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Testers Keepers: LG 55 SUPER UHD TV review by Daniel Jolly

Posted on 13 December 2018


The product was delivered in the promotional box, with a full size picture of the TV on the side, this packaging offered fairly robust protection of the TV and even though it had surface tear damage to one corner, the TV arrived unscathed.


The only downside to the packaging was the lack of silica bags inside and consequently the TV was affected by condensation and was actually wet to the touch, this was rather worrying because of all the sensitive electronic components within the set.


Once unpacked and set up, a process which was so easy a child could have done it, initially the condensation problem was evident in the display but after a few hours drying out the superb quality of the picture was as great as the quality of the product itself, both definitely rating a 10 out of 10.


The 4K output is outstanding, watching football has never been so good, and with the Dolby Atmos sound it’s almost like being at the ground.


The same can be said for watching films with 4K HDR and with the Dolby Atmos sound it is truly a great cinema experience, and gaming takes on a whole new atmosphere.


This is a really great product with no apparent downside to the quality, the ease of installation and the fantastic control, available either with the magic remote or dear old Alexa, coupled with the unbelievable quality of the picture and sound make this a must have product.


It will certainly get a full recommendation from me to all my friends and family, providing they can buy it at a sensible price.


For all its excellent qualities at its recommended price of £1499.00 it is definitely overpriced. However, searching the internet will quickly produce outlets selling this particular model for half that price which begs the question.


Was this recommended price meant to be for the TV complete with the SK9Y High Res Audio Sound bar with Dolby Atmos? If it was then I would happily recommend the combination because the sound bar really does take the whole viewing experience to an unbelievable level of joy.