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Testers Keepers: Pizza Express review by Tom Wearing

Posted on 02 July 2018


Lord Street




Wednesday 20th June at 19:30




Upon my arrival at the restaurant, my wife and children had already been seated. From what I saw, there were only two members of staff on at the time and around 20-30 customers.


The restaurant wasn’t the cleanest, my wife asked for a booth but was refused because they hadn’t cleaned the table yet and were sat elsewhere. There were bits of food on the floor which looked like it hadn’t been brushed all day.


We were handed the menus to choose what to eat and also asked at the same time what drinks we would like, the drinks order was taken first whilst we chose our food. The waiter returned after a couple of minutes and we ordered our food which was three pizzas.


Our food arrived after just 15 minutes which was good; you could also see the two chefs preparing the food from where we were sat.


The waiter placed our food down and was about to leave until I asked about our drinks, he was very apologetic and explained he was trying to catch up from 12 in the afternoon in regards to the restaurant floor. He came back with the drinks and took them off our bill for us.


The food itself was OK, the pizzas weren’t very big, especially for the prices being charged.

Due to us receiving the drinks discount, I ordered two more pizzas to take away just to fill us up.


Overall it was an average experience, not somewhere I would recommend or return to with my family.


Tom Wearing