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Testers Keepers: Smile Science Teeth Whitening review by Paul Plank

Posted on 13 February 2024

This is a complete teeth whitening kit which comes in an easy compact package. Everything you need is included, and this includes easy to understand and read instructions. This is the first teeth whitening kit I have ever tried so was intrigued if it would work. It is a product which needs to be used regularly, but still only gives temporary results I found. I used this kit for the full amount of days suggested in the instructions and I could certainly see results. My teeth were much whiter and had white patches all over them which is a sign the product works.

I can suffer with sensitive teeth so was happy this product did not affect the sensitivity of my teeth after use. It also made my full mouth feel so smooth and clean after use.

However like everybody else in this world, I continue to drink tea and soft drinks and eat throughout my day. Which means that the whitening capabilities only last for so long before my teeth are stained back to the usual dull colour. This kit would be great if you had a very important event coming up that you wanted extra white teeth for, however it’s not ideal for everyday use as the results do not last very long.

The product itself is good quality and so easy to use. Simply squirt the gel into the gum shield turn the light on and wait until the timer turns off. It’s that simple you will need to use quite a lot of gel to make sure it thoroughly covers all of your teeth and the gaps in between. It’s an easy to use product but with no lasting result. I would recommend for a fast-whitening result but not for long term whiteness as it wears off very quickly.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Kit