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Testers Keepers: GT Force Pro gaming chair review by Chrisko Kitchen

Posted on 30 August 2022

After receiving the chair, I was very impressed as to how well packed it was. The box was quite compact for what came out of it. All the pieces inside were well labelled and although there wasn’t a huge amount of instructions included, it was relatively easy to put together. I built it mostly alone although it recommends two people.

Putting the chair onto the stand was easier with an extra person to guide it in from below but apart from that it was a doddle. Loved how the screws etc are laid out in a little package, although a downside of that was when the back is taken off to access the screws then the labels come with it so taking a picture before you open it or somehow find a way to label the bits as they come out is advisable.

Nice touch having a few extra spare bits too. I did need an extra plastic cover for the side where the springs are showing because I accidentally snapped it off and it wouldn’t stay on. The chair itself is really nice. It looks awesome, the red and black colours give it a nice streamlined sporty look, and me being someone who can sit for hours playing games I couldn’t ask for anything comfier. There are two cushions, one that goes at the lower part of the back and a head rest. These too are adjustable to give you complete control of where you would like to have them. I wouldn’t have thought I’d like the cushions but gave them a go, two weeks later the cushions are still on, just makes it so much comfier to sit for a while. The cushions are easy to remove if needed though, they just strap onto the back of the chair and can be taken off and put back in seconds.

The arm rests are adjustable, not only do they go up and down but they swivel too so you can get your arms into a perfect position to hold your joypad, or just to chill out and relax.

The chair also is height adjustable so if you have long legs or you’re a shorty like me, you can sit comfortably with your feet planted firmly on the ground, or not, if that’s your preference. Once sat you can recline the chair back too for the ultimate comfort position. Lay it all the way back, just a little bit or sit bolt upright. Whatever you prefer.

I love how easily and quietly the chair swivels too. Makes it easier to just spin round to get up. The chair is made of a warm leather type material and is very easy to clean, so after snacking at your desk or while playing games you can easily wipe it down and it looks like new.

Gaming Chair

The 5 wheels make it so easy to move around. I don’t have a lot of space so need to push it out of the way when not in use. The wheels roll smoothly over my carpet and the chair being quite a nice slim compact size it fits in a corner real nice. I have tried to think of some negatives about this chair but honestly can't think of one. I think in time seeing how it wears from a lot of use may raise some questions but after 2 weeks of using it every day I have nothing but praise for this chair.

I would highly recommend it to anyone wondering whether its quality or not because I have not one complaint about it.