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Testers Keepers: iPhone review by Karolina Riabova

Posted on 20 June 2019

I have switched from an Android phone to an iPhone. I have never owed any iPhone before, so at the beginning it was a little bit of a challenge to set up my iPhone for the first time as you must register as a new user.


You must go through a long process to be able to use your phone. Moreover, I felt quite uncomfortable with the home button; it took some time to get used to it.


At the beginning I thought that it was faulty or something was wrong, but after reading about it online I decided to give it a try.


On a daily basis I use four different languages, so I need to use four different keyboards as I use quite a few special characters, for example, ą, ė, ų, š, etc. So the default English keyboard doesn't have all of these letters, you need to add all four keyboards for this reason and I had to figure it out myself.


I also use many different apps for communication. For instance, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. So, in comparison with an Android phone, my iPhone unfortunately is not so compatible with these apps.


When I want to send a photo or video from my phone to my contacts on Viber, it usually just freezes. I have found out that it is better to go to Viber itself and to upload photos through Viber.


A similar thing happens with WhatsApp, however, it is often vice versa. When you try to share photos on WhatsApp it just says that the folder is empty or something similar.


My iPhone shares photos on other apps differently as well. For example, if you try to share it on Instagram, it opens a small screen where neither autocorrect, nor hashtag search function works.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find all the music I like on iTunes and haven’t figured out how I can download it to my phone yet, but I think I have an idea now.


In conclusion, it took me at least a few months to totally adapt to this phone and change my habits. At the end I really like this device as iPhone has many apps, accessories, etc. created just for it.


Furthermore, as I really like to capture every moment of my life, I like the way it takes photos and allows you to change the size of your photo or to edit it straight away.


So, with all its advantages and disadvantages I am happy with this phone.