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Testers Keepers: Dyson Fan Review

Posted on 22 November 2016

The fan is quick to control the room temperature, easy to use, safe, stylish, and portable. Because it looks nouveau and is so safe with no exposed heating elements, we feel confident leaving the fan on display knowing that pets and children can explore without harming themselves.

The smart options, allowing us to set the fan to keep our bedroom at a constant temperature gives us peace of mind that the room doesn’t become too hot or cold for our newborn (who’s naturally unable to control their temperature very well) while we sleep. Where our nervous rescue cat avoided noisier fans with blades he is content staying in the same room and walking passed this quieter fan without a problem.

The fan is sturdy yet incredibly lightweight, it was very easy to move in the final weeks of pregnancy (reasonable height to not bend down too far and only 2Kg excluding lengthy cable) and was a blessing to control the temperature. Without doing any controlled testing, I feel the fan heats our bedroom more efficiently and I believe it is slightly cheaper to run than my 10 year old simpler fan heater.

Bryony Sheridan