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Testers Keepers: Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser review by Kathryn Hulse

Posted on 28 January 2024

Delicious & Decadent!!!!

During a visit to my neighbour at Christmas she couldn’t wait to show off her Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser in a copper colour and a fab design. On being offered the chance to sample a Hotel Chocolat drink I chose the Hotel Chocolat Black Forest Gateaux sachet from a vast selection of many different flavours she had.

I was extremely impressed by the ease of her making it and how delicious and decadent it tasted – I was hooked after just one taste!!! Fast forward to January and I just had to have one of my own. I ordered mine in the charcoal colour to compliment my kitchen. I was already impressed by the speed of delivery, choice of colours and the vast flavours that Hotel Chocolat make.

I simply couldn’t wait to unpack it and try it out. Firstly, I was impressed by the design and the colour choice and then the fabulous Hotel Chocolat Andrew Wicks mugs – ha ha my neighbour didn’t have these!!! I added my semi-skimmed milk (you can use any diary milk or plant based) I chose the Hotel Chocolat Classic 70% sachet (the list of flavours is amazing) sprinkled in and pressed the button for 2 and a half minutes then poured into the mug.

Chocolate Velvetiser

The flavour was amazing, delicious, decadent and smooth with a silky froth and at a perfect temperature. The Hotel Chocolat Andrew Wicks mug created a lovely comforting feeling in my hands. The design of them is brilliant- no handles but textured to hold and just the right size. I literally took a little me time to sit and enjoy my delicious Hotel Chocolat.

When the hubby came home from work, he just had to get had to get into the act!!! He’s not a massive fan of hot drinks so he started to make a Velvet- Iced.

He simply got a tall glass added Ice and chilled semi-skimmed milk about 125ml.He chose the Hotel Chocolat Caramel Latte sachet which he added after milk to the Velvetiser and pressed the button for 2 and a half minutes. He poured it over the ice and milk, and you could see the reaction once he tasted it- he said it was fantastic!!!

We were also impressed that it was so easy to clean- quite effortless as you just pour in some water and washing up liquid press the button and its literally doing the cleaning for you!!!

This Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is our best buy and I think it offers extremely good value for money as its high in quality and will constantly be used. I’ve given it pride of place in our kitchen –I just hope the photos do it justice. It will be used all year round not just for the colder months but for summertime Velvet-Iced. My only regret is that we didn’t buy it sooner!!