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Testers Keepers: Lookfantastic review by Jihad Titi

Posted on 01 July 2019

I was amazed when I opened the Lookfantastic website for the first time. To be honest it’s a unique, wonderful website, very well designed and very stylish and modern. I can tell it’s a number one e-commerce website.

I was surprised when I saw worldwide delivery available! Even the most known websites such as Amazon and eBay don’t provide it. This is a PLUS for the website.

There is a huge diversity of premium beauty brands on the website even the leading brands, especially French brands such as Kerastase, Yves Saint Laurent and even MAC.

I have also noticed that there is a blog where you can find everything concerning the trending and new beauty products, as well as the latest technologies in the beauty industry.

This website is really amazing and has no fault, nothing to say about it. The quality of the website is very high, I'll give it five stars.

The Lookfantastic website is dedicated for customers who wish to get their favourite beauty products delivered safely to their doors. Customers can choose from hundreds of different famous beauty brands, such as makeup brands, makeup brushes and tools, hair care, skin care, body care, teeth and toiletries, fragrance, beauty electrical for hair styling, dental care, and body and face care.

There are also men products and home products such as home fragrances, as well as health and wellness.

The products differ from cosmetics to medical and professional; they suit every customer’s needs. Some prefer the products to be made from organic or natural ingredients, some prefer vegan beauty, or to be free animal tested products. Some prefer to test the latest technologies and others prefer the products on sale, as I can tell all customers will find their needs on this fantastic website.

As a customer I found the live chat very useful, I asked them a question and voila! Within a second I got the answer. They reply immediately very good service.

They also got a help centre, and a customer service team number for any enquiries. I signed up for Lookfantastic newsletter and I’m receiving emails from them about the latest news and offers.

Customers can also follow Lookfantastic on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and a Youtube channel. As a client I was very happy with how my orders were taken, it was a very easy process for payment details.

I’m very happy with the delivery options such as next day delivery, as well as the shipping procedures which were very fast and very safe with Hermes parcel Delivery Company.
I’m very satisfied with the quality of the products that I’ve ordered from the Lookfantastic website. I received them in a very good condition, and they were nicely packed. They are all excellent products.

I ordered Foreo Luna Go brush which I’m very happy with, it’s an excellent brush and a must have for every woman.

I also ordered some makeup from L’Oreal Paris, such as some lipsticks and face masks, and two products from Maybelline including a foundation and concealer, which are all amazing products.

I found that the products on the website are value for money, some product prices were reduced, and the website also offers a discount up to 20% when you enter a special code at payment.

I have already recommended this website to my friends, and family and I recommend it to everyone who is willing to shop online for beauty products. I’ll be visiting this website each time I plan to buy some products for me or as a gift.

I advise other customers to use the live chat if they need help or have any questions about the products.