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Testers Keepers: Sports Direct review by Barbara Bell

Posted on 11 February 2023

On Saturday 11th February I visited Sports Direct in Broadheath. The shop front was highly visible, easy to locate with a clean and open plan; with plenty of convenient parking available. Upon entering the store, it was open plan and well-lit with good signage making it easy to see what was on display. The displays themselves were attractive, varied, well designed, and well organised, which made it easy to access the various items on offer.

Sports Direct Mystery Shop

I was looking for infant walking boots and wellies. Upon locating the area with the infant wellington boots, I could not immediately locate the brand I had seen online. I asked the shop assistant, who was instantly able to inform me that the brand I was looking for was now on the offers shelf downstairs and told me exactly where to go to access them. I found her to be incredibly knowledgeable about the stock in store and online.

I also wanted to purchase some trainers for myself. The trainers were clearly displayed, divided in sections by brand. This made is very easy for me to identify the brand I was looking for. I was looking for a specific colour of shoe, and there were specific shoes placed on a unit with the different sizes underneath, so I was able to quickly identify the available sizes. Again, the shop assistant was able to quickly assist me in finding my size.

I then wanted to find some infant walking boots. I was able to quickly locate the area of the store I required due to the open and well organised layout. When I had found the type of shoe I was looking for, the shop assistant was more than happy to help me to find the correct size I was looking for, by going into the back of the shop to find them. I had an online offer I had printed off for Gelert walking boots at £14. This differed from the store price which was £18. The online price was honoured without fuss by the friendly shop assistant.

I did struggle to find much in the children’s sportswear. There did not seem to be much in terms of range for small children. The staff uniform appeared to be all black. I was only able to identify the staff members by them having a radio on their belts.

The checkout service was exemplary. The staff were friendly, efficient and well informed about the products and offers in the store. I made two separate purchases using my voucher, and the staff were able to confidently explain to me that the remainder of the money I had would remain on the voucher for me to spend on my next purchase. Without prompting, she also showed me on the receipt where I could find the remaining balance of funds.

I felt the experience was very positive; the shop was clean, spacious and well organised, which made the physical act of shopping a smooth and enjoyable one. The staff were friendly, approachable and helpful, which again made my shopping easy.

All in all, an excellent experience.