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Testers Keepers: Currys review by By Antoine Hemley

Posted on 15 June 2019

On Saturday 18th May 2019 my partner and I visited the large Currys store on the Old Kent Road and we arrived at the store at around 12:15pm.

Outside there were sufficient parking spaces and clear signage. Upon entrance, the store was neat and tidy as expected.

We walked around in search of a Dyson hoover, a paper shredder and a Nintendo switch games console.

Whilst looking at the different hoover options there were members of staff by the entrance engaging in conversation with one another.

This was relatively near to where the hoovers were located in the store. However, whilst waiting, nobody approached us to offer any assistance even though I had gained eye contact with one staff member.

He merely just looked away and continued talking. It wasn’t until roughly 12:40pm that we decided to approach a member of staff who seemed like a manager to ask for some help.

As this was not his area, he offered to find someone to help us. Eventually somebody came to assist who was very helpful.

He answered all our questions efficiently and was very knowledgeable of the products we were querying him about.

He was very patient and didn’t mind answering the many questions I asked about the product.

The specific model of hoover that we were looking for was not in store so the employee offered to search the store site to see if others were available in other branches.

This was really helpful as we were then able to travel to the Charlton store and purchase the goods.
Upon arrival to this store, we pretty much had the same expectations. All members of staff were engaged, so we asked a staff member who walked past us who to my assumption was working in the Samsung section as he had a jumper labeled so, if there was anybody who could assist us.

His response showed us that he was quite agitated as another customer had also just asked if there was anybody who could assist and told us that we would basically have to wait as it wasn’t his area.

We then just decided to go straight to the pay desk to find out if the hoover was in stock and the staff member who was there assisted us promptly. 

The hoover was bought down quickly and we were also given efficient help with the purchase of the games console.
When looking for the paper shredder however we found some of the signage to be a bit confusing as some of the products were either not placed in the correct place or the stickers had not been updated, meaning we spent time trying to match up the price of the product with the correct item.

The displays and presentation of the store make it a great place to shop. The information about the available products gives adequate information.

However the staff members I feel were not always readily or as enthusiastic to give assistance to customers, therefore I would rate the experience 3.5 out of 5.

All the items purchased were packaged well and are in great working order.