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Testers Keepers: Five Guys review by Kate Rudden

Posted on 10 March 2024

I’ve wanted to try Five Guys for a while and today is the perfect opportunity, I was hungry and Five Guys was open. The restaurant has the American Diner feel with the retro style seating and drinks machines. The menu looked appealing and I tried the Little Bacon Burger, Salted Fries and Chocolate Milkshake with whipped cream.

The Little Bacon Burger is definitely not little, it just means there is one burger in the bun, not two. The burger and the bacon topping were both fresh and really tasty, I went with extra ketchup and tomato on the burger. Like I said, I was hungry and wanted something satisfying to eat, this really hit the spot. The salted fries were crispy and delicious, just right for dipping in ketchup and mayonnaise. Burger and fries, this is a favourite of mine and it definitely comes up to scratch at Five Guys. The chocolate milkshake with whipped cream was like a little piece of heaven and I savoured every drop.

Everything is freshly cooked and prepared and arrives in generous portions. All the extra burger toppings are free, as are the refills with the soft drinks and extra mix-ins to the milkshakes.

The burgers all come wrapped in foil and the cups, straws and bags are all made of paper. The only plastic on my meal was the lid on the milkshake. And no polystyrene in sight – hurray!

Five Guys Meal

And now the price…….This is where we are paying for the quality, quantity and overall value for money, Does it add up? In my opinion yes, it was worth every penny. It was what I wanted to eat today and it was very enjoyable and satisfying.

Five Guys are focusing on the quality of their food, their sustainability footprint and overall customer experience. On a rainy lunchtime in England they are a welcoming and cheerful part of the fast food landscape.