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Testers Keepers: Jo Malone review by Louisa Mak

Posted on 26 June 2019

I am writing to review two Jo Malone products of the English Pear & Freesia cologne and the Peony & Blush Suede cologne.

I am quite likely to recommend Jo Malone to my friends and family. They are priced reasonably for quality and uniqueness of scents offered.

However they are not as long lasting as I would have hoped they would be which was a slight disappointment. 

I would recommend the product to anyone that prefers a natural scent for daily use. However I won’t recommend it to people who want something strong and intense to use for the evening or to a party.

I am very likely to buy other scents after testing these scents as they are very suitable for everyday use and not too over powering which suits my personality. Also the scents are very unique which other brands don’t really offer.

I would like to try a warmer scent, which will be more suitable for winter and autumn, but I think Jo Malone offers more summery scents. I think it would be good if they offer more wintery scents for the colder months.

I think £47 per 30ml bottle is reasonably priced for the quality of the products. It would be more worth the money if the scent would last for a longer period of time, but it does flow into a more natural scent after half a day.

Also I won’t need to use too much of the product initially to have a strong enough scent which will more value for money.

The products best features are definitely the scent and the simple bottle design. It offers natural scents that stand out without being too intense to use on a daily basis. The products also came in a beautiful box and happy that it came with no plastic packaging. Also it arrived with a small sample size perfume, which is a bonus.

My only suggestion would be to make it slightly more long lasting, as it doesn’t quite kept the scent throughout to the evening.