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Testers Keepers: Shopping at TK Maxx review by Ruth Rehill

Posted on 12 April 2023

When I arrived at the Falkirk store I went in and the first thing I noticed was the shop was clean, tidy and fresh and the air conditioning was working well which was quite pleasant as it was a warm sunny day.

I started off by making my way to the clothing dept and quickly saw that everything was arranged on the rails by size I firstly looked at tops and blouses then moved on to dresses where I found a couple I liked, and I put them in my basket. I didn’t see anything else there that fitted my style.

I next went on to look at Jackets and Sportswear I then moved onto beach/holiday wear unfortunately I didn't see anything that was my style in these depts. I then had a look at the cases & handbags and saw lots of bargains.

Then I moved into the footwear dept where I found lots of shoes and trainers, I saw a couple of pairs of sliders I liked so I sat down to try them on they fitted so I put them in my basket.

I next moved on to look at the men's wear where I noticed some belts, I found a really good one that had a swivel top and can be worn either black or brown, so I put that in the basket too.

I next went upstairs to the home dept for a look I saw lots of nice things however didn’t find anything that I really needed/wanted at this moment, so I headed back downstairs.

I wandered over to the Jewellery dept where I saw some watches that I liked. Unfortunately the one I liked and wanted a closer look at was kept in a locked case so I approached a member of staff and asked to have a closer look at it she was very pleasant and said she would get the keys then be over. On opening the case she took the watch out and handed it to me she allowed me to try it on then she told me the price it was now and what it had been originally then when I said I would take it she said I will pop it behind the till for you and if you just ask for it when paying I thanked her and she left I found her very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful.

I then went to look at other jewellery where I saw another watch and a pair of earrings which I also put in my basket.

Next I went to look at accessories I saw make-up sponges and facial hair removal razors and also a shower cap and a make-up headband all of which were at really good prices compared to other stores I have been in.

I also was looking for some eye cream and asked the assistant if she had any she replied oh I don’t know what’s there but she pointed to an area of shelving and said if you have a look in this section you might find some eye creams there I didn’t find any and as that was the last of my shopping so totting up the bill in my head I made my way to the tills.

I waited in the queue and when called over I put all the items out of my basket on the counter I also said there was a watch that belonged to me there too she said oh yes I see it she then asked me if I wanted a bag for my items which I said yes to then when she rang all the items up I gave her the e-gift card which she processed and because I had gone over the £200 I paid the excess by card all this was done with ease and the assistant was very pleasant chatting away while completing the sale.

TK Maxx Products

This was a new experience for me as I have never shopped in TKMaxx before and although I found things hard to find at first I can see how popular the shop was as it was getting quite busy I did feel the rows were quite tight though and there was a customer in a wheelchair who commented to me while manoeuvring round me that things were a little tight when the shop was busy confirming my thoughts.

Saying that I will shop there again as the prices are definitely good for big brand names, I did get a good look at everything and I spent nearly 2 hours in the shop wandering round all the depts.