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Testers Keepers: Stella Artois Fridge review by Steve Edwards

Posted on 20 August 2018

Testers Keepers wanted a product tester to review a Stella Artois cooler. This review is from Steve Edwards.

Regarding the look, it is very stylish and it is very convenient to have a glass door and to be able to see the contents inside. The capacity is suitable to keep enough drinks for an evening (or two) with friends.

I found as an inconvenience that the only shelf is only half the depth of the fridge, so it fits in the middle slot where the fridge is less deep because of the motor, but when I changed it to the higher slot to fit bottles of Stella instead of cans, I was left with just half shelf to store drinks.

I would recommend the fridge to friends because it is small enough to fit easily in the sitting room and big enough to keep a variety of drinks cold for when friends come round. The price of £130.00 I think is a bit high; I would think that a price of £100 or just over would be more competitive.

One of the best features is that the fridge is deep enough to keep two litre bottles of mixers or bottles of wine/Prosecco on their side, so everybody can be happy. A second good feature is that it is quiet, so it doesn’t annoy you if you have it in the sitting room and are watching TV or chatting with friends. 

As an improvement, I think I would introduce perhaps a small shelf that can be used to store a few snacks (cheese, olives) or use on the same slot as the exiting shelf to create a full depth shelf at a different position than the one it comes in.

The quality is very good, but a foot was loose inside the box when I received the fridge, which made me wonder whether it was not properly handled, or is the quality not very good. Therefore it broke easily.