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Testers Keepers: Domino's Pizza review by Terry Crocker

Posted on 19 December 2018

Testers Keepers wanted a secret diner to review a Domino’s Pizza branch. This review is from Terry Crocker.

I am writing this review based on my experience with Domino’s Pizza takeaway in Exeter.

As my takeaway order was going to be a large one, I contacted Domino’s and asked how much notice would be appreciated for a large order; I was advised two hours notice would be ideal.

Having obtained the menu choices from my family, I decided to place our pizza order online. Whilst on the Domino’s website I looked for any good offers under the deals tab.

One deal immediately stood out, this was the £50+ Big Bundles – we could buy five large pizzas and get five medium for FREE. In addition to the pizzas, two portions of potato wedges were ordered. Sadly on the Create Your Own pizza I couldn’t see Anchovies, which is my favourite pizza topping. 

I found the online ordering process quite easy, but when it came to paying, I couldn’t pay by PayPal, as the order was over £50. It didn’t take too long to enter my Visa details to make the payment.

I kept monitoring the online progress order and was amused by the various jokes etc. and then noted the important part that my order was out for delivery. The delivery was made by a very courteous man five minutes early. 

As it was a cold night and we live a couple of miles from the pizza parlour, for this review I took the temperatures of the various items. It was very pleasing that all of the order temperatures varied between 70-76 degrees Centigrade, with the chicken and meat pizzas being at the high end.

Happily the order consisted of different pizza toppings and several stuffed crusts, which allowed for plenty of choice.

Two family members found that some of the stuffed crusts didn’t taste that cheesy and others thought some of the toppings were very meagre. With that said it was noticeable that several trips to the kitchen were made, for their plates to be topped up.

After the meal, points were awarded to each pizza and ironically, all thought that their personal choice was top, but all were in agreement that the pizzas and wedges had been most enjoyable.

Next we discussed the prices and we thought that the pizza deal we had was really good value for money, but we considered the potato wedges to be very expensive for the amount received.

Although we had the Double Up wedges option, which included two boxes of wedges for £5.99, the normal price for one box was £3.99 which we considered to be over priced.
The price of one large takeaway pizza can be well over £18, which appears to be very expensive, but when a deal is taken, then the prices compare well with other pizza companies.

Our family would recommend and use Domino’s again, but we would always check the deals offers first.