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Testers Keepers: L'Oréal Professionnel Steampod review by Natasha Anderson

Posted on 05 February 2023

I never thought about trying steam to straighten my hair before and never thought it would do the same job as normal heat straighteners.

The design of the steampod is very impressive and I was very excited to try these out. Love the colour of them too, as I had the white one. You also get a small bottle in the box that helps you fill the small tube on the straighteners. As well as instructions on how to use them perfectly.

I was a little sceptical they could do the same job as normal straighteners, but wow was I in for a surprise!! They are genuinely amazing, and I am seriously impressed. They definitely can do the job of normal straighteners but go way way beyond them! The steampod is so much better.

My hair is very thick and often very long, this steampod straightener perfect for those, like me, have very thick hair. It glided easily along the hair with the extra added help of the small comb that is along the edge of the plates.

They are very easy to use and take half the time to straighten my hair than it would usually take, due to the length and thickness of my hair. The steampod left my hair feeling so much more healthier and shiny too. So much so, I kept receiving compliments about how my hair looked so shiny and healthy. Also found there is arrows above the comb side of the straightener and on the other. Which shows which way to hold the straighteners correctly so the comb could glide through better and to place the hair in the correct area for the best results.

There is no coarse feeling after using these, which has happened in the past with previous straighteners. They left my hair feeling soft and with volume. No feeling of the burnt dead damaged edges at the end or the very very thin feeling you have once finished with the other types of straighteners.

I think the only tiniest little remark of negative feedback is just the sound it makes whilst using them. It's not loud, however, the sound wasn't expected, and it sort of sounded like I was actually using a steam iron.

But other than that, I will 100% be using them forever, normal straighteners are ruined for me after trying these out. Hats off to L'Oréal for this invention! Truly a 5 out of 5 for me.

Loreal Steampod