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Testers Keepers: Herbal Essences Review

Posted on 15 December 2016

Thank you TestersKeepers for selecting me to test and review Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners.

I tried four pairs of shampoo and accompanying conditioners: daily use (white strawberry and mint scented), hydrate (coconut scented), shine (lime scented) and colour protection (rose scented).

I was pleasantly surprised by the unusual yet lovely aroma from the white strawberry and mint daily use shampoo and conditioner. Also, 0% silicones and colourants meant they could be used most days to prevent build up from the other types of shampoo and conditioners. Shine did exactly what the title suggests and was my preferred combination. The first use felt smooth yet light. A really good hair day.

However, consecutive use caused my hair to feel claggy straight away and within the day greasy. The greasiness could not be combatted with dry shampoo. However, the daily use shampoo and conditioner quickly returned my fine yet thick hair to normal. I expected hydrate and colour protector to have a similar moisturising effect as shine. However, it didn't feel smooth and my hair readily frizzed.

For my typically English fine hair but lots of it I personally found a combination of daily use with intermittent shine (for those days with special occasions) worked well. I'm unable to comment on the effectiveness of the colour protect products due to no coloured hair. Hydrate is a product that is perhaps better to test in summer when the house heating is off and the sun is out.

Bryony Sheridan