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Testers Keepers: Sonos One Speaker review by Ratiya Tangmanee

Posted on 03 September 2018

Testers Keepers wanted a product tester to review a Sonos One Speaker. This review is from Ratiya Tangmanee.


The speaker’s sound quality is very clear. The design is more stylist, solid, heavy but portable. I connect it through my iPad, Amazon fire tablet and my Android phone and it all works smoothly.

With the Wi-Fi system I do not need to stop my other apps to use Sonos. Initially, it took a while for Sonos One to connect with my Wi-Fi router. After the system hooked up with Wi-Fi, it was so easy to connect Sonos One with other smart gadgets.

The package has very little information of what to do regarding the speaker. However, the instruction of setting up the speaker system with Wi-Fi, displaying in the Sonos app, is easy to follow. You need to be patient on the speaker’s signal when you first connect it. It needs to be near the Wi-Fi router for Sonos one to work effectively.

It helps if Sonos One is close to the Wi-Fi router in both first connecting the speaker and for daily use. It did not work in the area that Wi-Fi signal is week. It does have some hiccups with receiving signal whilst using but that occurs less frequently.

Apart from that, other features of Sonos perform efficiently well in according to its given tasks. I do like the Alexa voice recognition system. It is fun to play around with Sonos One using Alexa and it is a very convenient, easy and useful feature to have.

I think there are more rooms to explore with Sonos. However, I only have one speaker to begin with. So, my experience with it is limited. It will be fascinating to see what Sonos can really do if I were to have another Sonos One to integrate into the system. My overall verdict would be that I would recommend this product to others to use.