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Testers Keepers: Samsung Fridge Freezer review by Sajid Khan

Posted on 16 May 2019

Alongside the vacuum cleaner and washing machine, the fridge freezer is one of those appliances you simply can’t live without. It’s in use every single day and therefore it’s important that you get it right when purchasing one.

The Samsung RL4362RBASL/EU Fridge Freezer boasts a smart and professional stainless steel finish.  On the outside, it displays a clear and easy to read external LED display of the current temperature of both the fridge and the freezer which you can manually adjust.  It also has the option of adjusting the temperature so the new items introduced into the freezer can be frozen quickly.

On the outside of the fridge is a chilled water dispenser which does not require plumbing.  You simply need to make sure the internal reservoir is kept topped up and you'll be able to benefit from a chilled drink whenever you're thirsty.

It makes use of clever technology. Both compartments of this fridge freezer feature frost free technology which prevents a build-up of ice by circulating cold air to pick up excess moisture that would ordinarily form frost.  This means no more defrosting the freezer and no more separating food that’s frozen together.

It also makes use of a smart sensor system and works by monitoring the temperature in your kitchen, the humidity level in the fridge and even your usage patterns.  By using this data, the appliance is able to make appropriate adjustments and ensure your food is always kept in the optimal environment to keep it cool and fresh.

It has an A+ energy efficiency rating and therefore makes this Samsung Fridge Freezer both an effective and smart fridge freezer that is ideal for any family home.

The appliance itself is split into 2 sections with the fridge section being at the top and the freezer section below.  It is split 60/40 respectively.

Once you open the doors of this appliance, you’ll be taken aback with the sheer amount of storage space.  A staggering 432 litres of storage space, you'll be able to comfortably pack away the weekly shop in this attractive modern appliance which also has integrated in-set handles on the doors.

The refrigerator offers 300 litres of room and is fitted with three safety glass shelves, a further five door balconies and two salad crispers, making it simple to stack away all your food and produce.
It’s so simple, yet makes such a big difference.  It’s spacious and quite deep and has the added bonus of having a wine/bottle rack to store your bottles.

It also features an internal LED light which lets you easily see the food displayed in the refrigerator as well as an audible temperature warning and an audible door opening alarm.

A Multi-Flow system uses vents on every level of the fridge to ensure an even temperature is maintained throughout, even after the door has been opened.  By keeping all sections cool simultaneously, the food will remain fresher for longer.
The freezer compartment providers a four-star cooling environment for the frozen items and is made up of four clear large fronted drawers.

In addition, a twist ice cube tray makes it simple to produce and store a supply of ice cubes - perfect for chilling your favourite beverages.
As an additional safety measure, the appliance has a Power failure safe-storage time of 18 hours and also has a Holiday Mode ensuring the refrigerator is operating in an efficient way even when you’re on holiday!

The only downside I can think of is that there should have been movable shelves in the fridge or somewhere to stand deep, tall jugs.  Other than this, I cannot fault the appliance.

There are other brands out there, but for me, you can’t beat Samsung.  It’s sleek and beautifully designed.  Its stainless steel finish means it is easy to clean on the outside.

The Samsung RL4362RBASL/EU Fridge Freezer makes it easy to keep all of the family's fresh and frozen food safely stored and it’s an appliance I would definitely recommend.