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Testers Keepers: Carry-On Flex Suitcase review by Sean Ellis

Posted on 12 March 2024

As a bit of a traveller in my past, I would always have a smaller, carry-on suitcase to hand for when a shorter trip would negate the need to check-in my larger baggage. This sturdy black AWAY carry-on suitcase allows the option of being either a quicker carry-on or a checked-in bigger suitcase. When the sturdy zip is used to fully expand the case by a couple of inches to give about seven litres of extra space (for all those extra bits and bobs we all seem to acquire!).

This combination-lockable (no keys to lose) and hard-bodied carry-on suitcase also gives some peace-of-mind when with you in-flight or when handed over to be checked-in. Safe and secure is always best for anyone travelling, and this robust AWAY Flex suitcase allows anyone to await their next journey knowing they’re ready for almost anything at short notice.

Carry-On Suitcase

This suitcase has everything you would expect from a leading brand. Four smooth, fully rotatable wheels make its portability a breeze and the smart interior layout allows simple, space-saving packing of a multitude of items without any real bother, even giving you a laundry bag to keep any used items separate. You can purchase this in a variety of colours to mix or match with your other travel gear, and you’ll feel proud to have it with you. Utilise its extendable trolley handle for rolling quietly along or simply carry it using either of the top-or-side carry handles - it even has a smaller grip on the underside (to enable easier baggage carousel retrieval or simply helping you get it out of your car), and the luggage tag lets you identify your property in case of any lookalikes. The build quality is genuinely excellent and everything in this case has a feeling of class about it.

I’m now eager to book a ticket to any destination and put this super carry-on suitcase to the test in the real world. I have a strong feeling this first-rate carry-on suitcase being tested is a keeper!