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Testers Keepers: Proform Fitness VUE Mirror review by Billy Mclafferty

Posted on 20 February 2024

After extensive use of the ProForm Vue fitness mirror, I'm compelled to provide a comprehensive review of this exceptional home workout solution. The 22” HD touchscreen seamlessly embedded within the mirror is a standout feature, offering a user-friendly interface for navigating through an expansive library of fitness classes. The touch controls allow for easy selection of workouts, providing a convenient and comfortable home fitness experience.

The integration of iFIT enhances the Vue fitness mirror's appeal, offering access to a diverse range of on-demand strength, yoga, and HIIT workouts led by expert trainers. The ability to watch and match the trainer's correct form by observing your reflection is a game-changer, ensuring precise execution of exercises for optimal results. The automatic workout records provided by iFIT contribute to progress tracking, adding a personalized touch to the fitness journey.

What sets the ProForm Vue apart is its thoughtful inclusion of weights and accessories, including a bar, dumbbells, and weight plates. The allocated space on the rear of the mirror ensures organized storage when not in use, and the ease of rotation to access the back is a practical design feature.

The immersive experience extends to audio with the built-in 3” speakers, providing amazing sound quality for a fully engaging workout. For those who prefer privacy, the mirror effortlessly pairs with Bluetooth® compatible headphones, demonstrating the product's adaptability to individual preferences.

Beyond its functional attributes, the ProForm Vue excels in aesthetics. When the high-definition touchscreen is turned off, the mirror becomes seemingly invisible, leaving a clean and reflective surface that seamlessly integrates into any living space.

In conclusion, the ProForm Vue fitness mirror combines cutting edge technology, thoughtful design, and a comprehensive set of features to create an outstanding at-home fitness solution. It is a testament to ProForm's commitment to delivering a holistic and immersive workout experience.