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Testers Keepers: GHD Wanderlust Review

Posted on 15 November 2017

The overall quality of this product is 10/10. I give this rating because the styler is designed to make your hair soft, smooth and silky and it does that. They have beautiful purple glitter plates that make them look very pretty. The styler has a bright and colourful tropical design on a white background which stands out and gives it the wow factor.

The styler has a very useful swivel cord on the end which prevents tangling of the wire. The wire is also very long which comes in hardy when styling longer hair. The GHDs have six intelligent heat sensors which give constant heat for healthier hair. There is a brilliant safety feature that comes with this styler, the GHDs turn off after 30 minutes of non-use. Ideal for people who are forgetful.

I would recommend the GHD brand to family and friends and hair stylists that I meet because they make your hair feel soft and silky and they straighten quicker than any other straighteners I have used in the past. I will also let my family and friends try this amazing product as it may influence them to invest in a product safer for their hair. The GHD official website states that this specific styler reduces breakage by up to 50% making it great for people with fine, brittle, damaged hair.

With a total retail price of £180 I think that you pay for quality. If you are using cheaper straighteners that will damage your hair you will have to pay more money for treatments and having your hair cut. With these straighteners you will save money. Overall I think the price is reasonable with the styler also being limited edition. The price also includes a GHD guarantee if you register the styler online. This may cover you for a replacement or repair of the product.

The best features of this product are that the styler is designed to make you hair softer and smooth and it does just that. I have never used a straighter that has made my hair feel as soft and silky as this one. There are no parts of my hair that are dry or brittle from using other branded straighteners. Another great feature about this product is that when you turn them on you get both a notification sound and flashing light that states the straightener is turned on. When the straighter is fully heated the light will stop flashing and will stay on and you will also get a notification sound to let you know that the straightener is ready for use.

I love the fact that I can take bigger sections of hair to straighten and they will straighten very quickly. I can tell a huge difference between the older GHD models and the current Wanderlust styler, the Wanderlust styler does not pull on the ends of the hair making them snap. It glides over them straightening them making them soft, silky and smooth.

My only suggestion to improve the product is strengthening the movement in the arms of the styler as they feel very flimsy and likely to break in comparison to older models.

Overall I would rate this product a 10/10 for its beautiful design both on the outside and inside. And its design to help the hair stay strong and healthy whilst creating different looks to suit you. Whether your hair is damaged or healthy.

I will certainly recommend to friends and family and I will continue to use the styler with the happiness that my hair will stay healthy and look and feel great!

Rebecca Green