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Testers Keepers: Majestic's Medal Winners 6 Mixed Wine review by Chris Charles

Posted on 04 September 2021

We received a case of wine to review from My Offers/Majestic Wine.

In the case there were 4 varieties of wine, 2 bottles were duplicated. 3 reds and 3 whites. .

Both my wife and I enjoy wine but cannot be considered experts. We tend to buy wine from supermarkets paying around £4.00-£7.00 a bottle.

We have however been a member of a competitor’s wine club for a short period of time.

We will start with the reds.

The first bottle we tried was a TENACITY SHIRAZ (2020)

It is from the McLaren Vale and Varossa valley in Australia. It is from an old vine. Its ABV is 14%.

The wine was a very dark blood red in colour and had a very mild smell. It is quite dry, not vinegary, and very warming on first taste. It had an oakwood flavour, not fruity however the missus tasted gooseberries at the back of her mouth.

We don’t drink much red wine, but if the price is right, we would definitely consider buying. It is probably expensive however, and it’s far too good for

Red bottle no 2 was a CONTE DU BAULIEU (2018)

This is a French Bordeaux Haut Medoc. .

This was a very dark burgundy red in colour, and it had a fruity and woody odour. On first taste it was fairly dry and again woody. It was slightly acidic. It

was fairly warming. On the bottle we couldn’t find an ABV. However, would imagine it to be around 14%. .

This wine was not to our taste, but we are rare red wine drinkers. We would imagine this wine would be expensive and better received by a more frequent red wine drinker.

Now on to the whites. .

We regularly drink white wines, do not consider ourselves to be experts but enjoy certain branded names. .

The first bottle was a VILLA MARIA MARLBORO (2020)

This is a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and comes in at 14% ABV, quite powerful for a white. .

It had a nice odour, I thought fruity, maybe peach... but the wife thought it smelt a little spicy. .

It tasted quite sweet, not at all dry and felt very strong. It was nice and warming and we would expect to be fairly expensive, over £10.00. .

The wife really liked this one and said it doesn’t taste like it smells. We read the label which mentions grapefruit and melon and we would agree. A lovely wine.


It is a Vieilles Vignes (2018) from France. .

This Chardonnay comes in at 13% ABV. .

This wine is very pale with little to no odour. It’s not too dry with a slightly nutty taste. It felt warming and tasted quite strong. We both agreed this wine is quite nice, and at the right price we would definitely consider buying.

Thank you, My Offers, for the free booze, and if you have any more knocking around, please don’t hesitate to send it to us to test again.

It was a pleasure to do this review and hope it is acceptable for Majestic Wine.