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Testers Keepers: Ravioli and Pasta Maker Review

Posted on 02 February 2018

Firstly the ravioli and pasta maker arrived packaged brilliantly and in perfect condition. They are both of a very high quality and extremely well-made.  I would recommend them to anyone. I have already shown them to my brother and raved about how amazing they are.

The RRP of £50 I personally think is really reasonable considering that it includes the ravioli cutter attachment. I’m sure that the price for the two would be higher in a department store or cookware shop.

Best features:

- Very easy to clamp to the worktop with cushioned pads meaning no scratches or marks.

- Their size is perfect for me, both to use and store as they’re not too large which is a bonus for storage.

- As a first-timer using these machines, the instructions were great and simple, making it all a doddle and stress-free.

- The pasta was so smooth and better than my usual handmade dough. 

- The pasta sheets cut very easily and precisely as did the ravioli.

- Easy to clean. 


- My wife is a lefty so using a right-handed machine is always trickier though as always, she adapts to this. Is there an option for a customer to buy a left-handed machine, and for the same price as we usually have to pay more?

- Turning the pasta machine handle was exceedingly stiff on first use, making it really difficult. However, on second use this loosened up and was really easy to use. If a customer had joint problems they’d struggle to begin with but would most likely be okay once it has loosened up.

- The side of the pasta machine that is on the worktop itself, without the clamp it tended to pull up when kneading the dough but was better when using the cutting and ravioli attachments. 

These machines have made my pasta making even more of a joy than it already is and so quick and easy; I absolutely love them. They look good, work well and are a fantastic addition to my kitchen. 

Lisa Hemsley