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Testers Keepers: Clarks shopping experience review by Ayaan Shirgaonkar

Posted on 06 June 2023

Marathon Walk Navy Combination’. The backpack was a navy blue, water resistant and compact bag that was a perfect size for single day trip to hold anything and everything that you may need. Ever since I’ve bought this, I’ve switched to using this as my daily gear since it is lighter and far more convenient than my conventional laptop bag. It has two straps on top to be carried like a briefcase and that really is helpful when you’re travelling via multiple forms of transport. The inside of the bag has one main compartment with a net to secure your water bottle. There is enough storage for a regular work/school day, with padding on the inside to provide extra protection to any electronics than you may store inside. The smaller secondary compartment in the front is secured by Velcro, which in my opinion is slightly risky since it is easy for things to be taken if you are in a crowd and can’t pay complete attention to your surroundings.

Stain Protector and Conditioning Balm

The other product I bought were ‘Rain and Stain Protector’. A spray designed to protect all kinds of shoes from the external climate. I used the spray on multiple shoes, from my driving shoes to formal leather shoes and it seems to work perfectly on all of them. The spray visibly maintained the cleanliness of my daily sneakers and kept them brighter than the usual darker tone it would attain after a few weeks use post clean. The spray is usable on all kinds of shoes and that really helps since I have a wide variety of shoes that are of different colours and materials.

‘Conditioning Balm’ was another product that I used for all my leather footwear. The use is to moisturize and add a protective layer to my leather footwear and as a student who has a range of leather shoes in my collection. The balm, after settling into the shoes, within a few minutes makes the leather look healthier and refreshed. The difference wasn’t subtle but very clear. The first pair that I applied it to stood out from the rest and soon all of them had the same shine.