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Testers Keepers: Andrew James ice cream machine review by Kerry Preece

Posted on 31 August 2023

Andrew James ice cream machine

Everything you need is in the box of the Andrew Jones Ice Cream Maker.

The instructions provided are clear and understandable making this product extremely easy to set up and get you started making delicious ice creams, frozen yogurt, and sorbets.

Once the inner bowl has spent the night in the freezer, first on my list was vanilla ice cream, which was made easy with the inclusion of a recipe leaflet, which provided the accurate amount of ingredients required. Preparation of the mixture was very quick and simple and within no time it is in the Ice cream maker. The Andrew Jones Ice Cream Maker worked in wonders and in no time, it had whipped up out vanilla ice cream for dessert in 15 minutes. Soft serve vanilla ice cream, what more could you ask for to accompany your favourite dessert.

The Vanilla recipe provided is adaptable, which made it very easy to make chocolate, honeycomb, Baileys Irish cream, and run & raisin to name a few. All were very quick and simple to make, and I can highly recommend make in advance and freezing. Although I can guarantee that it will not last long.

Vanilla Ice Cream

This Ice Cream Maker certainly makes the best frozen yoghurt. Ensuring that the inner bow has been frozen, this is a quick and simple dessert that can be prepared in minutes and ready to consume within 5 minutes. The Andrew Jones Ice Cream Maker certainly makes the best my family have ever tasted.

The Andrew Jones Ice Cream Maker is a perfect size for your kitchen and a family, quick and simple to set up and easy to use, especially if you are a first-time user of an ice cream maker and struggle with complex equipment. It makes the ice cream to perfection in a very short time so there is no waiting around.

Cleaning the ice cream maker is very simple as it comes apart seamlessly. An easy to clean design.

Highly recommended product, which will certainly get a lot of use all year around.

***** 5/5 Stars