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Testers Keepers: Self-Watering Pots review by Yulduz Simaitiene

Posted on 01 February 2024

These self-watering pots came in a set of 6 pots, together with small 10cm absorbent robes, terracotta style bottom trays, watering 'lips' and a manual. The manual is easy to follow with clear English instructions, I had no problem with installing and following them.

The pots are light green in colour, and they are quite sturdy plastic. The bottom parts are terracotta style plastic and very strong. I personally do not like 2 different colours, but they looked good together.

Self-Watering Pots

Now as for functionality, they worked like magic. I had to put just a little bit of water through the bottom part and the idea is to keep just the roots moist for a longer period of time, which I believe is what most plants need.

Overall, I am happy with the pots and recommend them to anyone.