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Testers Keepers: Vegan Baileys review by Peter Ogg

Posted on 19 November 2018

Firstly, l am not a Vegan, so why choose to be a tester denying a vegan the opportunity to taste and test this product.

I felt as a lover of Baileys Irish Cream l was well qualified to let vegans know if anything was lost in making this vegan. However, perhaps l should have researched the product first as it isn’t entirely like for like.

The Vegan version is almond flavour, so if you like almonds as l do you will love it. It contains almond oil and almond essence and really captures a true almond flavour.

It also contains a touch of vanilla sufficient to be recognised in the taste, so you need to be a fan of vanilla too. If these are to your liking, then l would recommend it to you.

Some people like to use Baileys in cocktails and they give a couple of suggestions on the bottle. Baileys Irish Cream can't be mixed with citrus or acidic mixers, but that shouldn't be an issue with Vegan Baileys as obviously it is dairy free.

Where you may miss out, some people like to drink Baileys with coffee, but it would need to be iced coffee as it states on the bottle that it may separate in coffee.

Here is where it differs completely from the Baileys l am used to. As it does not have cream it is thin and watery, though that does not detract from the flavour. My wife said it was like drinking flavoured water, but l think that is going slightly too far.

The taste is its best feature and that is what is important. It comes in an attractive old fashioned looking bottle, but at £20 per bottle it seems slightly pricey, but a lot of vegan products do cost more, so that may not be an issue for some.

If it could somehow be thickened, it might represent the more traditional Baileys. If you ask me to rate it I’d say 8/10 (but then l never give a 10).

I certainly enjoyed it and would recommend you try it, but will probably stick to the product that l know and love.