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Testers Keepers: Body Shop body yogurts review by Sharon Spiers.

Posted on 28 January 2019

Testers Keepers wanted a product tester for the new Body Shop body yogurts. This review is from Sharon Spiers.

As soup is food for the soul, strawberry body yogurt and British rose body yogurt is food for body and soul!

Both products have the texture of creamy yogurt, worthy of any store’s finest range.

This translucent gel is easily absorbed on the skin leaving no stickiness or oily residue. The fragrance of both products is absolutely roses picked fresh from the garden and strawberries straight from the crop.

Whilst it is pleasant to smell of roses, I am not sure that walking around emitting a strawberry scent like the hug a bear in the Toy Story 3 movie is for me.

The rose fragrance, whilst being quite strong, soon mellowed and was not quite so overpowering. I would probably not use this after a shower in the morning, as it would interfere with any fragrance that I would wear during the day.

The moisturising effect on the skin is long lasting and I definitely have seen an improvement in the surface appearance of my skin and a great reduction in ingrowing hairs after shaving my legs. (That may have more to do with the fact that I have paid more attention to actually using a moisturiser more frequently!)

Overall, both body yogurts are pleasant to use, and leave the surface of the skin feeling soothed and refreshed.

An added feature, which I believe, adds value to the products is their provenance; consistent with Body Shop ethics the body yogurt is 100% vegan and packaged using sustainable materials.

The products are also delivered in packaging made from responsible sources. The box is tastefully decorated inside with a bright, abstract polka dot pattern and the Body Shop logo.

When opening the parcel the pattern and tissue wrap makes for a ‘special surprise’ and adds to the anticipation of receiving something new. This would make ordering the products as a gift a useful option.

I would purchase the rose body yogurt again and the experience of using these products has piqued my interest in using other Body Shop products; I haven’t used them since my late 20’s.

In recommending this product I am reassured that my concerns as a consumer regarding environmental and ethical concerns are also met.

Images of Strawberry Body Yogurt (red pot) and British Rose Body Yogurt (pink pot) and packaging.