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Testers Keepers: Gordon's Gin review by Crystal Stockwell

Posted on 01 May 2019

I was a bit concerned when the package was delivered as the box was already open. I was worried that something had been stolen out of the box but I am unsure of this.

However the bottles inside the box were wrapped in protective wrapping to avoid smashing and the box had fragile on it, so there seems to be a lot of care in ensuring that customers get their products safely.

I was really excited to try these flavours as I have only tried the pink gin once and the Sloe and Elderflower I have never tried. I started with the Sloe gin as this really intrigued me and how deep the colour was.

I personally wasn’t a fan of this flavour; it was very strong and not as fruity as I thought it would be. I prefer fruitier flavours but for people who don’t have much of a sweet tooth, this would probably be just right. I also don’t think it’s a gin that should be mixed with anything as it’s a lot thicker than usual spirits.

Secondly, I tried the Elderflower gin. I mixed this with lemonade as this is usually what I would mix ordinary gin with. I really enjoyed this flavour after trying the Sloe. It wasn’t overly fruity but it mixed really well with the lemonade and had a very relaxing and elegant taste.

Finally, I tried the pink gin. I left this one until last as I had already tried this once before and already knew I would like it. I again mixed this with lemonade. I had to have more than one glass as I really enjoyed this flavour.

I also tried it on its own and even though it is a lot stronger without a mixer, it is still a beautiful fruity taste to enjoy! I also love that it’s pink. It’s perfect sitting in the garden in the sunshine, sipping on this gin with added fruit.

I think all three bottles would get a lot more interest if the retail price was reduced a little. Not a lot less, as I do feel like they are worth over £10. I would be happy to pay £14 for them.

I would definitely recommend the pink and Elderflower to friends and family and will 100% be purchasing the pink gin again.

The pink is my preferred flavour out of the three, but I would consider the Elderflower if there wasn't currently a pink gin available.