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Testers Keepers: Russell & Bromley review by Jessica Martin

Posted on 10 July 2019

I visited a Russell & Bromley store in Brighton. I haven’t shopped with Russell & Bromley before so didn’t really know what to expect. It’s a bit out of the way from the shopping area in Churchill Square where I normally buy most of my wardrobe. They had a sale on which I thought would be great, but everything was still very expensive. It’s definitely for the older customers and maybe shoes for work. The shop was small but very neat and clean. It was so hot outside, so at least I could cool off a bit in the shop whilst I looked around. It wasn’t too busy. The shop only sells shoes and handbags, and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to buy. I was looking for something that would stand out. I found the shop wasn’t really to my taste. It all seemed very old fashioned and not very trendy for someone my age (20s). I tried to get some help but couldn’t find anyone for about 10 minutes. I was getting a bit annoyed by this point. I must admit when I finally got someone’s attention they were quite helpful and friendly, but the only shoes (trainers) that I liked I couldn’t make up my mind about. Most of the other shoes were heels and boots which I don’t wear. They also had some expensive bags and some of those where nice, but it’s hard to justify spending that much money. I would have preferred brands like Michael Kors which I love and for the same price, but they didn’t have that brand. I got fed up looking and decided to try online from home another day to see if I could find anything. With the online shop it’s much easier to find and browse all the things they sell. It thought I might find something other than bags and shoes, but it’s much the same. Being able to take my time did make it easier. In the shop I was short on time and my daughter was also fed up which made me stressed! I found the trainers I liked online, but decided against them as I realised I would never wear them. It’s not the brands I like and I am quite fussy. I don’t mind spending money on a good pair, but R&B are too plain and just don’t have the brand names I normally buy. As I’m going to a wedding soon, I thought I could get a handbag instead to go with my pink dress. It was really expensive but is perfect for the wedding. The bag I bought was the Ring Trim Shoulder Bag. I just hope I can use it again and must admit I’ve fallen in love with it. I love the colour and gold strap, mainly because of how well it will go with my dress. Delivery was £5, and when you pay £245 for a bag I was expecting free delivery like most places. That was a bit disappointing, but worked out exactly for how much I had to spend. I don’t remember seeing that bag in the shop when I went, but I didn’t spend too long looking at the bags specifically at the time. I can’t wait to wear the bag to the wedding as it goes perfectly with my dress. Its 3-5 days delivery so it should come in time and the online purchase was easy. To be honest though, I wouldn’t shop there again. I really struggled to find anything I liked, and I don’t think it’s really aimed at my age group.