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Testers Keepers: Google Pixel 2XL phone review by Mark Gleadell

Posted on 13 August 2018

Testers Keepers needed a product tester to review the Google Pixel 2XL mobile phone. This review is from Mark Gleadell.

I have been using this phone for just about a month now and have had a very successful trial of it.

Setting it up was fairly simple, although I had to get on the Internet to find out how to transfer a lot of my settings from the iPhone 7 that I normally use, but that was not too much trouble once it was completed and now that I look back on it.

The Google store had most of the apps that I use in the Android format and I even found a few that will be very useful when using my iPhone again. Having a lot of apps already on the phone was a great help.

The size of the phone is a good fit for me, although I do have large hands and the screen size is excellent. Having the screen wrap around the edges makes a difference as well.

The camera on the phone is very good and the quality of photos that were taken was excellent. Also, the fact that I can view any of my photos on Google Pictures on any device is a very good feature.

Videos taken on the camera are of good quality as well, although the one bad thing that I did find out about this phone is that when taking long videos, the phone body did get very hot and on one long video the picture actually froze whilst taking it. I had to stop recording and wait for a while. This was a problem as I was filming my young son at the time so lost some good footage.

I very much liked the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone. It took a bit of getting used to but once used to it, it was placed quite conveniently.

Having all the icons come up along the top of the screen was quite a useful feature, you can just pull down a list of anything that has come into the phone, without actually opening each app.

The one thing that I think was not very good is the fact that the charging lead that comes with the phone has not got a USB connector on it, it has an adaptor but that is orientated the wrong way for most things that I needed it for, like connecting it to my laptop.

Overall this has been a nice phone to use, with only a couple of things that I did not like and I would consider using it full time.