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Testers Keepers: Stella Artois Mini Fridge Review

Posted on 04 February 2018

The fridge arrived and after the courier had left I noticed where the plastic straps go around the box at the rear, they had dug in to the packaging. I didn’t think this would be a problem as it would have had internal packaging. The plastic straps had also broken the foam inside and dented the fridge at the bottom either side. One side was not noticeable as it's plain but the other slightly warped the Stella image. Somewhere along the line the box must have been yanked for this sort of damage to be done? 

Ignoring the dents, the fridge seems very solidly built and surprisingly light weight (compared to older table top fridges). The door has a great seal to it and I find it to be very quiet when it’s running. The Stella images are stuck on neatly with no wrinkles. It was a shame that there was a dent that altered the look.

Upon receiving the Husky fridge I sent pictures to my close family, who were very impressed with the size and colouring (and also jealous). The amount it can hold is very impressive and a family member thinks he would buy one for the summer if they were cheaper. I would recommend it to friends and family as it’s a great little fridge.

The RRP of £130-£150 does seem steep to me and would put me off buying one. But now I have one I can see why they are expensive as they are great quality and cheap to run, also having an A+ rating. I would ask myself the question, how much is a plain Husky fridge and is it worth paying the extra for a dressed up one?

The door and seal are excellent and you feel confident that it’s closed and keeps the cold inside. Space is maximised inside the fridge, allowing a good mixture of bottles and cans. The ranges of chiller settings are also good, 1-5, 5 being the coldest. Anything that touches the back at this setting ices up, so it’s not so great for cans, but great for bottles of vodka.

The one thing about the fridge I didn’t like is the thermostat, as you have to move the fridge diagonally to get to the back and use a coin to change the temperature setting. That would be much better with either a knob that can be turned by reaching around and that maybe clicks at each setting or a controller inside the fridge itself. To move this fridge when it’s full would be a impossible without emptying it.

The packaging and carriage obviously needs investigating as if I had bought this product from Argos, I would have asked for a replacement, as after all, the image of the fridge is one of the main factors for buying it.

Mark Powell