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Testers Keepers: TK Maxx review by Akos Kovacs

Posted on 24 June 2019

I managed to become a mystery shopper for TK Maxx – luckily I’m quite familiar with them, as we quite often shop there.

I personally like them, like the fact you’re walking into one store and can choose from many brands, style and quality.

Anything from a new born outfit to living room furniture or a fancy wine glass for your late night date...

In TK Maxx you can buy designer clothes for £20-30 which would cost you around £100 in any other shop.

Funnily enough the atmosphere in there is more like a charity shop or Primark on a Sunday. Some of the clothes you find may have footstep marks for being on the floor etc.

I had to return a t-shirt as I found it had a hole where the security tag was placed. It was nice and easy, they were super helpful. They offered a discount if I wanted to keep it, but just ended up with a refund.

What’s bothering me is it’s quite hard to find anything in XXL-XXXL. For example, t-shirts –they must have had 25-30 in small, large and extra large, but only four in XXL.

Browsing through the hooks, I spot something cool, then take it for trying and isn’t the size as they displayed. Obviously this is after a 5 minute wait for the fitting room, as there are only four for men’s, and the rest for women only.

Some of the clothes are simply dirty… I think they shouldn’t be on the shop floor.
I have visited the Aylesbury branch this time – I’m going to give seven out of ten for this experience. The staff were fairly friendly, and helpful.

As genuine TK Maxx I would rate eight out of ten.