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Testers Keepers: Dual Lens Dash Cam Mirror review by Mark Bethwaite

Posted on 01 March 2024

First of all, thanks for the opportunity to review this product. On receipt I was impressed with the quality of the package it came in, a very sturdy box which gave the impression of it being a much more expensive item. On unpacking it’s obvious that thought has been given to it, it was well protected with foam and bags.

At first, I was concerned as it felt a little heavy, but that made it feel like a well-built piece of equipment. In the box was all the fittings and a comprehensive set of instructions. All the cables were clearly labelled so I read the instructions a couple of times to familiarise myself.

The fittings stage came next, the unit itself is held on with two straps which go round the back of the rear-view mirror and give it a really secure fitting. Once on it did not move. Then to the wires, I was surprised at the length of the wires as normally they end up short but these were great, threaded into the roof lining no problem.

The GPS module is stuck to dash with no wires showing the power cable which is a jump though lighter plug has a USB plug on top which is very handy. I again managed to thread the wire out of sight, now time to power up. The screen is large and very clear and goes straight to the camera view although you can still see out the rear-view mirror, this gives you chance to get the camera set up and pointed in the right direction. On the settings page it asks you to format the SD card that comes with the unit which only takes a few seconds, you can also set the time and date, the brightness and sound.

Next to the rear camera, which again is well labelled, the tricky part is getting a feed from the reversing lights, but a bit of looking online it was easily sorted. Then back to the unit and plugged in I set the screen to 50 50 view as that works for me.

The main screen turns to rear view mirror after about 30 seconds. I have now had this unit a couple of weeks and I am very impressed with it. When used as a mirror you don't notice it other than it being a little bit bigger than the original. The quality of the recordings is fantastic, I have viewed them on the screen and downloaded to a computer. The rear camera is great for assisting to park and makes life easier.

Overall, I cannot fault the product it is a great addition to my car.

  • Packing 10/10
  • Quality 10/10
  • Ease of use 10/10
  • Value 10/10