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Testers Keepers: Pampers Review

Posted on 24 January 2017

I would like to thank TestersKeepers for giving me the opportunity to review Pampers nappies.

As a first time mum, I have a lot of worries from feeding and nappies to sleep time. Anyways, I got the Pampers Premium Protection New Born Size 1, which was for babies who weighed 2-5kg. The first thing I noticed was the concern for the umbilical cord. The nappy had a curve in the umbilical cord section. There was no way it would hurt my baby. That eased off a lot of tension because infants can't talk and it's heart-breaking to hear them cry when you don't know what the problem is. Furthermore, there was no smell with the nappy.

Secondly, the nappy had a wetness indicator, which was awesome as the midwife told me to take note of my daughter's pee. I did not need to strain myself. Plus, it eliminated the old-fashioned way of checking for pee either by opening the nappy fully or checking the thigh area. It was so simple, a yellow line tells you it's empty and a blue line tells you she peed. I had a lot to worry about and this surely was not part of it. My daughter's birth weight was 3.3kg, quite tall but lanky. Initially, I was sceptical, thinking the nappy would be too big hence there would be a leakage but surprisingly, the fit around the thigh area was not too tight nor too loose.

Its' absorbing power is commendable. Usually, I change my baby's nappy every three hours with every feed but sometimes during the night feeding I tend to forget and my baby pees a whole lot but the nappy absorbs all the pee. The gel inside locks it and the nappy triples in size, with all this, I touched the wet nappy and truthfully could not feel it wet meaning extra comfort for my daughter and a reduced chance for nappy rash. 

One con for me was the fit, it looked too big on her but like I said there was no leak. Unlike other nappies, a mere look at the nappy and you can see it's manageable but with the Pampers Premium Protection, a glance and it oozes quality. It feels so silky and soft. Another good thing about the product is that in as much as it has all these wonderful properties it doesn't break the pocket as it's almost always on sale, and the reward app would always give you corresponding coupons for money off.  

Linda Mgbudem