouchers we have live right now – but hurry and make sure to get your entry in for today!


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The Cost of Art MyOffers is known as the home of the best free online competitions, but we know that things in life don’t always come for free – like priceless works of art for example. To demonstrate this, we took a look at the cost of a standard adult ticket for 20 masterpieces by 20 different artists on display in galleries across Europe and the United States. Then, just for fun, we asked thousands of you which work of art you’d pay the most to see and plotted the results in our infographic below.
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It’s one of the greatest benefits of the internet, a few clicks of a mouse and stuff arrives at your door. And whilst buying things online can save you money, why buy things when you can get them for FREE! That’s right, FREE! There are hundreds of household names out there willing to give away freebies.

Unless you’re already in possession of a bank account filled with millions of pounds you’ve probably dreamt about what you’d do if you won a big money jackpot. The car you’d drive, where you’d holiday and who you’d share your winnings with are just a few of the things that would require your urgent attention!

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