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Testers Keepers: Coca-Cola Mini Fridge Review by Jennifer Hotham

Posted on 04 June 2018

Testers Keepers wanted a product tester to review a Coca-Cola Mini Fridge filled with their favourite soft drinks. This review is from Jennifer Hotham.



The fridge was delivered via Argos’s fast track delivery service.  I received a text message 15 minutes before the courier’s arrival which I found very useful.  The box that the fridge was packaged inside was a little tatty when I received it however the item inside was well packaged and was still in perfect condition. 


The fridge is not at all ‘plastic-y’ or cheap looking which I was worried that it might be and it definitely looks a lot more expensive in real life than in pictures.


The design of the Coca-Cola fridge is effortlessly stylish with a tempered glass front allowing you to see into the fridge.  The style is reminiscent of fridges that you find in some pubs but has no interior light making it more suitable for domestic use.


The capacity of the fridge far exceeded my expectations.  The large top shelf holds 25 330ml cans but also perfectly fits 2 litre bottles (or bottles of wine) if they are laid on their side.  The bottom shelf holds 15 cans. Larger items can stand up in the fridge if the top shelf of the fridge is removed, making it very flexible.


I originally had reservations about whether this fridge would act more as a cooler than an actual fridge however I can assure you that everything in the fridge most definitely does get very cold.  I originally had the fridge set to 3 on the thermostat (5 is coolest, 1 is warmest) and the fridge was so effective that it froze all of the cans of Coca Cola at the back of the fridge.  


HOWEVER, although this demonstrated the effectiveness of the fridge, an extremely unwanted side effect was that the frozen cans began exploding with force leaving me, the fridge and half of my living room covered in sticky Coca-Cola! Following this, I turned the thermostat to 1 (the warmest setting) and although the back of the fridge is still slightly icy the cans have not frozen again (I have also been careful not to allow the cans to touch the back of the fridge). 


The fridge definitely needs some sort of guard to stop items touching the back to help to avoid items freezing.  The force with which the cans exploded was bordering on dangerous and as the fridge is intended to be used with carbonated drinks this should be rectified as soon as possible!  


The addition of adjustable feet on the fridge would also be a great as I had to use a piece of cardboard to prop up one of the feet to stop the fridge wobbling.


At £130, I do not think that I would have purchased this item on a whim as I wouldn’t be sure how well it would work and how flexible the storage would be.  However, after testing it, I believe that it is well worth the £130 RRP, but for that price I would want a grate at the rear to stop items touching the back of the fridge to reduce the risk of items freezing.


I would definitely recommend this fridge to my family and friends; it would be a great accompaniment to a summer garden party or barbeque to keep all of the drinks cold and could probably be used as an overflow fridge at Christmas too!