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Testers Keepers: Dyson Supersonic hair dryer review by Christina Eccles

Posted on 23 March 2019

Whilst the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is much more expensive than others on the market, it does offer many ingenious features that make drying your hair a real pleasure.

A great new design means most of the weight of the hair dryer has been moved into the handle so it feels light to hold in your hand.

The product looks stylish and modern, which immediately gives you the impression that this is a premium product.

It’s remarkably powerful and is quieter than other hair dryers. The product comes with a two year warranty which can be registered online.

The packaging claims the technology inside the hair dryer is designed to minimize static and frizz which is something I definitely noticed when using the Dyson Supersonic.

My favourite feature of the hair dryer is the different styling attachments. They are magnetic so can be changed really easily and can be turned to different positions to help dry hair effectively.

Each of the nozzles has a unique purpose and all of them have been well thought through in order to create professional finishes.

The smoothing nozzle should be used initially to roughly dry your hair and then the styling concentrator is effective to style your hair precisely with a round brush.

If your hair is naturally curly or you want to achieve a wavy look, the diffuser attachment can be used to dry curls gently and help to reduce frizz. I would recommend using a low temperature and flow setting when drying hair using the diffuser.

The controls on the hairdryer are clear and simple making it an easy product to use. A button on the left controls how much air is getting pushed through, while a tap on the right button cycles through levels of heat.

There are three different heat settings as well as three variations of airflow. Another fantastic feature is the cold shot button which allows you to use a blast of cold air to lock your hairstyle in place.

There is also a filter on the bottom of the hair dryer which can be removed should hair accumulate. An additional item included in the box is a non-slip mat which is useful to place the hairdryer on when putting it down in between blow-drying sections of hair.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the experience of using the Dyson Supersonic. My hair feels softer and smoother compared to using other hair dryers and as a result I now only need to use my straighteners minimally to finish the look.

Whilst the device is expensive at £299, I would definitely recommend this product. I feel that it would be a good investment for those who spend a lot of time drying their hair, or those who find that their hair is very frizzy when drying hair with a normal hair dryer.

In order to further improve the product, Dyson could focus on making it even lighter and quieter so drying hair would be an even more pleasurable experience.