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Testers Keepers: Pandora review by Nioca Jervier

Posted on 30 April 2019

It was a privilege becoming a mystery shopper for the first time. When I entered the Pandora store in Westfield at Stratford, the store was really packed with a lot of people as it was a bank holiday and also there was also a sale going on which attracted more and more people.

I expected to see more workers on the shop floor during this time as the line waiting to be served was long. Once we were inside the store we wondered around for about 10 minutes before one of the workers told me that I have to join the line to be served. 

Overall I would rate the shopping experience as ok  but in the future I think that there should be a worker at the door of the store to greet and direct people so that the customers do not go wondering around for a long time when they can be served really quickly knowing where to go to get served.

We stayed in the line for another five to eight minutes once we were directed where to line up. The young lady that served me was really nice.

I was able to choose some beautiful charms for my wristlet. She was patient and always smiling. She showed me beautiful charms that were within my budget, which was good customer service on her end.

I would still recommend Pandora to my friends and family as they got good customer service when you are being served, the workers do not rush you when are served and the products are value for money.

I will definitely go back to Pandora as I would like to buy more charms once they are on sale. The wristlet with the charms bought was definitely worth the money. It looked so elegant on my hands.

If there is a sale in the future, there should be more workers on the shop floor to meet and greet people especially where there is a sale as well.

I really enjoyed my experience being a mystery shopper.