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Testers Keepers: Wasabi Peanuts review by Hema Paramasivan

Posted on 07 May 2023

This is my first-time having Sunburst’s Wasabi Peanuts. Definitely yummy! The outer shell that encases each peanut is generously coated with wasabi powder. Strips of seaweed can also be seen.

The taste that I get from the first bite is a nice kick of wasabi. There are quite a few of the peanuts that are coated liberally with wasabi, where the flavour goes straight up my nose and helps me with my sinus (like how all wasabi should) – I love it! The salt & sugar on the peanuts complement one another. The peanuts are crunchy as well. Therefore, besides the crunch of the outer shell, the crunch of the peanuts seals the deal. The crunchiness of each bite is very addictive.

I got Sunburst Wasabi Peanuts in a 1kg resealable bag. This is so much better than the usual below 100-gram bags as I am able to decide now how much I would like to snack on each time. The bag is of superior hardy quality, as it reseals well and maintains the crunchiness of the peanuts, although I have opened it numerous times – it doesn’t compromise the crunch!

I looked at the ingredients and am happy that it doesn’t contain anything that would be of surprise nor contains any preservatives.

The wasabi peanut is wholly a tasteful experience. What’s more, it’s locally made!

Sunburst’s Wasabi Peanuts