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TestersKeepers Review: Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask - Sheila

Posted on 22 August 2017

I received my Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask with Green Tea Extract for Normal to Combination Skin. On reading the instructions I was slightly confused when it said on the packaging that one mask = one week of hydrating serum, I thought I would be using the mask more than once. I was not convinced that one Tissue Mask that gives one application could be the equivalent of one week's hydration, surely the skin can only absorb so much moisture and not store it?

I was sceptical but willing to give it a try, usually I use a skin exfoliator a few times a week and a serum daily together with a skin moisturiser. I used the product shortly before going to bed and on opening the packet the mask is very fiddly and wet, and it had also fallen to one side in the packet and took some sorting to get it open and to a full flat shape to put on my face. Also, if you have poor eyesight and wear glasses you will have trouble as you can't put the mask on without taking off your glasses, so a magnifying mirror could be useful.

On getting the mask on, it is rather large and doesn't have enough product above your mouth. I had excesses of mask at the sides of my face and forehead. It does feel cool and after keeping it on for twenty minutes I removed it and the mask was still very wet. I put some of the excess serum from my face onto the backs of my hand and then threw the mask away and washed the excess off with plain water as it felt sticky.

The product's smell didn't particularly appeal or not appeal to me, it was ok but I didn't notice it really (maybe because I was too busy trying to get the mask flat enough to put on my face).

Next morning my pores were less visible and my cheeks felt smoother and plumper, but my forehead felt tight and under my eyes and around my mouth my wrinkles seemed more visible than usual. The serum also seemed to feed spots and I had the feel of one coming on the start of my eyebrow near my nose.

The following day my forehead still felt tight and seemed less greasy but the other parts of my face definitely needed my usual serum and moisturiser, and the parts of my face prone to dryness had less obvious amounts of dry skin.

Overall I don't think I would bother purchasing this product again, it is too messy to apply and it might have helped with the combination areas at the expense of making other areas under my eyes and around my mouth appear more wrinkled than usual.

Thanks for the opportunity to test this product but not enough pluses to bother with the messy, slimy tissue in the packet.

Sheila Williams