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Testers Keepers: Dyson 360 Eye Robot review by Bethan Hughes

Posted on 06 July 2018

Testers Keepers wanted a product tester to review a Dyson 360 Eye Robot. This review is from Bethan Hughes.


I have been asked to test and review the Dyson 360 Eye Robot. Upon opening the box, I could see that the product was very well packaged to ensure that damage was not caused in transit.

My first impression was that it seemed very small for a vacuum cleaner, which did lead me to wonder how it would cope compared to my current Dyson. The instruction booklets were easy to follow and understand and I was soon ready to charge the Eye Robot. The Dyson app was also very easy to navigate and connect to my home router.

The charging dock was quite compact and did not take up much space, which I liked. The charging time took approximately 90 minutes, the Eye Robot has a light on the top which flashes whilst charging and will turn solid once the charge is complete. A full charge will last approximately 20-30 minutes.

I pressed the button and the Eye Robot whirred in to life. The Eye Robot coped tremendously well with my wooden flooring and also moved easily between the flooring and thin rugs. The suction power was exceptionally good, just what you would expect from a Dyson product. The Eye Robot moved easily around my living room, changing directions when it came to a wall or obstacle using its built-in navigational camera and infra-red sensors. However, due to its round shape, it does not fully clean in to corners and can become stuck under some larger furniture.

On the second use, the Eye Robot stopped mid clean and had a red flashing light. I read through the instructions in an attempt to resolve the situation and surmised that the bin was full. The manual gave clear instructions on how to empty the bin, which I followed. After connecting the bin back on to the Eye Robot it resumed it’s cleaning process. The bin area is quite small so I would recommend emptying the bin after each use, especially if you have a large cleaning area.

Once the Eye Robot had cleaned my living room, I put it back on its charging dock ready for the next time. It states in the instructions that the Eye Robot will return to the charging dock to recharge when the battery is low, however this only happened sometimes as other times it ran out of battery before it could return to the docking station.

By using the Dyson app I was also able to set off the Eye Robot whilst I was not at home, which I found very useful. However, due to the possibility of it becoming stuck under larger furniture I would not recommend this if you were away from home for a long period of time.

In summary, the Dyson 360 Eye Robot is a sleek, compact cleaner with all the suction you would expect from a Dyson. The manual and app are very easy to follow, even for the most technologically challenged people.

It is very small so can be kept in sight without looking unsightly. I would say that the only down side is that it does not fully clean in to corners and due to this I would give a rating of 4.5 out of 5.