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Testers Keepers: iPad review by Charlotte Cornish

Posted on 28 February 2019

So, the Apple iPad – I LOVE IT!

It arrived on time and was stylishly packaged, no damage, no tears, I must admit I was very excited to open it. Imagine a 3 year old’s excitable nature but in a grown woman. Apple products feel very special to open, like you’re lifting the lid to technology that’s going to take you into the future.

It’s all white and fitted to the product inside, it just feels futuristic. (Props to the delivery driver who actually managed to find my house in the middle of nowhere)!

The iPad itself is a comfortable size and weight for adults and children, my daughter was very keen for me to get it up and running so she could watch YouTube!

The screen is a great size and has amazing clarity. I have the white edged version which seem to make the screen really ‘pop’ – especially when watching cartoons.

Setting up was super simple! As an Apple customer (I have an iPhone) the set up was so quick – you start the iPad, it detects your phone and asks if you wish to use your current settings and account, its then as simple as scanning a code from one device to another – let the iPad do its magic and POOF its set up!

You don’t even have to re-do the Siri voice command settings but you do still have to set up your finger prints on the home button. And that was it set up completed in about 5 minutes max!

You can then have a lot of fun with Siri – and she answers anyone: me, my hubby and the kids. (Ask her to rap for you or start singing Bohemian Rhapsody and she’ll do the rest!) Siri has become my alarm clock, my messenger writing service…. Basically my PA. Apps! I downloaded a few I have previously used such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and photo editor – stuff I use daily and it was so easy to do, everything synced so quickly and we were soon snapping away for selfies and pictures of the kids and animals. My daughters love doing this and then being able to play with the pictures in editor apps just keeps them entertained for ages (thank you). We downloaded some new (to us) apps too! Sky Q, Sky Kids and YouTube are great for my kids, we have an iPad holder in the car so they can watch TV on long journeys.

Thanks to Bluetooth they can also use music apps to fling their favourite songs to the car stereo – there is a lot of Disney music out there LOL! I also downloaded some educational games and apps which my kids are loving.

For me, it’s been a great help for my work as a Baton Twirling coach – I can use the iPad to film my athletes so when I’m explaining corrections and team transitions I can use the iPad as a visual aid.

The iPad has really been beneficial with getting my twirling team out on social media (#marquettes) as I can produce adverts, videos, photos etc. all from one place rather than recording on my phone, downloading to the laptop, editing and uploading. It’s now so quick!

I have yet to find a downside to the iPad – other than that I only have one iPad to two kids!

By me using this iPad all the time, it encouraged my parents to go out and buy two to use for their business because they can have everything at their fingertips. The price of £319 (RRP) is good value in my opinion – with everything it can do for you, it’s a bargain really!

I completely recommend this product and would rate it 10/10 with 5 gold stars!