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Testers Keepers: Haribo Minions Review

Posted on 11 November 2016


The Haribo Minions are fun sweets that come in five different flavours: Banana Kevin, Blackberry Bob, Apple Stuart, Raspberry Dave and Cherry Jerry. all in the shape and colour of the much loved Minions characters.

To be honest, unless I checked which sweet was which when taking one out of the bag it's difficult to tell which flavour it was as they all taste very similar with no distinction from one to the other. The only ones that are obvious are the sweets with the ice-cream flavoured foam on the back, which is banana-flavoured and even then it's not that nice!

I gave some to my niece (9) and nephew (5) who loved them so I think it's more about them being Minions than the actual flavours. The bag is generously sized so there's plenty to go around. If you're a Minions fan I think these will definitely go down well especially with children.

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Laura Holsgrove