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Testers Keepers: Halo Top Ice Cream review by William Harris

Posted on 01 August 2019

The product was delivered in a chilled state by Ocado in a large plastic bag with a tear in the side, which made it quite awkward to handle straight to the freezer as the twelve 473 ml tubs were loose inside. Any disasters were averted so I rate the packaging as adequate for the purpose. There were two tubs of each of the following six flavours:- Candy Bar, Sea Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, Cinnamon Roll, Cookies & Cream and Cookie Dough.

I decided the best approach was to have a group tasting session of all six flavours of Halo Top along with three other various makes of Ice Cream I already had in the freezer. This we did on a sunny afternoon after a family barbecue with six adults of various ages/food tastes and my two grandsons aged four and eighteen months.

Overall the Halo Top Ice Cream came out top on quality across the brands, unanimously, due to a creamier taste, smoother texture on the tongue and being low calorie. Both my Grandsons loved the ‘Cookies & Cream’ flavour best, closely followed by ‘Cookie Dough’. My wife preferred ‘Red Velvet’, myself ‘Sea Salted Caramel’; my sons and daughters liked all of the flavours except ‘Cinnamon Roll’.

This I also agreed with, along with both Grandsons, as we knew it was not for us after just one mouthful. However, my wife thought it was an unusual flavour for Ice Cream and quite liked it, especially added to compliment certain sweets like Apple Crumble. 

Everyone asked if they could take some home with them.

I believe the Halo Top brand is value for money when compared to other well known high-end brands sold in similar 473ml size containers; where you get quality of taste for the price you pay.

You can buy acceptable tasting cheaper Ice Cream if you purchase in greater quantity containers but they do lack that real taste treat.

I have certainly recommended Halo top to my friends since, especially as most are of the age where calories have to be counted and are diet health conscious. I will be purchasing Halo Top in future.

The only suggestion I have to improve the product overall is to expand the range of flavours offered, increasing the appeal to a wider market audience. In summary, a very nice treat.

Halo Top
Halo Top
Halo Top