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Testers Keepers: Hybrid Electric Bike review by Vanda Lakatos

Posted on 30 January 2024

Before I start, I have to mention I am a woman, one of those who has no clue about how cars, bikes, etc work so this will be a very simple review of this bike.

This bike is between Hybrid Bikes and Electric Bikes, which means it works like a normal pedal-powered hybrid but has a motor that can assist while you ride your bike. This means it is much easier to use it on hills. Of course, You don't have to turn on the electric motor on it, and in this case, it will work like a normal bike. As it is a Hybrid Electric Bike, it has only Single Speed Gearing, but the electric power kicks in very quickly.

We use it between 2 villages, where at the middle there is a big hill, so it is very helpful to have a Hybrid Electric Bike, not just an ordinary one. It is a Unisex one also, so both of us can use it, me and my husband also. My husband really likes it because when he was young, he rode bikes very frequently and now when driving a car is getting more and more expensive it is a good alternative to have.

Hybrid Electric Bike

Actually, you can feel a very big difference between when You use it as a normal bike or when You use the motor on it. It is like someone took off 20kg from You and You feel so light like a feather.

It is very easy to remove the battery and put it back, which sits over the rear wheel under the pannier rack. It has keys to unlock it, so it is not easily stealable. And this way You can charge it at home. When we are not using it, we always remove the battery and keep it inside.

It has a Speed sensor, and it turns on the motor automatically when You start pedalling and turns off when You stop pedalling. What I don't like is, this bike does not have front and rear light, just front and rear light-reflectors. And if I know well, you do have to have those lights in the UK.

The wheels are 20 inches, so even this is one of the 'signs' this bike is 'only' a hybrid one as the Electric Bikes have bigger wheels. It would be really good, if this bike would be a folding one as it has smaller wheels, so it would be doable.

It has a very basic control panel on the left side of the handlebars with 3 levels (low, medium and high). The maximum rider weight is 120kg. And as I am short (5ft), it is a pretty comfortable bike for me, while for taller people it might not be.

I don't really think this bike is for long rides, it is just to help for shorter trips to work or to do a little shop, but for these occasions I would really recommend it.